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  1. This is not a memebox item, but I thought it applied! I visited my local tonymoly store today because I was so obsessed after seeing the boxes. I went for cute, and got the two appletox products and got a sample of the tomatox. score!! haha I tried out the green appletox peeling cream scrub and my face is so soft. I mean BABY BUTT SOFT. I can't stop touching my face (bad!). It is a definite rebuy. I used the red appletox honey cream after and it left my face lightly moisturized and smelling like apples. A bit sticky though. I haven't used the tomatox yet. Saving that for a rainy day. Cute huh? I love the names. not my pic
  2. It seems like a lot of people are meme'd out. The thrill is over and there is no mass purchasing of boxes. I wish Memebox would release spoilers for each box. Otherwise, we end up blind buying, thus buying less. Not doing so is such a strange move.
  3. Bumped this here http://newworldla.egloos.com/v/750247 (concealer) http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=challymy&logNo=150113293088&parentCategoryNo=4&viewDate=&currentPage=1&listtype=0 (more stuff)
  4. I found these regarding the Croquis brand. It seems like a relatively new brand founded by mu artist named Lee kyoung min (?). http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=5serene&logNo=20103429855 (use google translate) http://laceylady-bee.blogspot.com/2013/03/review-croquis-swing-styler-makeup-set.html (product review) http://www.cyworld.com/eyesis79/3872920 (macaron cushion) http://www.cyworld.com/eyesis79/3878089 (lipstick) http://www.cyworld.com/eyesis79/3872920 (eye and lip crayons) That macaron cushion looks mighty tempting. I love anything named macaron!
  5. Does anyone else notice that all the superboxes coming out are now down to $32 from $39. That "sale" they had a while ago with those 3 boxes (pore care, green tea, night care) wasn't really much of a sale. They marked up those boxes up to $39 to make them look like a great deal when they went on sale for $29. I dunno about anyone else, but this really ticks me off. Memebox, your customers are not stupid but sometimes treat us like we are.
  6. I've only received LB#3, and have tried just one product so far I've mentioned it elsewhere, but I'll say it again. LB #3 Lanoa soap I don't think too many people like using bar soap (is it passe? lol). But if you have oily acne-prone skin I would highly recommend giving this a try. It contains sulfur, so be prepared for the smell--it lasts for a bit on the skin after rinsing. The bar is slightly soft and moist when you take it out of the box and stays that way. Don't run it directly under water because it will become soggy mush that never dries. I recommend slightly wetting hands and rubbing the soap to lather up. I leave it on my face for about a minute, then wash. It provides a nice lather and rinses cleanly. Sulfur can be drying, but my skin doesn't feel uncomfortable even though I use this 2x a day.
  7. Has anyone received their LB4 yet? I'm so curious to see what's inside. . I love the Lanoa sulfur soap from LB3. I never used to be much of a soap person, but lately that is what I prefer.....Might sound strange but I like the smell of sulfur! It smells...warm. It hasn't dried out my oily skin too much yet. The bar itself is very creamy and slightly soft (maybe due to lots of glycerin and oils). I wish Memebox would have this available in their shop. I'd buy a 3-pack.

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