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  1. Sugar addict here I used to not exercise at all due to exams and stuff (i still binge though..) and i basically saw myself in a full length mirror and nearly screamed. Since then, ive been really good with the exercise and noticed improvement in my appearance but my tummy is still bad and i cant do any situps or exercises like that.
  2. Thank you im such a bad addict i probably wont last a SECOND though- most people will just laugh if i even mention cutting down however, i go to the gym alot now and i found that i actually really like exercise and will take every opportunity to go. Also, i already look different
  3. lol what did i even post ? thats what happens when u post at 5am lol
  4. ill go to a spa too hopefully getting some money in the sumer hols so yeah
  5. Omg yay so it stops great thank u
  6. I have a crazy sugar addiction and love everything sweet like cookies and chocolate even stuff other people find disgusting. Im doing my gcse's now and i noticed that i am binging really badly and there seems to be a pattern that I binge during stressful or difficult times like when im upset or bored (is this comfort eating ?). Also, i cant seem to make myself go to the gym. Im not obese or anything but my tummy is horrible and i want to look amazing for prom and when I go to sixth form.
  7. Ok good to know My hair doesnt seem damaged so maybe im just supposed to wash it everyday i have a few friends who were just like NOOOOOOOOO when i told them i washed it everyday but maybe there hair isnt as bad as mine
  8. spilt a whole bottle on the floor of a villa on holiday and the room stunk of remover for days
  9. My hair is so disgustingly oily that if i dont wash it for even 2 days it looks like someone poured a whole bottle of cooking oil down my hair. I have to wash it everyday and im really worried that this damages it ? Is this normal ?
  10. Im really unlucky- i have really oily skin and hair (i know its a good thing when your older but its still a pain ). This causes me to get spots that just wont go away or if they do they just comeback. What helps ?

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