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  1. @@biancardi The lip scrub smells really good of grapefruit. Compared to the pure smile one, this is more 'runny' , softer butter-like. It seems to be more oilier and some of it leaked onto the packaging. It definitely goes on easier, but it doesn't seem to be grainy enough to be able to do a good job of exfoliating. The lip mask, I think I like..its like whipped butter...so smooth and definitely smells of vanilla chocolate.
  2. My smile box came as a surprise today. Didn't expect it so soon.
  3. Dear Memebox, If you are reading this, please, please come up with a Memebox for Children. My young ones have extremely dry skin and I'm so tired of these North American brands that do not work or only provide temporary relief and/or leaves sticky messes. My son scratches himself terribly during his sleep since forever. I feel extremely guilty that I have a boat load of Meme stuff that has done amazing things for my skin, hair, feet, but nothing for my children. I'm completely sold on Korean products. There must be stuff for children. I have used the body lotion (from milk box) on my son and it has been amazing. We went to the beach all day and I used the Aloe cooling gel on him as well. I would love to know that these things are ok for children, so a box of products safe for young children would be great. I would be buying multiple boxes! Some product ideas: Body lotion Body wash Shampoo/Conditioner Sunscreen Cooling gel/after sun care Lip Balm Face moisturizer or any other products that Korean children use. Please enlighten us. So if you are reading this, and I know you must be since I've seen some of the suggestions in this thread actually become a reality, please consider this possibility of a Memebox for Children Thank you ever so much!
  4. @@biancardi thanks so much for posting! So excited, I got the bundle too. I just looked briefly, but so excited to see the Lemon Detoc . Was gonna order that off eBay. Gonna study the rest of your pics!
  5. @@eugiegenie thanks for posting! Just wondering what are your thoughts are on dermo2? Would you recommend buying it? I got 1 but didn't get 2. Still on the fence with that box. However, I love the pore care and fermented and have all those purchased/ordered.
  6. I had this problem too when I bought the Vitamin Box. I bought it with the Referral Only link and even the invoice shows "Ref Deal". When I emailed them, the initially told me that there was no such point back. I emailed them back, sending them the link I used. They said sorry and it must have been a technical error during my purchase. Gave me the 3 points right away.
  7. Hello, I've been quietly lurking around this thread since it started, thinking that I have things under control...but no.. I'm admitting I'm an addict...today and yesterday, in a frantic attempt to make use of the $15 off code I bought four of the older boxes that I was previously on the fence (opening four new accounts). I now have a total of 7 accounts, using three different mailing addresses. I know its terrible of me . My total boxes is just under 50 now, not that I have any attempt to break records..but gawd..meme keeps coming out with boxes that are so interesting...I'm waiting with anticipation to see what else they will tempt me with once this code expires.. There, I had to get that out.... PS I have an excel sheet inventory of all my products including manufacturing/expiring dates, brand new/in use, save/gift. I do plan to use all my products or gift it, so nothing will go to waste (I hope ).
  8. I tried the Ciracle blackhead sheets last night and found that one sheet was actually too big for my nose where I have blackheads. I just cut it in half and put half on my nose and the half on my chin where I have blackheads too.
  9. Nina Chau

    Memebox Issues

    Does anyone know if when you cancel your order they give back the points you spent .assuming those points haven't expired yet?
  10. Wow, Mini 3 looks so good compared to Mini 2 which was a disappointment to me. And especially when some of us paid only $2 for this one!
  11. LOL ...this addiction is hardly paying off...I just bought 4 more boxes...I went for more than a week without buying, even with 12points in my account....but this 20% off deal was too hard to resist..haha
  12. Did anyone got Nakedbox 13? I just got mine today and it seems like I have one extra item..I keep comparing my box to the picture on the site. I don't think its possible that I got it mixed up with my other boxes...the only other box that came today was Luckybox 5..and I'm sure its not from there.. extra item:
  13. Nina Chau

    Memebox Issues

    I got my Nakedboxes 11, 14 and 15 today. but the slowganic cleanser is missing from 15. I bought 14 and 15 mainly for those cleansers. I just emailed them. Has anyone have missing items in their boxes and what does Memebox do about it?
  14. Yeap, that's what they did for my previous orders...and whenever I go to the account info it will actually show which boxes have shipped. This time it only showed one of the boxes as shipped, but not the others.I guess I'll just wait and hope for a surprise at my door.
  15. i got a tracking for naked 13 today..but then i bought 11, 14, and 15 at the same time but haven't gotten anything for those.

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