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  1. Yay yay yay! I love empties time! Unfortunately, this end of the month appears to be at a hard time for this community. I will put my feelings and thoughts under a spoiler at the end of this post if you care. Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer (0.5 oz) This explained for me what people mean when they talk about juice beauty products having a smell. I didn’t mind it but it was very earthy. However, this moisturizer made me feel super greasy and uncomfortable so would not repurchase. It did not break me out though, I just did not like the way it felt sitting on my skin. Amika Nourishing Hair Mask (0.7 oz) I liked this alright but I didn’t feel like it was life-changing. Would not purchase. Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask (1.7 oz) I love this mask, it really helps control oil and break outs for me. I have a couple of super mini babies to use up and I want to work through more of my giant mask stash but I think I will consider a full size when I am buying products again. Camille Beckman Tuscan Honey Glycerine Hand Therapy (0.25 oz) I really liked this. It was so thick and rich and sunk into the skin really nicely. Not a strong odor, but what was there was pleasant. However, I don’t really like hand creams in jars so I will have to do some exploring to figure out what a full size package is like. Plus, no buying for a while anyway but if I use up all my hand cream this is on my list. Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil (3.5 oz) I love this stuff. I think this is the second I have gone through and I have another back up. Will probably be on the look out once that one is running low. I have tried other oil cleansers and this is by far my favorite. It smells amazing, it is thin enough to be useful/pleasant, and it takes all my makeup right off. I won’t buy unless I can find a good deal on it and I don’t mind being patient waiting for that to happen thanks to my hoard o’ face wash. Harvey Prince Ageless Exfoliating Shower Gel (0.5 oz) I really liked the way this smelled. I don’t care for shower gel enough to purchase a full size but I am glad I used the sample, it was a nice little shower treat. Also, if anyone cares, there is absolutely nothing exfoliating about this shower gel. Dermorganic Leave in Treatment (0.17 oz) I got this in the free pack the company sends you if you request samples of their products. I didn’t really know what to expect and tend not to be a big hair oil person but I l.o.v.e.d. this stuff. I really want to get more once I am off this no-buy (ß recurring theme). It made my hair feel hydrated and shiny and manageable without any kind of greasiness. Mild, pleasant odor. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (foil) Nope. This was too weird for me. It was a powder that you rub into a paste and then rub on your face. That is a ton of work for me to go through and it was kind of a mess. I am trying to streamline my beauty regimen not add chaos to it. Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster (foil) This was an oil that seemed to work fine. I didn’t notice any greasiness and my extra dry patches (cheeks, around nose) felt soothed when I put it on. Probably wouldn’t bother to purchase because I only get desperately dry skin during the winter months and once I am making purchases again those won’t be for a while. Plus this just didn’t seem all that special. SeaRX Anti-Wrinkle Serum (0.17 oz?) This was alright. I liked it as a light-pre make up moisturizer for the daytime but sometimes found it to not be hydrating enough and my skin would feel tight about an hour after putting it on. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (foil) x3 We all know what this feels like because we have all gotten one million samples of it. I like getting these samples because this is my going out I’m looking hot and made up primer for nighttime. I don’t want or need a full size of it but one sample works great for one night out and I don’t need to worry about anything going bad. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask (foil) This was weird and I didn’t really think it did anything besides make my face sticky which made my hair like my face an extra lot. Up&Up Cotton Balls (200 count) I really liked these. No pilling. I have been using the walgreens brand since finishing these and these were better. Will repurchase when I need more but not until then (no hoarding weird things for you young lady!). Bath and Body Works Three Wick Candle in French Lavender I loved this candle, I burned it before bed. I really enjoy how soothing lavender is and it had a great throw in a short amount of time (just a quick 15 minutes of burning while I got all ready for bed). I will repurchase some more lavender candles when they go on sale (probably with spring or summer scents) but no rush to get more until they do. Goodness knows I have enough candles (which I have been using!!). Hairkop Treatment Hair Serum (foil) Still like these hair oils. Still mad Birchbox sent out so many in mystery packs. Lots of mixed feelings about these. Clinique Moisture Surge (foil) I liked this fine as a night time moisturizer but wasn’t amazing enough to make a huge impact based on a foil. It was probably too thick for a summertime moisturizer and definitely left my face too greasy for a daytime moisturizer. Hempz Coconut Fusion Energizing Herbal Body Wash (foil) Nope. I hated the way it smelled. Never purchasing and giving away any future samples that come my way. It stupid ruined my nice relaxing shower because it stopped smelling good. I am bitter at this product. Soap & Gloary Lightly Whipped Body Buttercream (foil) This smelled sweet but good and non-offensive. It was super moisturizing and soaked in nicely. I really liked this, but I have to admit I prefer my lotions in a pump or squeeze bottle because I don’t go through them very quickly and it gives me hope they will last longer. Undecided on if I will/would purchase but luckily I have a few giant things of lotion between me and making that decision. Ole Henriksen Vitamin C Brightening Serum (foil) I liked this alright. I don’t think I want to buy something so expensive, but I remember Lumene had one similar to this for much less that I also liked. But that means deciding I want to spend money on a vitamin C serum in my routine which I don’t know if I need. Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mines (foil) I liked this a fair bit. I find that in general I really like Origins. I think it might be that addictive scent their products have. This was soothing and thick, but maybe a little too thick for me. I wouldn’t purchase a full size but if I found it as a deluxe size sample I would choose it. NUXE Comforting Cleansing Milk (foil) This was a nice gentle face wash. It took my make up right off without any problems and did not irritate my eyes. Now if only I did not have roughly a million nice and gentle face washes. Origins A Perfect World Moisturizer (0.5 oz) I really liked this. I felt like it made me a little greasy so it might have been better as a night time moisturizer. I used it in my gym bag so I never had powder or anything to help blot up any oil it created but it certainly kept me from feeling dried out which was what was most important. I did cut it open to get all the product out (which means I liked it!). Gucci Guilty Pour Homme (vial) This was my going out smell. Everyone would laugh at me for wearing men’s fragrance then smell me and told me I smelled good. It isn’t an overly classy scent but I prefer smelling a little more unisex when I go out at night. I am so excited that I found another sample vial of this to use (which will last a long time because I don’t go out that often). Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo (25 oz) I liked this just fine. It didn’t seem to hurt my hair at all. I wouldn’t say no to purchasing in the future if it was on sale and I needed shampoo but I am certainly not going to bother seeking it out. Origins Never a Dull Moment Face Wash (4.2 oz) I liked this alright but didn’t love it. Needs more scrubs and is weirdly thick so I often dropped it in the sink as a big chunk. It got my face clean and smelled nice and got all my make up off. Would not repurchase but am not sad I had to use it. Phyto Intense Hydrating Brilliance Hair Mask (foil) This smelled nice but did not do anything to my hair. Would not purchase. Vitabath Pomegranate and Blood Orange Body Wash (2 oz) I liked this alright. I buy these to bump my ulta totals up to $50 if I am close. But I don’t really like them enough to be spending that on them though and need to start buying more useful things for this purchase. Will try not to repurchase and remember that I don’t like them that much. This smells super nice. Number 4 Prep and Protect (1 oz) I really hated the way this smelled but could not get over how great it felt in my hair. It got rid of tangles and kept my hair soft and seemed to protect it while blow-drying. I kept this in my gym bag for that purchase and it kept my post-gym shower hair smooth and more manageable. Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask (0.24 oz) I liked this. It was soothing and seemed to calm down some of my inflamed skin. I would consider purchasing a smaller size, especially if it came with bonus tiny size products. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask (3.85 oz) I loved this and am so sad to see it go. I have a lotion now from this line and if that works well I will continue to use that, but if not I will repurchase this mask. It really calms down my skin and helps to clear up any blemishes. Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight Moisturizer (0.4 oz) I didn’t like this very much, did not even bother cutting it open. It smelled nice but it made my face feel greasy without really sinking in and I think it might have caused some break outs. Illume Grapefruit Oleander Lavish Hand Cream (xela pack) This smelled fantastic. If I purchase any more candles from them I am for sure hunting down this scent. I don’t need more hand cream for roughly ever so not even considering purchasing. StriVectin-SD Instant Retexturizing Scrub (3.3 oz) I L.O.V.E.D. this. I bought it from birchbox at 40% off and am seriously regretting not buying like 5 of these. I want to repurchase this, but would love to find something similar for slightly less. It’s lasted me a few months so it’s not like I blew through it and it was a total waste of money. I have got to move through some more face washes before I can think about buying more but I want so badly to buy more of this. Also you should see the ways in which I mutilated the packaging in order to get the very last little bit. Dove Refresh+Care Dry Shampoo (0.5 oz ß full size but it’s aerosol so super light) I really like this but the strong scent was annoying me. I am currently trying out batiste because I’ve heard great things. However, I am not in any way against repurchasing this product (when I run out, as a replacement, no hoarding) especially because it’s often on sale at walgreens.
  2. @@EggyBread best and warmest wishes to you and the very best of luck
  3. My original goals being gone, I am going to take this as an opportunity to adjust them. I have an interview for a PhD program this weekend so no temptation to spend, just a lot of nerves. My only goal for this section (what's left of it) is to not buy makeup or beauty items. Everything else is on the back burner with no guilt until after this interview.
  4. Happy happy birthdays @jaylilee and @eastofthesun! You guys feel like my support team from reading you on this forum all last year. You are the awesomest support team ever and I hope you both took your birthdays as chances to really pamper/love yourselves and be the happiest you can be!
  5. Yay last day of this section! I have totally succeeded at not buying anything and somewhat succeed at organizing my life a little bit but not really doing so hot there. But I am focusing on the success and mostly i am saving tons of money and doing my makeup and using stuff up for sure! I am so proud of everyone and so happy that people are doing well and you are a million times over doing great even if you slipped up a little. Breaking habits is super hard and we all still love and accept anyone who is struggling. I am off to go post my new goals because I feel like this 10 day set was iffy beyond no-buy success and I don't want to dwell on it so much that it feels like a failure because it wasn't!
  6. I am up to 26 empties already this month! And have a couple of more that are nearly ready to go in the next few days! So happy to really be moving through some of my stash. Unfortunately nothing is make up which is really the most exciting kind of empty.
  7. My plan (if anybody wants to come on this adventure with me) is to do a 6 month no-buy so one that ends the last day of June. If I am good during this 100 day challenge I can use ULTA points for a big purchase/treat (and any replacements I anticipate for the remainder) the week this challenge ends. But if there are people looking for that longer term no buy I would love a group. If not, I know the usual monthly threads are more than supportive enough to help me out until the end of my personal goal!
  8. I have finally moved all of my stuff into my new place! My goal for the next 10 days is to unpack, organize, streamline, and come up with a nice productive schedule. I had to drop some serious cash at target today (sobs) to get everything that I needed but now that's out of the way. I am going to give myself 10 more days before tracking my spending too diligently as I figure out what I am still missing and need to purchase (all non-beauty stuff, just life things). But I think my days 21-30 goals will involve a strict budget that I keep for the remainder of these 100 days. I am trying to ease myself into it. Plus, I got my first paycheck for my new job today ($$$$)! So I don't feel super broke, just trying to build good habits and feel like a great human. I probably won't be doing much posting because I won't have wifi set up in my new place for a little while but I will be reading along and liking as we go Here's to another great 10 days with all you supportive folks!
  9. @@Jenn10 thank you! That's a good idea. I think as long I watch what I am spending and meet some savings goals I won't get too out of control. Just trying to be conscious of not replacing one bad habit with another!
  10. @@flynt I am so happy you are enjoying it and I am so excited to read your big long list of empties! I get annoyed if I have a pile of packaging sitting around all month so I just drop them into an empty birchbox on my nightstand then a couple of times a week I write down the product and my thoughts about it in a word doc. That way I can toss the packaging but still see my long list and keep track of my thoughts. I know some people love the image of everything all empty together and there's nothing wrong with that, just wanted to share what I do in case people were turned off from keeping track of empties because of the old packages.
  11. Day 10 and I'm already up to 15 empties! Yay January! Yay using my stash! Yay everyone in this forum for being so supportive!
  12. I am struggling to figure out if I am replacing makeup/beauty spending with clothes spending. I think I will have to keep an eye on that in the future but I haven't bought myself anything in forever for clothing soooooo...
  13. So I've decided to not start mint.com for another week or so because I am in the process of moving and need to buy stuff for the new place and just don't see the point of being stressed about spending. It's not frivolous like beauty so I don't feel the need to limit at all (really what am I going to do without a kitchen table or a toaster?). I did manage to paint my nails last night and used a nice face mask this morning while I did some more packing, then washed it off in the shower (love that trick!). I have a gigantic pile of empties I need to type up and I am excited to finally take pictures and write up my project pan finale post once all of my things are in the same place again someday. The weekends will be easier, use them to pamper/reward yourself for getting through this first bit and also any of you lovely ladies who are also experiencing this stupid bitter cold.
  14. Days 1-10 goals: Start moving boxes to my new place Paint my nails twice Compile last months empty list Sign up for mint.com or come up with a personal budget tracker Add photos to update finished project pan and start a new one including a pan that palette challenge I am going to try to paint my nails (I've already done them once so far and found a color I am totally in love with!) and sign up for mint tonight then all that I have left is updating my finished project pan. Which isn't hard but I'm not going to put pressure on myself to get to it before the 10th. So far no beauty purchases and a general distaste for stuff because I am carrying all of my boxes of things over to my new apartment and it's SO MUCH THINGS. I am so excited about this 100 day no buy and my plan is to extend it into a 6 month one with a break for new treats at day 100.
  15. I vote that it is totally OK to have a seasonal wardrobe for make up. I also have stuff that gets a lot more love during different times of the year and I think it's a combination of skintone and mood. Living in the upper midwest means a huge fluctuation between seasons. I feel just generally silly trying to look bronzed in 10 below weather when I know I am outside the bare minimum. I'm just fine with my makeup reflecting this philosophy because I don't think it would make me feel prettier or more comfortable to "wear" the wrong season on my face, which isn't really living in the moment and using what I love.

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