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  1. Hello ladies, Im usually just a lurker in this forum. I just looked at the moisturise moisturise moisturise spoilers and Im actually quite happy with the box. Overall I used to be so excited about memebox, Ive been here since box 5. But now, I think just like everyone else, Im a little disappointed. I just had a question regarding tester korea, has anyone ever made an order from Uk? if so, how long did it take to receive it, as its been almost a month for me.... Thanks!
  2. Now. What I meant is, what would we be receiving as customers right now in the thumbs up box if memebox had listened to you guys? What would be in the box?
  3. Since a lot of you guys say you didn't pick these thumbs up box items. What would the box look like if member had listened to you? I am curious
  4. Id love a christmas gift box. Not sure what should be in it, but it would me my personal present to myslelf for christmas!
  5. Shrink Lifting Rpro- Elizavecca Milky Piggy (global 16)- I just tried this. To be honest I am not a hug fan. Since it has caffeine and mandarine extracts it should be a tightening cream also. Therefore I tried this on my legs, and I'm not sure whether its the fact that its chilly in london or whether its the cream, but it is extremely cooling. In a almost painful/unfocomfortable way. So ladies beware, use in very small quantities.
  6. I agree about the tint , its a shame because I really like the colour.... The cooling box is so much nicer in person and the aloe vera smells so good! Plus the cooling sleeping pack is so refreshing. Just shows how deceiving it can be to look at products in their pictures, as I know personally when I saw the spoilers I wasn't too impressed, but now love the box!
  7. Not OMG at all, but still an exciting box. Personally I will use all the products. Unless I get the purple was it lip tattoo thingy. Still think its a great box! Think memebox made a mistake into reading what we want, a global box should contain usefull items however I thought that the main reason people ordered the omg box is for its fun factor and thats whats missing. Think personally I would of been happy with less useful but more fun products to try out.
  8. I just tried the 23yearls old mask from one of the global boxes, and boy it burned! I know its carbonated, but it actually made my face go bright red. and I only kept it on for few mins. Beware girls!
  9. OMG box ships out tomorrow, cant wait for the spoilers!
  10. on the other hand the foot peeling stuff is amazing. left my feet super soft, and no messy business of waiting for it to gradually peel.
  11. I thought that the at home box was okay. I'm not much of a nail fan so that was a miss, as well as the silicone mask thing. Don't think ill use these 2 items. Apart from that, the other items were okay. Was expecting some masks in this, since the description mentioned having a spa at home. All in all, ok for me.
  12. Erm depends on where you're located, in Uk we have La roche posay anti wrinkle retinol solution also indeed labs retinol refacer. Which are considered affordable but effective. I know a lot of people who rave about those two products.
  13. I use it as a wash off mask, seems to work nicely with my skin. But way too sticky to use as a sleep pack or moisturiser. Also think it would break me out if I left it overnight. Just seems like one of those products.
  14. The best advice that I was given by my dermatologist is that you can start prevention methods in your early 20's such as using high in vitamins moisturisers and basics such as suncream etc. Whilst starting to use anti ageing moisturisers at 23/24. Not sure how accurate this is, but seems to make sense. Its a lot harder to improve appearance of wrinkles than prevent them.
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