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  1. One of my boxes has shipped (3.1 lbs) and the other still says "processing" so who knows when that one will ship.
  2. Sort of OT but this thread got me to thinking about when the next Beauty Thrills is due (apparently August). Anyway, when I went to the site it appears that you can STILL buy the last box. I didn't want to fully test it though because I didn't want to enter my CC # etc. Would really be amazing if the box really was still up for sale at this point...shows it was not a big hit!
  3. You made the Zoe Report giveaway email! I thought the one pic popping up looked familiar. Yay!
  4. Seems kind of boring...wonder what the 7th item will be? Totally off topic, but what happened to the Beauty Thrills boxes? Thought we would have one in the works by now. Has anyone heard anything?
  5. I did finally get my box (it was expedited via Fed Ex). I'm not in love. The bag really just does not work for me. I can't wear it cross body (partly because of my height and mostly because of my weight...that's not RZ's fault though). But it just looks kind of silly on me. Just too small (and definitely brown...not caramel). I was thinking I might sell it on Ebay but it seems they aren't a hot commodity over there...lol. When I add up the prices in "my" amounts (those that I'd be willing to pay for items) I just don't get the value if the bag doesn't work. Sigh. Not sure I'll keep this subscription if the hero doesn't dazzle next time.
  6. My email says I'm getting WMS C1B. It has supposedly shipped but the link and the tracking number don't actually work. Hoping for something decent.
  7. My box is due for delivery today. I am beyond excited to get that SKII essence. It's a bit silly really but I am excited! As a total aside, has anyone heard any word about the Allure Beauty Thrills for this year? Don't we usually get a box in March or so? I was on pre-order last year and will probably do it again if offered, but I haven't heard anything.
  8. Sample choices not too exciting. I like the dry shampoo, but I've received that before, so if I pick it I won't get to review for points. And, if I don't pick it I'll end up with the shampoos because I've already received the dry shampoo...and it goes around....LOL I think I'll probably take the curated box this time. The lipstick is at least not the standard red or bright pink I always seem to get.
  9. So, I changed my delivery address (in the middle of a move and since I didn't know when or even if PS would ever ship I thought I'd switch it to my work address). My box shows as "delivered" today but of course it wasn't. I called the Post Office and they said that basically the mailman probably screwed up so they'll have him look for it tomorrow. Post Office said that possibly it got put in someone else's box and hopefully that person will bring it up to my office. Um, gee, and if they don't? I had such a nightmare time dealing with 4 charges for 1 order with PS that I don't foresee them being remotely helpful on this. Anyone had this type of experience? Hopefully there's a good outcome story out there!
  10. Does anyone know what Birchbox does if they send you a box without your PYS? It's the 10th now so aren't the boxes "set in stone" at this point?
  11. So I used the cheat before it went offline and was pretty "meh" about my box. Then I checked again after the cheat went back up and I have a totally different box showing. This one does NOT have my PYS in it though! I wouldn't mind so much because the box showing now has the Arrow Lip Balm in it, but the rest of the box really stinks (and I think I already got one of the items before).
  12. I tried a purchase but it added shipping (so no Ace). I sent an email and got the "Hey Ace" reply back too. Hoping they fix it....that free shipping is a big draw for me.
  13. Someone posted about this on Ramblings so I checked my account...same thing...no Aces. I earned over 500 points last year and thought the requirement was that you got Aces once you hit 500 and kept it for the following year. Otherwise, if you make a $1,000 order on December 31st you wouldn't get any benefit from Aces at all right? I can't really tell from their description about the program if the status rolls over to the next year or expires on December 31st/January 1st. Hopefully someone will have more insight.
  14. I'm set for a planner but think I might use this one as some sort of a journal of the things I did that day (that weren't in my planner) or something. I hope the bin is a decent size....I have a thing for containers and bins so it will come in handy. Looks like a very nice box! (Now, the big question is when will it ever arrive?)

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