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  1. Wow girl you are beautiful and your skin looks so flawless!
  2. Walking, hiking, biking, any outdoor activity I'm loving and volleyball is always fun and I get so much exercise without even thinking about it! Also doing the June Ab Challenge right now.
  3. I decided to do an all drugstore eye makeup look today. I do have high end makeup but mostly I use drugstore because it's so much cheaper and if you use it right it can be just as great as high end. Sorry for the quality of the pictures I was using my phone. Products I used. HiP Metallic Eye Shadow Duo in Platinum 906 Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in 001 Black Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Mascara in 101 black All of the brushes I used were ELF and also the eye lash curler and eye shadow primer Also when I previewed this it cut off like 1/4 of the picture but you get the idea
  4. A really cheap concealer that I love is the Hard Candy Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer. I use a concealer brush with just a tiny and I mean tiny amount of this right on the spot and dab it until it settles in and then I take any setting powder and dab a little on the spot and buff it around the area (not directly on the spot because it may rub it off) a bit so it's blends in completely with the skin. I've done it for my husband a couple times and it doesn't show AT ALL!
  5. Like everyone else has said, you should do it for you not anyone else. You will find someone when it's the right time and they will love you for YOU, whether you wear tons of makeup or none at all. Plus you don't know if men aren't noticing you, it may look that way to you but they might be thinking wow look at her! If you like wearing makeup and dressing up do it to make yourself feel more beautiful and if one day you don't feel like doing anything at all just don't do it.
  6. @@lyncaf Thank you for the suggestion, I'll check it out.
  7. It obviously isn't as good for your skin as not wearing any but i feel your pain on feeling like you can't even go out of the house without makeup on. I use to be the same way but now I realize that if I have some acne on my face or a few scars is it really that big of a deal? I wear makeup because I like doing it and it makes me feel better about myself, not to impress anyone else. Maybe just try doing less and less foundation and then maybe switch to just a concealer, that helped my skin out a lot! Just remember you are beautiful with or without makeup!
  8. You're gorgeous and YES go for it!
  9. Looking for some people to follow on Instagram
  10. I know this will sound weird since your having problems with your makeup looking powdery but have you ever tried a powder foundation? Right now I've been using the Maybelline Baby Skin instant pore eraser primer and then I use the Ulta Mineral powder foundation over it and it looks sooo natural but gives a good amount of coverage. Also if you think it looks powdery you could try a makeup setting spray when you are done putting on your foundation..
  11. I'm loving Maybelline Baby Skin primer right now under my Ulta Mineral Powder Foundation. I have BareMinerals but the Ulta Powder I honestly think is sooo much better! Very breathable in the summer and on a super hot day I only have to use one blotting paper in the middle of the day and it stays on very very well!
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