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  1. My Mac fix plus bottle broke and now i cannot use it without the cap falling off. I need an empty bottle of mac fix plus (it would have to be a fix plus bottle because my space is limited and mac fix plus bottle fits perfectly in my drawer.) If anyone is willing to give me their bottle for trade or maybe money please contact me! Thanks so much!
  2. Dolce Gabana Light Blue! Such a light, fresh scent that I love for summer.
  3. For my face, I heated up coconut oil and vitamin E to create a lotion. I let it sit over night to become a solid, like a cold cream. I've been applying that to my face and wow! What a difference! My skin was bright and radiant, my fine lines in my forehead were fading, and my spots were clearing up! Best moisturizer eve!
  4. I love Olay products... their Shine Shine Go Away Cleanser was amazing and I was set to buy it for the rest of my life. It was just one of those products that clicked with my skin... then I found out Olay tests on animals and now I cannot repurchase it. Such a shame. Now I have been looking for another brand of skin care products to try... I've tried and hated Neutrogina (how ever that is spelled) and Clean and Clear... They might be good products for someone else, but they broke me out big time. For now I've been using products from Loreal, which seem to be working okay. I really can't wait for the day when Olay becomes cruelty free. Writing this reminds me of how perfect that cleanser was.
  5. Thanks so much! I will give Seventh Generation a try.
  6. I just wanted to say that if that's you in your picture you are stunning!
  7. I try to keep it simple when it comes to skincare- I think that the closer you are to your skin's natural state, the healthier your skin will be. So I like to keep the products to a minimum. AM: Wash my face with Biore charcoal cleanser Moisturize with my own moisturizer made from coconut oil and vitamin e Apply clinique laser eye cream or what ever the name is PM: Deep clean my skin using my elf powder brush to lather my Biore cleanser, then going in and scrubbing my face with my sephora face scrubby brush thingy. Moisturize with my same moisturizer Same eye cream Maybe once every two weeks i will do s team facial treatment and use a home made mask composed of honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Works wonders and smells delicious!
  8. I was surprised that so many people had compared the elf primer to the urban decay... in my opinion the elf one was cheap and didn't keep any shadow on. I absolutely loved the Fergie Wet n Wild primer though.
  9. I love using baby wipes for my beauty routines and daily life, but I've been struggling to find a brand or baby wipes that is cruelty free. I fell in love with the Walgreens Well Beginnings wipes, but I can't seem to find any information about their animal testing policy My next choice would be the Up and Up brand... does anyone know if this brand is cruelty free? Or any other brands that are cruelty free? Thanks so much!
  10. Hi there! I am interested in some of these items and i was wondering if you are willing to send items from different subscription services? (For example, if I was interested in a single item from the Birchbox, and a single item from the Myglam.) I have many perfume samples and probably many other types of samples too, so let me know if you are interested and I can list what I have! Thanks!
  11. Hey everyone! I am looking for skin care samples so that I can try out new products and possibly find some great new additions to my skin care routine! I am mostly interested in higher end brands but I would also like to try inexpensive products as well. I am looking to trade and if any one is interested please list bellow things you would like to trade for. Thank you all so much!

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