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  1. Sure looks vampy, sexy and nice. Don’t know about the red lip stick during the daytime though.
  2. Judging by the photos, the skin texture looks pretty cool.
  3. I’m surprise you don’t have too many make-up items on your dresser. My dresser top has a mountain of wild, crazy little make-up itsy-bitsy’s!
  4. If you can scrape off the mold, do so, very gently. Use sand paper with very little pressure. , then soak it in vinegar overnight and wash it with ordinary soap the next day and dry it.
  5. I put mine on usually with the help of tweezers. It took me sometime to get used to it and do it right.
  6. Now I know I shouldn’t be cleaning my make up brushes with home dish soap. Been using this ever since and didn’t think too much of it. You’re right . This could be harsh on my face.
  7. I know what you mean. Some gels do smudge. But since I started using Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner I seem to have gotten rid of this smudging problem. (Edited to remove broken link-magicalmom)
  8. You know I also have very short eyelashes. I use Shimarz Sparkling and Shiny Pink Eyelash Curler. It works for me. Why don’t you try checking out ?
  9. My skin really isn’t all that sensitive so I’m fine with either although I tend to be a bit partial to facial cleansers
  10. I seriously think you need a good friend right now, and your parents are it. Have a serious talk with them. I would consider moving out and getting a fresh start.
  11. There’s probably nothing wrong with these products being sold in China except that, for personal care products, I’d really rather stay with those brands that have established themselves with good and respectable reputation.
  12. Hi Miriam! Welcome to make-up talk. I know this is crazy…but what are cruelty-free products? Vaguely, I heard about this before but this time I want to really know about it.
  13. I think nothing beats doing your own make-up, wedding or not. Nobody knows your face better than you. Besides, the make-up you put on is supposed to simply enhance your natural beauty and charm. Go with what has worked for you before.
  14. I think that some pastel-colored wedding dresses might really look nice. Reds, greens, purples and aquas would be out for me though.
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