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  1. I really think BB should handle the pick an item thing differently. Instead of sending all emails at once and overloading their servers they should release them in groups over a couple of days. Split the amount of each product available equally between the groups and give group "A" a set number of hours to make their decision before group "B" launches and so on. You would have the same chance at getting your sample just without the frustrating error messages and waiting ages for it to process.
  2. Did anybody else screenshot their choice because they anticipated the same errors as last time?
  3. @Kyuu They said on their facebook page that you will get everything in that box even if you had one of the samples previously.
  4. Just made my pick! The everygirl box, I haven't received any of these samples before and had no interest in the other 4 samples. I had a horrible July box so I would rather get something I want in August
  5. Uggh box 38, well everything but the eyeliner will be finding new homes...assuming my box ever moves from TN!
  6. I finally had to bite the bullet and message birchbox and ask them what is going on with my tracking. It says I have 2 packages which I understand is just a glitch in the system but it says one was shipped out on the 30th of June and has never updated and the other says it was picked up on July 3rd and no movement either. I very rarely contact companies about anything but this is only my second birchbox and I've had to contact them twice! If this continues I will be unsubscribing, nobody should have to monitor their packages like this because they can't get their crap together.
  7. @@Autym Henderson mine shows 2 packages also but shipped days apart. Someone said it happened to them before and it's just a glitch and one of them just won't update anymore.
  8. Anybody ever have this happen to them? My Birchbox account is showing 2 packages, one having shipped on the 30th of June and the other the 3rd of July. Both have the same tracking and reference numbers.
  9. @@jayeme I like the Butter London one. I've used others and Butter London's seems to stay chip free the longest.
  10. I of course unsubscribed last night and was going to resub today using the Jet Blue code. I wake up to find that I chose the day that they send out the choice email grr... So I asked Birchbox on FB if the people who weren't subscribed at the time the choice emails went out were going to still get one of those products in their box and this is the response I got "Subscribers who didn't sign up in time to get the choice e-mail could still get these products! Some will and some won't, It's all part of the Birchbox experience :)".
  11. I'm thinking that maybe since they're having this pick a product thing that maybe the boxes are all identical. The only other way I could see this working is if the boxes are decided by what you choose, so if you pick nail polish A then your box would be picked from a certain set of numbers. Like the boxes are all put together and ready and when you make your pick it sets your profile to get a box with that polish in it. With everyone wanting the Ruffian nail polish I can foresee a lot of unhappy people stuck with the lip color!
  12. @@Savannarose726 My sister and I both subscribed on the 9th and my box updated yesterday and hers updated today. No idea when it will ship but we both have tracking codes now too.
  13. My 3lb box just arrived and is pretty much the same as everyone else. I got the toner, exfoliating face wash and 5 sec blur just like everyone else. My blush palette was in Menage A Trois Glow, and my Creme de Corps is the all over body moisturizer(the shorter bottle) and my mascara is L'Extreme. Wish they had sent different boxes based on your skin type since the toner and face wash won't work for my dry skin but since they're free not going to complain.
  14. My 3lb box is set to be delivered today. The strange thing is that the label randomly popped up on UPS over the weekend when I was checking on another package but would only show up on the mobile site, it then randomly dropped off the list and then just showed back up saying it's being delivered today with my other package but I had a notification email for the other package yesterday but not this one! I've never had anything like this happen before and UPS is at my house at least once a week(yes I know the driver by name!). So if your label isn't showing up try checking on it on the mobile site and if it disappears or never shows up its most likely still coming. Oh and the print date of my label changed twice to, it said May 21st and May 23rd if you want to calendar check UPS My Choice try for the end of May!
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