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  1. I got my box when I got home from work tonight. I love it! The 'fun' item is missing, but I absolutely love everything in here--nice to get home item, fashion item (I received the 'Creme de Menthe' colored tote), and some bath and body items. I bought this before I got a new job and had to start budgeting (see ya later, cash tips), so I likely won't be buying any more $100 boxes in my near future, but I'm so glad I bought this one.
  2. I haven't---think Liz mentioned it was shipping out tomorrow though.
  3. I'm excited about this one! I just started a new job where my commute is an hour plus each way, so I've been looking for good books to read. I bought the Pacifica pallette--this exact one--at Whole Foods on sale last month, so while I'm not excited to have a repeat, I can say that it's fantastic--great pigment. And sunglasses always make me look like a giant bug, so I'll take whatever ones in sub boxes I can get until I break 'em or lose 'em. I think this will be another box where even if everything doesn't seem exciting right away, I'll eventually find a use for all the items. Pop Sugar is the one box I'm still subscribed to, after over a year.
  4. This does look like a nice box, but at the price point and what they promised, seems to be a bit sparse. This is my first box, and now most likely my last. Like others have said, I wish there were more home or accessory items in here, though everything that's included does look nice.
  5. Has anyone got shipping yet? So excited!! This is my first Oui Please box, and judging by all the spoilers on Instagram, I know I'm going to love it!
  6. This box looks so good! My box showed delivery on Saturday but nothing was delivered. I'm drooling over here looking at all the reviews of the boxes! I emailed them and they told me to check with the Post Office, so hoping I get resolution or my box gets found soon.
  7. got my box (was out of the country and jut got back, think it was delivered last week) and love it! the leggings are my new favorite everything, the shirt fits (don't love the color, but love the style), I like the scarf better than I thought (wasn't excited about the brown color) and don't usually wear necklaces but may try this one out. Am looking at the Ahnu website now. Not sure about the skin care items or the wee drink things I need to figure out, but overall, super happy I got this box, though it was a bit of a tipsy late night purchase.
  8. I read an interview with the founder; they assign a 'buyer' or 'finder' to each curator to help them pick items. Maybe it's the same person assigned to all these curators with disappointing boxes? That seems a little weird, but you'd think if there's a professional helping, the boxes would be a bit better. This RY box was a huge disappointment, and would have been for even $20.
  9. @@jennm149 Is the belt leather?
  10. Just canceled all my Wantable subscriptions. There was a shapewear item for July that I was super excited to get. Fingers were crossed and all that jazz. Instead of any shapewear that was on my love list, they sent me things from my list of 'likes' that don't even fit (like the leggings), or would look great--on a tiny grandma. Last time I looked into partial returns, each item would have to be over the price of the box, and nothing they sent me is. I love this concept, and I've tried each box a handful of times with moderate success, and the customer service has always been nice, but there are way too many misses for me to keep subscribing.
  11. Got my package today!! First thought at seeing the hat (black variety): "I do not love this one tiny bit." After trying it on: "I love this so much!" I would never buy this hat for myself, but I've been wanting something similar for years. Even if I'm not brave enough to wear it out frequently out of the house, I love having one just like this for sitting on the porch or playing dress up (times when I pretend I'll actually wear more daring items out of the house, which happens only occasionally). Agree with others about no 'Wow' factor in this box, but do love the spoons, and super excited for the jump rope, as I've just started working out again. Straws are always great in my house--my roommates and I have a full bar--though I'm a little iffy on the paper quality. I got the mascara in a previous box, so I'll probably gift it to my roomie, and I love coconut anything, so will find a time to snack on these. Overall, pleased with the box as I would never buy any of these of my own but like all the items. I am looking forward, though, to being Wowed for a future box (loved last month's Turkish towel SO MUCH; June was definitely worth it for me).
  12. Got my box yesterday. I like it a lot more than I thought I would! Loving the vegan/cruelty-free items; that was one reason I was excited for a summer box; less chance of getting animal-based items. The shaving gel doesn't foam up, but smells really nice. I used the Otterbox code to get a Symmetry case for my Galaxy S4, and the dry case option popped up, but I didn't see it in my confirmation email, so only time will tell. Happy the code worked, though I did love those special cases Nina designed. Used the texture 'dry shampoo' spray and the sunscreen today; the spray smells so good and the sunscreen is just sunscreen, but I'm so fair I'll take all the sunscreen I can get. The shoe is rather pointless (I got the black variety). I got the fish bone clutch which I don't love, but maybe it'll grow on me. With my June Glossybox, I ordered a Nest candle from Bergdorf Goodman, and am now addicted, so was very pleased to get a mini in this box (got the mint moss scent). Headphones are cool--the cord is a little long, but they're much much better than the ones that came with my phone. And I may be in the minority, but I was just thinking about how I wanted a baseball cap for hikes and outdoor sporty activities, so I really like the hat! Haven't gone through the rest of the stuff yet, but overall this was a really fun box to receive and unwrap. All in all, super happy!
  13. Turns out that my gift cards, even though they started with a 20, were each worth $25. I got a set of highball glasses (4) for $26.99 and a printed mini striped bag for #21.99, both from the sale section. The $1 left over covered some of the shipping, so in total I paid $8 for 4 beautiful glasses, a purse, and shipping. Super stoked!
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