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  1. I got the night care box, I love that heart pore sleeping pack and eye patches are always a good thing. I wanted to get some value sets, but with the affiliate stuff not working I am going to hold off. That would be awesome if the card for night care came out today.
  2. I am so sorry if this has been discussed, but I cannot find any reviews of the Get Peachy Glow Pact... have you ladies seen any, or used it? I keep taking it in and out of my cart.
  3. I feel like all the FOMO I had about not buying many boxes recently is justified. All I am waiting on to ship is the Pumpkin/Anniversary bundle and I just have Dirty Gal and Tea Tree on the way. I should have gotten so many many many more!! (Next best thing, Eden, Empress, Cleopatra... so many I passed on) Boxes come back to meeeee. (Though there have been enough duds that I passed on that I should have an even FOMO balance I guess.)
  4. I was going back and forth on the Black Friday boxes all morning, and by the time I got back from a pet sitting appt they were all gone. Problem solved, but I have major FOMO now. I did get the Recipe by Nature set for $1 though with points and a code, so that is a win. I love that cleanser.
  5. I decided to still get both my Wine and Cheese boxes. But now I have a bunch of memepoints I want to spend! I was thinking of getting the Yet set, but I will kick myself if there is actually something good on Friday.
  6. Ugh. I ordered one wtf/wc bundle and one wc single box. None have shipped. I have looked all over, for the wtf box spoilers and cannot find them. Idk what I want to do. Grrrr.
  7. Hi, Just had to comment that they are actually my listings. I do not blog at all. I just need to clear some things out to pay for some unexpected circumstances, and I had not used anything from those boxes yet. I paid for all of those boxes with my own money and will possible take a loss on some depending on where they need to ship to. Edited to add that I had not made it through all the comments yet when I posted, but I have now and I am feeling really sad about the things that were posted. I have NEVER blogged or you tubed so if you think it is someone else who does, it was not. They are all my boxes that I spent my own money on. I feel it is within my right to resell an item if I have not used it or it was not what I expected when I have spent my own money on it. It they were free I would have given the items to friends.
  8. I just completed a memestash clean out of all clean outs.... and now I want to buy something, HA! I have had 2 of the Tea Tree boxes in my cart for days, but cannot seem to pull the trigger. I want to send one to my sister as a partial engagement gift when I get them. I am just worried that I will be less than impressed for 27 bucks, and then I am stuck with two.
  9. OH MAN! I have a couple of those coming too, and I forgot. I wonder if they will show up before the VIP points expire?!
  10. I had the one for break out prone skin, I cannot remember the number, but it stung my skin a little too when I put it on. I think that Dr G is just not my Dr. In the US they are the same about offering a zillion products that are supposed to be for this or that thing. I have found that I just need a nice cream and I am good, as my skin is not really a consistent 'type'. Juice Beauty's Stem Cell cream was my go to before my MEMEmania broke out. Their products are awesome, but pricey. I think that I like the Floria because it reminds me of that cream.
  11. I am wondering about this too. Then again, I like it a lot and will use duplicates, or send them to my sister.
  12. I am using the Floria right now and I like it a lot for daytime. I was using one of the Dr G creams and I broke out so badly! It made me sad since everyone seems to like it. I switched to the Floria and it cleared up pretty quickly.
  13. I am pretty sure I need Cute Wishlist 1. 5 MINUTES UNTIL NOON PACIFIC TIME!
  14. I have been out of town so I am playing catch up. I came home to my omg2/cute2 set and I am sad about the cute 2. It needs to be cuter! I wish I had gotten There are some good things in both boxes though. Omg2 is definitely better than omg1. Also I had a moment of madness this morning and got the wine cheese/wtf bundle and an extra wine and cheese box because BOUNCE CHEESE CREAM! AND I might have had to throw in the rose/hair and body/dessert bundle for discount purposes and to make me feel better about the sad sweet shop and floral scent boxes. Ps- my earth and sea box just hit US soil today. Registered mail is truly snail mail.
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