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  1. Okay, I got Cute and OMG. I thought my Memeaddiction was better but damn...
  2. I want all of the boxes so much but I am kind of upset that they didn't wait until they first ones shipped! I want to see what is in the OMG and K-Style before I decide if I want #2. The only one I think I could buy with little remorse is the Cute #2 because cute packaging! Plus cute packaging makes for great gifts for younger girls (and some boys) and I have at least one or two who I know would like it. I just worry about them going out of stock. :/
  3. I'm kind of sad the smile care box sold out. Oh well. The scent boxes ended up being my favorite thing so I ordered two. guhhh.
  4. I broke the meme-fast for the scent boxes! I have two accounts that I haven't used the TRYMEMEBOX code on so they were only the cost of shipping each. I decided not to get the sweets one because vanilla scents remind me of a horrible comment from my friends older brother that "only hookers wear vanilla scents". Plus fake sweets can get sickly sweet.
  5. I am definitely better without amazing promos. Even for VIPs it is...not as good as it was previously. Occasionally they'll give you some points for buying boxes but I miss free 10 point days.
  6. Guys, since I posted my mini thinking about things thread I've been SO GOOD! I am trying to stick to my plan of only buying the numbered global editions. I bought 16 but with the 15 dollar off code. The boxes launching haven't been super interesting for me. I must admit I LOVE the following box ideas: Vitamin Care Hair and Body 3 Superfood Smile Care Cleansing Girls Night Out Hand and Nail Care BUT none of them are on my needs list except maybe cleansing :/. However I don't really need cleansing because my daily face cleansing ritual is going strong and making my skin look FREAKIN AWESOME and I am super happy with it. The only one that really is missing from my routine is smile care but I'd mainly be buying it in hope for some bamboo salt toothpaste. (I still may cave) I also really love my rosebox that I got and it's really incorporated itself into my routines nicely
  7. I want the global 15 box so badly but i have no coupon codes left to use! I feel like using one of my other accounts but then my main account wouldn't get the credit...and I kind of want to stay VIP for the status. :/
  8. Part of my slowing down was realizing that I have gotta catch 'em all syndrome. I felt late to the meme-party so to make up for it I purchased a lot. The other part is that I realized just how much of my income is going to skin/makeup when I could cut down on most of it and be just as happy. I love getting my surprises in the mail but oh man so much of my fun money is going towards that instead of other things I enjoy. I think I am going to make a list of boxes that if they come out I will spend money on. Maybe that'll help budget and control the urge.
  9. @@marjojojoleintje I see your point so here is a post I thought about at work! I think two big parts of meme-addiction are gambling and the 'sale' myth. Anyway, for me a big part of overcoming the addiction is recognizing why I buy. I buy because I think I am getting a deal. I buy because of the thrill of the unknown. Buy occasionally is fine. Memebox just keeps producing new special boxes and I have to remind myself of why I buy and when it's okay to buy. Just as a disclaimer, I am just writing down my thoughts as I am sitting at work. I don't know any of this as a fact and it is based on my personal experiences.
  10. I've been pretty good about not buying all of the things. The only boxes of the latest fleet I bought were the OMG box and the Cute box because both were ones that I wanted. I used the 10 dollar and 15 dollar codes as well. I keep wanting to buy the Smile care box but I worry that it'll be like the Hair box level of disappoint. I keep watching the stock of the box and when it gets under 50 boxes left I'll decide.
  11. I don't know if this is heresy but the K-Beauty Wrap-up box and the K-Style Cosmetics boxes seem really...the same? If I am already getting K-Style do I need to get K-Beauty? I mean, the insane collector in me is screaming yes that I want both but...my brain is saying that they are really similar.
  12. Yeah, I just remember in another thread that memebox canceled someone's Honey box because they accidentally oversold them. I'm really excited for my mask box so I really hope that doesn't happen!
  13. I haven't received a shipping notification for my Mask Edition #3. I did get the update saying that it was suppose to ship on the 17th but so far no tracking number. I'm trying to keep from getting nervous about it but with all of the weird stuff happening at memebox I am getting pretty worried.
  14. I don't think memebox care all that much. I know of a couple people with extra accounts and it doesn't seem to phase them.
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