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  1. Speaking of Free People, I would love to see one of their widebands in an upcoming box. Such a cool look for Spring and Summer.
  2. Very cute but I am relieved. Nothing that I am absolutely kicking myself about missing. I had to cancel my account for financial reasons but I am hoping to start up again with the May box.
  3. Did anyone else see the new Popsugar/Target collaboration box? Fit, Fresh, Fun in 2015 POPSUGAR and Target collaborated to bring you everything you'll need to make 2015 your healthiest yet. Enjoy fun fitness finds and fresh beauty essentials that will keep you energized and happy for the new year and beyond! Limited quantities available. Boxes will ship by January 30. $65 Not sure I am going to go for this one until I see spoilers. I have had bad luck with all Popsugar Special Edition boxes and collaborations.
  4. My December box is still "pending." This is so frustrating! I know I have said this before but it sucks that I used to be one of the first to get my box and now (ever since the big website changeover) i am one of the last!
  5. Photos of Book Riot #BKR05 are showing up on Twitter. It looks good although I can't tell what all the items are!!! This image comes from @dguardiola on Twitter: SO glad I cancelled the ridiculous Nina Garcia box. This is a hat I will actually wear!
  6. I just checked my account and it says my December payment is "pending" and my next box is January 2015 so something is happening!!!
  7. I love this box! I think it is well curated. Much much better than the ridiculous Nina Garcia box I just cancelled that was more than twice the price! I think PS does a great job with a good variety of items with good quality. Can't wait to get mine! Wish they didn't get shipping so late!
  8. I cancelled my box before it shipped and decided to unsubscribe. Even with all the variations, this box skews too young for me. No way I am going to carry a fringed bag in ANY color nor wear a beanie that says that. I don't think Nina would either which disappoints me the most. I think I am just sticking with PopSugar Monthly for now.
  9. Thank goodness for spoilers! I am going to try to return/cancel as well. I love Nina and I do not believe she curated this box nor do I believe she would wear the hat or earrings or carry that bag.
  10. This is getting ridiculous. They trick you by making you think your box shipped by sending you a tracking number. They sent me mine several days ago. But really it just initiated by having them print a label. There has been ZERO movement since I got the shipping notice.
  11. At this point, I am hoping they don't charge us until late in the month because at this moment I don't have money to cover it. I know a lot of people like the fact that they don't charge us until it ships but I do not. When I ordered this box many months ago, I had the money for it. Now, I do not.
  12. You can get that glass storage box on Amazon right now in a different color for as little as $12.
  13. Here we go again! Before the nightmare changeover, I would be charged right at the first of the month and then my box would arrive in the first 8-10 days of the month. Still haven't been charged. BEYOND frustrated!!
  14. I hope this is a good box! Especially since the PopSugar NM box was such a bust. So glad I didn't waste $250 on that one!
  15. So glad I didn't buy it! Thanks for the spoilers! Definitely not worth $250. We just got a picture frame in last month's regular PS box so that seems really lame. And how many clutches do we need?

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