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  1. I received my box yesterday. Had to " sleep on it" for a day. Everything arrived in fine condition- hot as heck here but no melted chocolates. I think this was mostly full of sale items or discontinued items, honestly. The chocolate expires in Jan. '16. I saw headbands like this on Little Black Bag for $12 or as a free bonus item, and also got a much more substantial silver one with lots of tiny beading one in some company's jewelry Mystery Box once. So I think that's a cheap piece. Not so thrilled with Robyn Rhodes jewelry, but I guess I can't expect David Yurman or Tiffany sterling silver pieces in a $135 box. I've gotten a huge box full of Bellapierre eyeshadows and mineral face makeup for like $40 before from Bellapierre's website sale, so I think those are wholesale and discount sale items for Luxor to add as well. Overall, IMO, this box is worth about $60 MAX if I was buying these items/ these types of items myself, except for the perfume. As far as I know, bottles of perfume are never discounted and I really like the scent. So, I'll use the fragrance and possibly wear the bracelet and maybe the ring. ( As an aside, the ring fits into the center of the bracelet as a mod spinner type thing- mine shipped that way- it's cute but I'm too old for cute. ). IF regular Luxor boxes turn out to be this dim, I'm cancelling pretty quickly. And can I just say how thrilled I am that I didn't order the Special Dec. box? I hate clutch purses so that was enough for me to walk away.
  2. Hi, I can only relate my experience. I was charged immediately upon ordering. I ordered the box very shortly before it sold out.
  3. Did anyone else buy a Lucky Box? I had the points from the survey ( they sent 3 to 3 email accounts as usual) so I spent one set of points on a Lucky Box- nothing to lose that way. I got 10 products but I think some of the item may date back to the very beginning of the CA warehouse move. I got my Lucky Box today and there's a strange, strong alcohol- smelling product that I've never seen on Memebox's site in the box. It says it is " Moksha Bidan Cream" on the jar top. There is nothing else readable on the jar or the box it came in. OK, my good buddy Google tells me that it's a moisturizing cream that Memebox discontinued before April of this year, and it has both alcohol and horse oil in it. I tend to think the jar I received has been in a warehouse for quite some time and turned rancid or expired or both. The lettering on the box is in a light peach color on textured paper so there's no way i'm going to know more. A moisturizing cream should probably not contain alcohol in my skincare world, nor ever contain so much that it's all I smell when I open the jar. Has anyone received this product and is it moisturizing ? Also, if any of you have used it or know about it, is it supposed to smell like herbs and alcohol ( almost like a gin and tonic, really)? Thanks in advance for any help with one of the few Memebox items with which I've been truly puzzled. I did like the other products in the Lucky box very much, overall. Here's what I got- hiding as spoiler in case someone wants to be surprised. The rest is all workable, IMO. It's good to see some Memebox activity still going on. I've been away for most of the summer, and have missed more pages of this discussion than I could ever read. I hope everyone is doing well and I especially hope you ladies living in FL are safe .
  4. I caved and ordered the LE box. I hope it's awesome.
  5. I have been double- charged. Once from Allure ( as Conde' Nast Publishing) and again as BeautyBar. NOT happy!
  6. My first Style Quarterly box will be my last. I'm glad I wasn't attached to the subscription, but feel really sad that lifestyle boxes can't seem to succeed. What it really says is that makeup samples are cheap as heck to throw in boxes, but full sized lifestyle things are more valuable, of course. I may add a second PSMH sub. ( Not that they need my business- they have a TV channel now- I'm watching some chick flick from the 80's right now). Does the Burke style box compare to PSMH?
  7. I'm thinking something's happened to my box. Seems that everyone who is subscribed has their June box but me. I hope they answer my email. I really like this sweet little K- beauty sub.
  8. Yep, this is my box also. IF that is a full size of highlighting cream, I wonder why it's so " special"? Teeny tube I almost missed in the shredded paper. My lipstick is a pretty color but the nail polish is beige. I won't use beige nail polish. Plus, I remember when Little Black Bag used to give us " free extras" of both Cargo eye shadow and NcLA nail polish. I'm wondering if someone new now owns BoxyCharm. I don't like my box at all, and this is the first time. Also, if they think that box has a theme, " Sea La Vie", then they're delusional. LOL.
  9. For me, it's like this: Korean skin care is much better than American or European skin care as a whole. The Korean brands put time and research into finding ingredients and formulas that are unique and good for the skin overall. So why is one product, the cleanser, usually so out of line with the rest of their product quality and standards? Almost every wash off cleanser I have ever gotten from a K brand is a high pH cleanser. Sometimes, I don't want to use a cream cleanser, I want to use a rinse- off cleanser because it feels nice to me. I've recently found one that is not from Korea but has a high percentage of Manuka honey and other really great ingredients and I will stick with using it, but it's depressing to pay for 5 items in a box, 2 may be masks, and one ends up being an alkaline skin cleanser that will disrupt the normal acid mantle base of my skin. You've argued with my posts all around this site for months and months and I know you are going to try to refute this post as well, but I am disappointed that my huge stash of Korean skin care is rather marred by the first step being either harsh ( the wash off cleansers) or oil-based ( the balm type cleansers). I keep buying boxes and bundles which invariably contain cleansers and I'm still giving the cleansers away to a local womens and childrens shelter a year into Korean skin care, so they are being used and hopefully liked. I pH test every item before I use it and the cleansers ( and some toners) are the only products that Korean companies are not adjusting to a 5.5-6.5 pH skin- friendly range. I believe my statements about being disappointed with the quality of their cleansers is a valid point. I know chemistry and I know what's great and what's not good for normal but delicate facial skin.
  10. I returned my Whole Body Box and had a refund in a week. I like the Mermaid box OK except for the cleansing foam, which, of course, is the largest item in the box.The SNP Pore Cleansing Foam has a pH of 7. Something in the mind set of Koreans making these stupid cleansers HAS to change about these ingredients which push the pH levels up so horribly high. The one in the "Hydration Box" has a pH of 8. RME!!! There's NO WAY that cleanser is " hydrating".
  11. I've written them twice about the small box issue vs. the men's box. Could you add your voice too? They are really missing the boat and it's such a simple fix.
  12. They need to create a NEW BOX design for the Upgrade Box. If men get a larger box for $20, I want a larger box for $30, too. The men's box is quite a bit larger than the women's regular box. The problem is that most full sized cosmetics will NOT fit in a tiny $10 Birchbox, and that's how short-sighted they are with shipping the most premium box they sell monthly.
  13. Do the $30 Upgrade boxes ship out later or what? I never hear a peep about spoilers in them until I have my box in hand.
  14. Did everyone read this month's spoilers? The sub has it worded really strangely. It says " You may receive ONE or all THREE of these items:. I'm guessing the bloggers will get all three, LOL. DHL gives the weight of my shipped box- its. 0.77 pounds. I kinda doubt I was in the " all three" special lucky group. And I HATE Lauren B nail polish. It's been in almost every subscription box in the past few years. Will NOT be in June's box, I'm talking about May's. Mine was a sickly pale peach. I got a deep purple one from another sub this month. Just have to SMH.
  15. It's a ratty little box which is mostly empty with the shredded paper out,.Anyone can go out and find overpriced basic goods, which is what Kloverbox sourced this month. That doesn't mean that Kloverbox paid much of anything for the samples or the dumb razor which I would never use. This isn't a Goop box curated by Gwenyth Paltrow, but the retail prices are like something she would pick. I threw my box and contents away except for the lip balm. That's how much contempt I currently have for Kloverbox, and from reading the comments about cancellations in this thread, I don't think I'm alone in thinking it's a rip off.
  16. A few years ago Net-A-Porter had a box for over $250. I don't think it was recurring though, which might not meet your criteria. It was a very luxurious box, much more so than anything else I've ever bought. I didn't know Svbscription had a women's box now!! Going to check this baby out.
  17. I think the box is a total rip off this month. I will possibly use the lip balm, as I usually get around to them eventually. I think ALL the values are extremely inflated in this measly sub this month, and since this is the second time they've sent out a very underfilled box, I'm unsubscribing immediately. I don't know what their curation problem is, but one month will be nice, and the next month extremely skimpy and then the sketchy retail values listed for this month's box are the last straw for me. I could be wrong, but I don't think this sub is going to make it very long being so hit or miss. ( mostly miss).
  18. I'm so glad. I hope you get another color of lipstick. I'm SO bummed that they passed up the Prescriptives mascara. It's so much better than that Lord and Berry stuff.. I haven't gotten my upgrade boxes yet. Just got a sad little $10 box with that horrid Yu-Be sample and some other teeny tiny things that roll around in the tiny Birchbox. Think I'm going to all upgrade boxes or cancelling an account. Not sure which.
  19. I SERIOUSLY love that mascara. I used to buy it regularly, then Prescriptives became hard to find. In my 38 years of wearing mascara, and trying everything, I think, this is my number one all time favorite. It did things for my lashes that nothing else, not even the newest formulas can do. I'm totally thrilled to be getting the mascara and he Laura Mercier lip because I also use Laura Mercier cosmetics quite frequently but never have had a lip product of hers. It's like they sent a survey out and asked what brands and items we would love and put my top two in this box, no kidding. Just luck, of course, and I hope everyone getting an Upgrade box will also see their HG items and brands featured in the future. I love the Upgrade boxes and hope they continue the program.
  20. Thank you. I am really shocked, honestly. I re-subbed last month after a year or so absence when the Be a Bombshell bad mascara fiasco happened, and both month's bags have been really great. I'm extremely surprised with what they've sent me and how nice it all is and I HOPE this continues.. I was a charter subscriber when they first started back in 2011 or 2012 ( don't remember which LOL). I've had some baaaadddd bags, but things really seem to be looking up for Ipsy and me.
  21. Has anyone cashed in their 1000 GlossyDots for a free box? I did this month, and the box is stuck in " packed" status. Do I need to email Glossybox> Will it even help to do so? I also have an active subscription so with my "double or nothing luck" I will either get zero boxes or two boxes. I have NO idea what they are doing with my account. Last month, I got THREE boxes. I have no clue why.
  22. Does anyone else have mask contents that are really fluid, as in almost a liquid state? I don't know if my box got too hot on the way to Texas in our monsoons recently, or if the product is supposed to be watery as heck. I received my box before Mother's Day ( great fast shipping, Glossybox!!) and I looked inside the gold orb again today and the mask stuff is floating around. I haven't used it because I'm so used to K- beauty wash off masks that are a lot thicker and don't run. I seriously do not know how to get the product to stay on my face.. maybe refrigerate it for a bit? Our house is cool enough to hang meat in. I do think the problem originated with shipping, or maybe it's supposed to be that liquid-y?
  23. I read on MSA but cannot confirm that it's the mascara and ONE full sized eye shadow from the Cargo palette of colors. However, another person said it's the Laura Mercier lip and a single sized Cargo eye shadow. The eye shadow single, if it is one of the premium items, certainly doesn't meet the price range they said we would get. Cargo shadows are really inexpensive. ( I remember them from Little Black Bag years- I like Cargo blush but the eye shadows tend to be very muddy with little pigmentation, cheap in price and quality IOW).
  24. YES, I'm getting 2 Upgrade boxes and 1 regular random box curated by the cupcake lady. I don't ever pick samples and usually I get things I like extremely well anyway. Birchbox is NOT sending me the PYS emails!! I don't know why but it's not making me happy. Is it because you can't pick a sample with the Upgrade box? My $10 box is a sub. renewal. I'm lost. LOL.
  25. I have the Boxes up that are my 2 upgrade BB sub box accounts, but my regular $10 one isn't showing up as May, just what I got in April, but there is a May shipping number. I think BB is having some issues this month with the previews. Once, my box page didn't even load at all. The item I'm most excited to get is the Prescriptives False Lashes mascara! This was my HG mascara for YEARS, then it got hard to find Prescriptives and I switched to Dior because Sephora has so many great Dior mascara formulas. IF this Prescriptives mascara works as well as the original that I used 5-6 years ago, I will buy the full size and never switch back. It really does lengthen and thicken lashes and is non- irritating to my eyes ( I wear contact lens).
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