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    Video Games, Cartoons, Intersectional Feminism, Star Trek, Fashion, Makeup, Metalsmithing, Jewelry Making, Marvel and DC, Beyonce, Cats, and Thrifting.


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    Just an all-American girl out to crush the patriarchy without smudging her lipstick. I'm a 22 year old raging bi/pansexual lady who is madly in love and due to be wed to the love of my life. (He happens to be a dude, but make no mistake, I'm here and I'm queer. Boo to bi-erasure.)

    I am a giant dork who is into video games, comics, cartoons and junk. I also consider myself a pseudo-guru on natural skin and hair treatments. I wash my hair with Dr. Bonner's, treat my face with botanical oils, and even make my own powdered foundation! It all works so well, seriously. Not that I'm going to stop using store bought makeup anytime soon. Still love the stuff.

    I really, really, REALLY, like makeup. Also my head is shaved on one side.

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    Video games are my passion. I play RPGs like the Mass Effect Trilogy, Skyrim, both Fallout games, Dragon Age, Jade Empire, KotoR; but I am also obsessed with Pokemon and Harvest Moon.

    Wonder Woman is my queen. Wolverine is my beau.
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    Student pursuing a BA in Liberal Arts (focusing on Metals). On the side, a freelance metal smith/jewelry and sandwich maker and Jimmy Johns.
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    I want pretty much everything I see, but guuurl I ain't got no money.
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    Fight Club, V for Vendetta, The Last Unicorn, Rocky Horror Pciture Show, Shawshank Redemption,
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    Florence and the Machine, Regina Spektor, The Fratellis, mewithoutyou, Beyonce
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    Harry Potter, When Women Were Warriors, Pathfinder Core Rulebook,
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    LUSH, Kat Von D, Urban Decay, Benefit, Stilla, Hard Candy, Too Faced, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Harvey Prince, Haus of Gloi, Moody Sisters, Origins,

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  1. I just signed up for Bircbox today! I have a free month on my other sub which costs more, so by my math, I'm saving money! I also signed up because of the $10 of free points and two bonus samples code. Ipsy really let me down, so I'm hoping Birchbox will be better for the same price bracket. I'm mostly just planning on signing up, getting a month or two of points, and putting them towards something nice, like the beauty blender duo. I may stick around if I really like it though. What's all this PYS stuff though? Pick your samples? Are we supposed to be getting an email? I probably wont since I signed up so late. Wow, awfully hectic for not even being February yet. Birchboxies have a lively time, huh?
  2. I sent an email to customer service about this. I'll let you guys know the details of what the rewards actually are when I get a reply.
  3. By the time I subbd up, Starlooks was already making the new rewards program. But, because my birthday was also during the transition, I ended up with 500 points! The biggest rewards are 250, so I'm pretty excited about spending these points. I am a little confused about how the rewards work. They're rather... nondescript. Like, does 50% off mean off one item or off my entire order? And, what the heck is up with the 3 month loyalty, birthday, and referral rewards? What does that mean? If none of you ladies know, I'll just have to send an email to customer service.
  4. I got Alpha Sapphire, and I've been taking it much more slowly than I usually take Pokemon games. My average is like 2-3 days before I've stomped the Elite Four, but I got it on release and still haven't beat it. I think I feel less pressured to because it's a remake. Don't get me wrong, I love it! I've been waiting for this game since they did Heart Gold/Soul Silver, but it's nice to just take it easy on this one. I probably only play a few hours every now and then.
  5. I got Dragon Age Inquisition on release and was on my fourth file by the second week of having it. I destroyed that game and managed to get decent grades. -pats self on back- I took a break for basically the whole month of December because I made myself sick of it haha. I'll be back soon though... soon. Also got the newest Pokemon game (Sapphire, whoop whoop!), and Bravely Default. Loving BD. It's got the classic job system from FFIII, with less shallow characters and WAY better graphics. It's going to take me forever to beat it because I'm obsessed with maxing out Jobs. The Bae got a copy of Metro 2023 Last Light and The Last of Us from me for Christmas. I'm probably going to start The Last of Us while he plays M2023. I'm making the most of this break before school, dammit!
  6. The New Year Resolutions are off to a good start! It is also only the first week....

  7. ALRIGHTY. Thanks for staying tuned. The reveal is here. Strap in, people. This is going to be a long one. (Also, please note that these are not in perfect order of which one was opened first.) To start off, I'd like to thank my benevolent and generous Secret Santa. Words cannot express how grateful I am for all the wonderful gifts you gave me @@TooMuchElectric , this was truly a special gift and I will treasure every item given to me. PART 1
  8. I've always loved nail art and pretty polishes, but my nails have always been terrible and I've always had to participate in activities for art school that made nail polish completely pointless since it would get dinged within a day. This year, however, I've decided to put all those excuses aside and bring myself into the world of pretty nails, even if I have to drag myself there. So, I thought I'd come here and get some tips from the nail enthusiast of MUT, because the nail scene is pretty daunting for someone who wears nail polish maybe once a year. What advice would you offer someone who is complete beginner at nail care and art? What start up products would you recommend for a nail arsenal to be reckoned with? What colors of nail polish are the staples of nail art? What's the word on press on nails/acrylic extensions/nail strips? How do you get a smooth application? HOW THE HECK DO YOU PAINT THE OTHER HAND??!?
  9. @@Sakura83 Yay! I'm so glad you liked your gift! It was super fun shopping for you, you have impeccable taste. I'm glad you liked my little illustration cards as well. Oooh, let me know which rollerball you pick out of the perfume sampler. I was really curious about which one you'd end up going with. <3 <3 <3 I'm sorry to everyone for being so MIA. I went to California for Christmas, and didn't really have time to get online and post my reveal. I'd especially like to apologize to my wonderful Secret Santa @@TooMuchElectric , because the amazing package you sent me deserves a reveal! I will be posting up my reveal tomorrow. Got a new phone and I need to transfer pics over and all that jazz before I can get them all uploaded. Stay tuned!!!
  10. The people on this website are so stinkin' nice, it's unreal. <3

  11. @@TheSilverNail The roll on is a spot treatment, so I can get why it's would smell kind of medicinal. I think it smells lovely, but I really like pure essential oil scents. It diminished my blemishes overnight, I love it. edit: Whoops, just saw that you meant the Cleo roll on! Sorry about that. Scents that are too strong are a bummer. Did anyone else get Wonder woman? Because I tried that dual concealer, and I LOVE IT. I'm pretty dedicated to my glamoflage, but this stuff is great for under eyes and getting pimples that keep trying to steal the spotlight through my makeup. But wow, $32 dollars for it? Yeeesh!
  12. I GOT MY FIRST BOXES TODAY, and I think the contents are great, especially the Empress's Secrets!
  13. No tracking on elfster yet on my end. I'm really hoping that it got out yesterday or today because I'm leaving for California on the 23rd and it'll be so agonizing if I have to wait until the 29th when I get back to open up my box! lol

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