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  1. Hey! I've already swapped mine, but I'm sure there are others who would prefer the plain black bag! Good luck!
  2. I found someone to swap with (for the sailor stripe), so it's all good! This was a nice box--though I now have three backup charger things from different subscription boxes!! It is funny that things I really wanted before but never had, like extra earbuds and these chargers, I now have too many of! Oh well
  3. I got the Baggu Duck Bag in leopard print, and would love to swap for a different pattern!
  4. Mine arrived today! I've been wanting one of Baggu's Duck Bags for a while, but I hate the print I got (leopard).
  5. Here is the wording of the email from the CS rep: The new system of the PLAY! boxes is not in effect until August and the July box should not be affected. Sometime this month emails will be sent out with a questionnaire to find each client's preference. To me, that definitely makes it seem like there are no oily/dry skin boxes for July and that only one box will be sent out this month, and then the 2-box system will start in August. ETA: Others are speculating that there will still be 2 July boxes but that they will not be sent out according to preferences, and that system won't start until August. I guess we'll see!
  6. I read on reddit that someone emailed Sephora about the normal/oily boxes, and the CS rep said that that wouldn't be going into effect until the August box.
  7. I have been waiting to make a final purchase until I get my last 50 points, and now it looks like they have discontinued all discount codes. So instead of spending $35 (after points and discount), I'm pretty sure I'm going to spend 0. So irritated right now...
  8. I could see a hat rather than sunglasses, since there were sunglasses in last June's box and in the CFDA box.
  9. I think she is talking about the advertisement for the promotional code--it stated that your subscription would start with the May box if you used the discount code.
  10. My box arrived, and I did receive the May box. I think there was definitely something weird with their computer and inventory systems that honored older, inactive subs before new subs.
  11. I've seen some posts on reddit from people who also subscribed late in the month. It looks like what happened was older subs were honored before new ones, even if the older ones had been canceled before April. I've subbed off and on for the past year or so. The box should arrive Monday, so I'll know for sure then.
  12. So I subscribed on April 28, and I just got a shipping notification email! I hadn't gotten around to contacting CS about the status of my subscription since I am in the middle of a move, and was also curious to see if they'd actually reach out on their own. I will update once I receive the box and see whether it is actually May's box...
  13. That would be neat, but I'd be surprised if they included one since they were in both of the PopSugar Target boxes. I am excited about a fitness item, though! I would love a hydration belt!
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