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  1. I might do this if I decide to keep getting BB after my subscription runs out in the spring.
  2. Me too. When I signed up in 2012, I got the Beauty Blender, Stainiac, full size Stila eyeliner, apparently a Tarte lip tint (that I don't remember and must have given away for some reason), an extra free box full of Vichy samples, a big Algenist moisturizer, Avene cleanser, Zoya nail polish, etc. I took a couple years off, and now I get no-name smelly organic moisturizers, mid-range hotel lotions, and 2" smeary black eyeliner with glitter in it. They're lucky I paid for a year. There are still good samples out there, but I almost never get them. I'm not "discovering" anything new that I would actually want to buy from the samples. Sorry, BB's just been annoying me lately. I was initially excited to switch from Ipsy, but now I'm not convinced this is so much better. Other than the points, of course.
  3. Update already: They said the tea is out of stock and they refunded me and gave me 100 sorry points. I'm happy with that, but I do wonder if they would have just kept my money and not done anything if I hadn't written to them. Usually companies keep on top of their own inventory and reach out to customers when something isn't available.
  4. In my recent order, one of the items (box of tea) wasn't included in the shipment. I paid for it, but it now shows out of stock on the product page. Why did they take my money for something if they didn't have the inventory. I would be okay if they had sent me a message to say it was backordered or something, but I haven't heard anything. I emailed to see what's going on. Their stuff seems to take so long to come back into stock I don't want to wait a month for something I've already paid for.
  5. It's a nice idea, but I'm on a budget, and I just don't really want to spend the extra shipping money to swap samples. I'd rather they just sent me things that related to my profile in the first place!
  6. It's so funny how people are disappointed about getting boxes that I would love, and other people want to get boxes that I get and don't want. If only there were some kind of way that they could get a sense of our preferences and predict the kinds of things we'd like to get . . .
  7. I just looked at my profile, and it says I want makeup and nail polish, and I picked adventurous and trendy. And this is what they give me? I honestly can't see any link between my profile and the boxes I've been getting. Maybe I need to stop doing PYS and let the profile do its magic. Although last month I didn't get my PYS and they still sent me a terrible box. Black eyeliner, AHA mask, bland cleanser, etc.
  8. Ha! I am indeed getting this box. Sigh. It's like my profile is telling them the opposite of what I want. I don't get it. It has: Harvey Prince Hello, Gilchrist and Soames Body Wash (UGH!), Posiebalm (I've heard this is the tiniest sample ever), Marcelle Makeup Remover, and Davines shampoo and conditioner (will they be foils?) Boooooooring. No skin care, on the plus side, but I would have taken that over more damned perfume and G&S.
  9. Yay, I actually got into a hair study! I haven't got into a study since last summer. It was one of those ones where they make you get out every product you own and type out all the information on the label. I entered at least a dozen products, so I was going to burn something down if it DQed me after that. But it didn't!
  10. My prediction is that I will get 42, since it's the least appealing box with the makeup remover I've seen so far. Side note, but I was going back to see if I'd already got Harvey Prince Hello (no, sadly), and the boxes I got the first time I subscribed back in 2012 were way better, in general. And I almost always got more than 5 things.
  11. I got 3 (attached) foils of derma-e and a little tiny pump bottle of Havvn N Night Cream (never heard of that one). Not exciting, but not terrible.
  12. I would LOVE 25. I doubt I will get it. But I'm actually running kind of low on shampoo and conditioner, so that plus all makeup would be amazing. I don't think I've ever got a box without a moisturizer or similar skin care product, though, so I am not getting my hopes up.
  13. Damn, I shouldn't have looked, since I just placed an order yesterday. Awful timing.
  14. Soak Rinse-Free Wash Scent Fig S06-F 1 $10.00 Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream 3522930000792 1 $15.00 Harney & Sons Fine Teas Paris 636046-35524 0 1 $9.60 Harney & Sons Fine Teas Earl Grey Supreme 636046-35523 3 1 $9.60 Spend $35, get a free Mystery Sample Pack 5823 1 $10.00 Subtotal $54.20 Shipping & Handling $0.00 Discount (VIP Free Shipping, 20% Off For You, TAKEOFF20, Free Sample Pack with $35+ Purchase) -$18.84 300 reward points -$30.00 Grand Total $5.36 I'm excited to see if this laundry wash works!
  15. I finally managed to give away the big box of things I purged on Freecycle. People kept contacting me and saying they wanted it and then never getting back to me. But someone finally showed up. I probably got rid of more than 100 things, nail polish and various makeup. A lot of it was really nice and almost new (or brand new) but just didn't suit me. I'm so glad it's gone! But I'm not going to follow the 2 out 1 in rule, because I definitely don't need 50 new things.

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