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  1. That's what I thought. Since the shipping is so high international I'm not sure if it's worth it. Might have to eye it for a little while and see if they step up a tad. Thank you @@biancardi for the reply
  2. Hi ladies Since memebox isn't shipping internationally no more, I'm really considering Beauteque. But I have some questions.. Does the bag generally always have a low value? How long does it normally take for it to arrive?
  3. I have over 200usd in earnings from memebox. Will I even get these paid out?
  4. I'm so mad beyond words.. Can't even.. I've prob spent over 5000$ on this shady shitty company and this is what you give me. Hope you ship sink sooner than later. Memebox is srsly digging its own grave. Not gonna pitty buy some of the boxes I were going to, you're not even getting a penny more from me. Sorry, I'm just so mad :/
  5. Im so pissed really. Had the sample kit in the chart and couldnt get it to checkout so it sold out. :/
  6. I cant get it to work.. Been trying to check out for atleast 20min. SO annoying!!
  7. I actually really like this one. Will use everything in it, and the value is actually there for once
  8. Oh, god.. Such a let down anyway. Not paying 18.99 for shipping. Keep your boxes to yourself Memebox -.-
  9. Really interested in the new box.. Nice to FINALLY see the value sets are back up again. Have missed those..
  10. Haven't ordered the cleanse morning & night, but dnt know if im going too.. Just have so much cleansing products already. You girls think it will be here after the spoiler is released? Happy new years btw! Been so busy, haven't had a chance to be around. Been moving
  11. No they haven't yet. Looking to order the single myself
  12. I'm really happy with the Globak 18! So excited to try out the shower jelly. The ones from Lush are amaaazing!!
  13. Btw girls. Don't know if it's mentioned. But got my Anniversary box today. And the Red rire hair treatment thingy has an expiration date in appx 3 months from now - March 2015. I'm so fed up with this new expiration issue with Memebox...
  14. Will not buy this one.. Rly want to, but need to get some trust back in their curations lately first..
  15. Yea, they had the mise en scene hair mask previous mask box, not the wish upon a mask but the one before that. I agree though. They are safer bets if you don't want repeats, or too many atleast
  16. They both have potential. Go with your guts! I have no idea what Memebox are gonna do with them to be honest.
  17. Went ahead and got it. Didn't like the last few mask boxes, but hope it'll turn out good Btw, do you think this 5 products only each box will be a thing now?
  18. Wonder woman spoilers are on facebook. The worst of the trio by far.. And this was my last set of boxes.. :/
  19. Anyone have wonder woman pictures too? Not really a massive fan of the boxes, they seem way of theme in my opinion (except a couple items). Interested in seeing how Wonder woman compares.
  20. Not interested in todays "offer", or preview for the global buyers.. Wont be buying the palette even when its released. I want boxes.. Emp+cleo+wonder woman are my last ones..
  21. I'm so excited to see what this new offer will be today. For the 12th day of christmas thingy. Crossing my fingers for a new box or two. I can hope right
  22. I've heard some do this. Haven't done it myself. But I don't know if a mist prep the skin the way a toner does. Like balance the pH etc. I would maybe try a mist after toner if you want to use it in your skincare routine other that throughout the day. I use spot treatment last in my skincare routine
  23. Yea, me too! It should've been gone for ages ago! Iknow.. I haven't find anyone to sell/swap with. Everyone wants to sell to england or us only.. Sucks having high postage fees in eu. If you're looking to swap , then I'm interested.
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