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  1. I think that there appears to be a "need" in you for the validation of others. I think that beofre you can be emotionally ready for others you need to be a little introspective. Learn what YOU like. Learn what values YOU have. Learn to understand what makes you, and how and what to defend, and you will form a strong identity. That is something that will leave no questions about who and what you are and only then will you be ready for someone.
  2. Why not propose to him? Unconventional but in this day and age. But what if he says "No"? What if you say no to him? You both are under the same pressure in asking, so why not?
  3. I just use a moisturiser not Vaseline. I have used it in the past and it is just too thick and feels too oily. It felt like rubbing chicken fat on my face (never done this but I imagine how gross that would feel). Blergh!
  4. Heart goes out to you. I would certainly recommend a Dermatologist. There is no use in having something like this be a cause of continued embarrassment and self esteem issues. Your Dermatologist specialises in this. They will see you right because it is their job t do this.
  5. I am not the least bit interested. I think that the importance placed on modeling and on the model looks and fashion is overstated. Sure, fashion is nice. Sure, being a model has benefits. Is it the one goal of women to be as skinny as a cat walk model and wear the best of accessories? Do women actually need that? We criticise men for going after bigger and better cars and so on, and yet aren't we doing the same? Same game, same goals, just different game pieces? No, I do not think modelling is that important nor something all women ought to aspire to or feel beholden to. I hope that answers it for me
  6. It is really nice. I have used it in the past, but it was not a local shop I got it from. It doesn't matter now that I can get it online. Thanks for letting us know.
  7. That kind of sounds awesome. The worse thing is to try and allow yourself to really relax and pretend there is a life outside of the bathroom. Surprisingly hard to do.
  8. Yes, I am the same. It is not just a partner thing, but a friend thing too.
  9. I do not keep bad people in my life. I have no problem with anyone of any persuasion, but the moment they do the wrong thing, I get them out of my life.
  10. Anyone heard any more of Sarah? I found her one crazy piece of work, and to think she could have become Vice President. She was crazy and stupid. Bad combination. I did not understand her appeal and I do not know who she was supposed to be just like.
  11. I honestly do not know. It is never something I had considered and if it was suddenly down to having to consider it, it would need to not be my mind trying to logically and rationally justify or rationalise the situation. I think attraction and preferences and all the rest is definitely an emotional and physical thing not an intellectual thing, if that makes sense?
  12. Has he asked you to cut contact with any of your friends? If so, then maybe use that as a point to use against him (You know, "Well you asked me to stop seeing Lois so now I am asking you to stop seeing [the friend]"). If not, then I do not think you really have any grounds to.
  13. I really think that it is completely his own choice if or when he wants to propose to marry you. Maybe you could propose to him? No? Better wait for him then.
  14. You do not pick your family. You pick your friends. Lean on them at this time. You can return the favour later. It IS emotional blackmail. Stop going out of your way to please them or have any contact. Do not play this game with them. It is unhealthy. If they see that you have made no effort to contact them, they may start thinking "OK, well this plan/game/trick, is not working, maybe we should see what she is up to." Have them come to you. It is disgusting behaviour by them, really abhorrent and they ought to be ashamed of themselves.
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