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  1. Idk why it's in men's but it's a moisturizer...that's a pretty unisex thing? This is coming from someone who has claimed her man's Jack black lip Balm which was too thick for him. I can say it is a nice lip balm, no different from my others haha. As long as they aren't sending us beard wax, it's good
  2. I don't think the cheats ever show you color. It's just a default choice like how ipsy shows the same image for everyone if there are different colors. Sorry you were disappointed :/
  3. I want the dry shampoo and I just might get my first plus item with the mask sampler. The real chemistry mask by itself is worth $25. I'm curious to see how different they are to the cheap sheet masks I got from Vietnam lol.
  4. <p> </p><p> </p> <p>Are you cancelling by the 10th to not get charged for July? As long as you cancel sometime in June, even the 30th you will not get July. You can review for points even after you cancel and your points are yours until they expire. </p>
  5. You'll get PYS email tomorrow. This is what the terms say "*You can get early access to sample choice by referring one or more friends by 5/25 at 11:59 p.m. You'll receive an email from Birchbox on 5/26 to make your selection"
  6. I got my lovely day box yesterday. Everything is going to my mom besides the blush and nailpolish which she doesn't use but the blush/bronzer in cable beach was broken I was so excited to get that color. Emailed them so hopefully my replacement blush is the same one.
  7. I got points for march by clicking the twitter button on my march box page. I didn't get an email or popup but i checked my points after sharing on twitter and it showed up.
  8. What they mean by no repeat samples is that you shouldn't get the same exact sample twice on one account. You can get the same product in a different scent/color/etc. They do sample lots of things multiple times, some samples seem to be always sampled so you have a chance.
  9. Zumba had free shipping. For fashion project, the $30 goes towards shipping and isn't $30 plus free shipping.
  10. <p> I just got my tracking number today. I ordered December 30th with the 50% off code. They emailed me when I cancelled that I was in the 3rd wave of shipments and should receive tracking by Thursday. The box shipped from Los Angeles...30 minutes from me so It better come tomorrow lol. I've been eyeing these plain Zumba sweats on sale and wanna get them before they run out. </p>
  11. Mine just arrived and it was open, too the seal is actually stuck on the lid. Its supposed to be sealed like those ones you peel off after opening vitamins and such with writing on it.)
  12. The beauty blender was a promo if you ordered an annual sub. Also, some international birchbox subs had them as a sample in regular boxes but not for US
  13. I never called and still got a text. I think they use the billing number or maybe number associated with the shipping address.
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