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  1. THANK YOU! Wow. This is wonderful and it's so incredibly kind of you to share with us.
  2. @@jennielyndy I don't think you have to passive aggressive about it at all. You can be flippant and snarky without being rude. The British are also very good at it, but maybe it's just that the accent sounds polite.
  3. @@chachithegreat I am surprised that more people aren't bothered by the book than like it, actually. I loved it, but I'm guessing you aren't the only one who rolled their eyes.
  4. @ I think they were old enough to leave. Maybe spooked by the traffic and left earlier than they might normally have, but they are old enough. Probably be making baby bunnies in a month!
  5. Oh I'm sure they meant the azzhats who abuse! I just meant that it reads as harsh if you're not the kind of person who who is aware that people do such things. Like if my mama came across that, she'd have been taken aback by it, not realizing the backstory. I LOVE the ladies at LLB. I need to shut up!
  6. I can readily believe that people abuse the system! But a person who asked first would not likely be a person who was abusing it. Well, I suppose they might ask before so they didn't waste their time cheating. I don't blame them at all for cancelling it, I just think they should have left their answer at No, or followed the example above. I darn near wrote a warning review on a candelabra they have which I bought elsewhere; glad now that I didn't!
  7. Oh you are so right about that spoon...... it could lean MeMaw. Or possibly New Bride setting up housekeeping, but it was my favorite item, and I am well in to MeMaw territory.
  8. Well, they need to read their own darn book. That was extremely rude. They get double dinged in my book, because as Southern women, they should certainly have been able to come up with a reply that got the snark across without being rude, bless their hearts. Not that snark was called for there at all, but we are taught practically from the cradle how to handle that sort of thing. Edited my potty mouth!
  9. Got my box today. I am so in love with this sub.
  10. When that sort of thing happens to my subs, I email them and let them know they can just wait and send mine in the following box. I hate to see a great new sub like this get hammered with extra costs.
  11. @ Baby girl, take it from an old lady....if she is aware you have been struggling with this issue and is humble bragging about it...she's a b*tch and she is NOT your friend.
  12. @ You crack me up! The water on the bases is so heavily chlorinated it wreaks havoc on their skin, hair, everything. If they have issues on top of that, it's a nightmare. I have 2 nieces, several nephews and randomly adopted Marines and soldiers I sent to over the years. Most of them are stateside now, but it was challenging trying to send stuff that would help!
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