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  1. @@crazysweet @@Jane George What about facial masks girls?! Do you use them often, or are they not something you use for dryness? I simply like the feeling of them, so I wouldn't know... Sorry to be asking silly questions, I would think they'd feel nice for dry skin but I really don't know...
  2. Unfortunately i didn't get that box because I don't suffer from dry skin myself! Snail is a good idea though - I have a big tub of snail honey stuff from the first honey box that i've been using for months now and I'm barely halfway through it xD I'll bring it along! Thank you! Ooh I'll bring the mangchee along too - I want to try ALLLL the moisturisers on him, bwahahaha What box was the ampoule from? It doesn't ring a bell for me and googling it doesn't come up D:
  3. Going on a five day trip with my boything tomorrow! I'm bringing the Dermalift, the Cleomee Donkey LOtion and the Bounce Cheese Cream to try on his really dry skin... Anything else girls? I'm thinking some masks and also the Secret Key Intense Cooling Pack because he seemed to like that when I tried it on him once..? A few weeks ago I gave him one of my random memebox moisturisers and he said it didn't feel moisturising enough, so hit me with your best! Thanks in advance girls! xD
  4. @@biancardi xDDD yeah we've only been dating for a bit over a month so i call him boything. ^^ maybe if he's good he'll be upgraded to boyhuman, hehe. I think if the eye cream gets some good reviews I'd cave in and buy CPM4... currently I'm using two memebox eye creams and neither are really doing anything though x: My dark circles are insanely stubborn!
  5. such a shame x: i guess it doesn't influence her youtube career or anything, but still... i feel like i'd be at least a little bit embarrassed if I made a thing that normally sells out very quickly and it didn't sell out for... well, months....
  6. ooooh yes I was thinking about gifting him the cleomee donkey oil because i actually can't bear the scent of it x: but then i'd have to smell it when i'm with him so i ended up deciding against that... i bought the wine and cheese box for just the bounce cheese cream and i still haven't opened it because i go through my moisturisers so slowly T___T gar
  7. okay i've finally caught up with the thread! MEMEBOX FOMO IS DEFINITELY REAL. IF I DIDN'T HAVE SUCH A BAD CASE OF FOMO IN GENERAL, I WOULDN'T HAVE SO MANY BOXES. XD CPM4... "CutiePieMarzia is back" but she never left... she was always with us through CPM2.. :K I don't know, I think the box is quite average, I'm surprised she even agreed to another collab... is she actually unaware of what happened with CPM2...?
  8. thanks everyone for replying! @ you make it sound amazing! my skin rarely ever gets dry but my current boything has very very dry skin so i like to moisturise his face for him with random meme products =D i guess i'll have to try the dermalift on him next! while i'm at it... do you guys also have a meme products to recommend for someone with acne? i'm really trying to get rid of my stash by gifting it to friends but i don't pay nearly enough attention to skin problems that aren't similar to mine, haha @[email protected]
  9. oh my gosh these forums move too fast for me! xD everyone raving about the dermalift in the sampler kit 2 (sorry to bring it up again btw!) - what makes the dermalift so good? i have some from the global 18 but I should finish my current moisturiser before trying it out DX
  10. thank you! i've been wanting a restock of that one ever since it sold out xD
  11. Yay review points! c: Yay $23 boxes! Maybe without these things their sales were actually getting impacted..? DX
  12. WE ARE APPROACHING 2000 PAGES! i've been a good girl and not buying anything because of the exchange rate xD that and i'm actually too broke for boxes hahaha T_T still lurking though girls c:
  13. Memebox Christmas Collection #2 My Holiday Glam Memebox Christmas Collection #1 Stress Free Holiday
  14. Memebox Global #18 Memebox Christmas Collection #4 K Beauty Wrap Up 2

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