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  1. Alien by Thierry Mugler should be arriving any moment! *Insanely Excited*

  2. My day to day go to is Enzymion from LUSH. It's incredibly moisturizing without being too thick. For days that I'm more oily than usual I use the replenishing moisture by Simple. And, when I have a breakout I use Vanishing Cream from LUSH. It really does work magic. It's great as a apot treatment, too! Both LUSH products are pricy, so I suggest getting samples when you visit one of their locations, just to make sure ypu like their products.
  3. I'm looking for new perfume that is particularly lovely for summer! What's everyone's favorite?!
  4. I'm infatuated with LUSH products! In particular, Vanishing Cream! :)

  5. You should absolutely get it out and use it! I'd be very interested to see regular progress updates of that product as well. I'm one week in and see a tiny bit of a difference. Nothing too noticeable. Hopefully I will see somwthing more soon! This weeks photo...
  6. New bottle of Nivem Morgan *Gold* arrived today! LOVE this scent!

  7. What woman doesn't want incredible lashes?! There are a variety of concepts with a wide array of prices to aid in the ultimate outcome. Inexpensive options like falsie, extensions, and serums. Over the last few years it seems the market has seen several lash products claiming to help promote thicker, fuller lashes. I briefly used one and saw great results, but quickly fell out of habit and thusly my progress was lost. On the verge of a new career, I want to put my best face forward, which absolutely includes my lashes! Today was day one of my use of the neuLASH product. This photo was taken (by my very sweet husband) immediately after application. I'll post others throughout the next month to update you on progress and experience. Speaking of, any experiences or suggestions out there on this product or others?!
  8. I've looked at Temptu a couple of times and was curious about the pods...was leaning toward not being a fan. What was clean up like since there otherwise isn't a reservoir for a cleansing agent? Also, how good would you was the compressor was? Thanks!!
  9. I'm super curious about airbrush makeup. I've only experienced it once, but absolutely loved the results! I'd really like to invest in a system for regular, possibly daily use. I've done some browsing and research and have found several systems and makeup selections online. Sadly I haven't found one that gets rave reviews on all components... airbush, compressor and makeup. If you own or use one regularly please let me know about your experience! Any and all advice and feedback is welcome!
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