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  1. @@biancardi Yes, that's another thing I love - they send samples based on what seem to be your scent preferences! I've tried several I can't wait to get in full size! Offering sounds amazing, too - I might see if I can't get a sample of that one as well.
  2. Um, if we're going to talk about GAP scents, I need a tissue handy because I am still heartbroken that OM went the way of the dinosaur... @ The most basic difference between EDT and EDP is that Eau de Toilette has a lower concentration of perfume oil, therefore it is usually cheaper. Eau de Parfum has a bit more perfume oil (on average 5% more), so it can smell a bit stronger and last longer (in theory). BUT sometimes the same scent in EDT and EDP smells totally different, so there's no harm in preferring one to the other - in general I find that a scent that seems a bit off in one variation works well in the other! @@nerdi Sephora 3x points on fragrance is February 5th - 15th, if I am not mistaken.
  3. I get that, about wanting to keep your operation small and what not, but if that's the case I would personally believe that you would try to stay small in both your customer base (which can't be controlled) and your internet social media presence (which can be). Going back to the DC example, she still operates on Etsy, has Facebook and then very recently integrated an Instagram. She's not actively trying to expand her customer base, it just happens through word of mouth. HoG on the other hand operates from a stand-alone website (that recently got upgraded), has FB, a mailing list, Instagram and tumblr - that I know of. They are actively trying to increase their social media presence, are adding staff... all signs that point to a desire to increase sales and grow the business. Which is ALSO fine, but then they are not increasing the production capacity to match, which is unfair to the customers they are bringing in, both new and old. So, that's my feelings... maybe it will change, maybe not. I am not boycotting HoG or anything! But I will stick to the permanent catalog items for the time being.
  4. @@SaraP :hugs3: To you too! Oh man, ladies, my heart is hurting for you tonight. I wish I could shake sense into someone and make them see the light! Healthcare is so effed up...
  5. Re: Temptalia - I hate to say this, but Christine is also somewhat of a not-nice lady, and I've noticed her give better reviews to equally crappy products that she got for free vs ones she paid for, so I really don't trust her reviews. I usually only go to Temptalia for color swatches, and even those are suspect due to her massive overexposure. I like MusingsofaMuse better, when it comes to review blogs, personally.
  6. I'm coming here to tell a story so I don't clog up the Sephora thread, LOL. Okay, so speaking of perfumes husbands love or hate - when my hubby and I were dating I wore Coco Mademoiselle all. the. time. I loved it, and so did he. Well, so did most guys, actually, but that isn't the point. The point is - we were not exactly "saving" ourselves for marriage, if you catch my drift, and I was 18 so pretty much everything I owned was drenched in Coco Mlle. and of course it got really burned into his mind that the scent was a major turn-on. Nowadays, things have ah... slowed down a bit, so every now and then he asks why I don't wear Coco Mlle. any more. To give an unfortunate TMI, this guy still has the sex drive of a teenager, but I've lost a lot of energy due to illness and medications. So whenever he accompanies me perfume shopping, I have to steer him away from Chanel, LOL. One of these days, though, I might buy it as a surprise.
  7. I'm literally the double posting queen lately. My bad. I agree - my hubby doesn't care, and he's used to my tastes by now, but if he told me something was atrocious I'd ditch it. I'd make him do the same, so I think willingness to compromise is in order.
  8. I really love rose scented perfumes, and am always on the hunt (Jo Malone Red Roses is delightful, but the lasting power is only so-so) Chloe's is so nice off the bat, but the drydown is a little too much of the white musk that always smells like fresh linen to me - a perfectly pleasant scent, just not one I want to wear on my body! Eau de Cartier Goutte de Rose is another rose scent I like, but once again the longevity is only so-so. Ironically Roses de Chloe has better lasting power than any of my current collection of rose scents!
  9. If money is no problem, I'd suggest any of the Viseart palettes. You'll get twelve shades, there is a neutral matte collection and the quality is impeccable. They are available on Sephora's website, but since they are regularly out of stock, I know several people who've bought them at Alcone Company.
  10. Re: Hourglass palettes. Pretty much every review I have ever heard of complaints about the massive kick-up of product, but I have read a few that say if you can work through the initial fallout, you can get a really pretty look and then you just have to clean it up a bit afterwords. Should a product take that much effort to apply? I'm inclined to think not, but then again I guess it depends on how much you love the final results. I haven't gotten mine yet, so I can't say from experience. I ordered from Space.NK since I had N.dulge N.centives so I'll be keeping the thing either way.
  11. Whooo, lots of fun talk about perfumes. I LOVE the original L'Eau de Issey. My Aunt bought my a bottle as a gift in high school and it sat proudly on my dresser with Angel for several years! The variations, though, I am not a fan of - I don't do "clean" scents in general. All the Chloe variations are a no-go for me. I can tolerate Roses for a bit, but after a while even that gives me a headache. But if you like clean, fresh florals the new Balenciaga B. might be perfect. It reminds me of something I can't put my finger on - maybe Chance? Not sure, but it very nice and not too flowery, just fresh and clean and a bit like lily. I love the bottles for Balenciaga's fragrances, too. I wish I could find one I'd actually wear because they look gorgeous on a vanity!
  12. LOL last night I called him something quite rude and my HUSBAND was the one to correct me. Hmm... secret fangirl?

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