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  1. Hey alidolly, I'm going to setup an ebay shop soon and I will include those masks. Haven't thought about the exact setup yet but I think it'll be more like nakedboxes. I'll pm you with more info if you like?
  2. Hey everyone, haven't been on for a while but given that I know LOTS of you love the Missha Time Revolution the First Treatment Essence, thought I'd share. Roseroseshop currently has a really good sale on it (although I'm not 100% certain that it's the same one that you all love): http://www.roseroseshop.com/en/super-sale-zone/1205-missha.html
  3. @@blinded, I know what you mean. Although I seriously think they are just not caught when there is no french/english on the items.
  4. @@blinded, I believe if the items are made at the local facilities, then I think you can get away with it but all imported items that are sold here must have both languages. And most Asian grocery stores I've been to seem to follow that rule (based on the items available that is).
  5. @@moosie, no problem. I know what you and @@MissJexie, is speaking of. I actually was with memebox from mid Feb last year so I joined on the bandwagon pretty early, lol. I was also actually referring to earlier box items as well because I was so new to korean cosmetics and I wanted to see how much items actually cost, I just look at the item that I'm interested and went to the website that was on the item boxes. Most of the time, they did list the same prize. Of course, the price was always ridiculously high! I think for anyone that want to look at any value and see if companys put retail prices, just go the brand's own websites (even if it's in korean) and you'll be able to find it. That's what I do when I need an excuse to buy korean items from other stores, always saying it's a great deal! lol.
  6. hello, I initially wasn't going to comment and as much as I agree with everyone else that most companys put retail prices, I must say that memebox does that as well. I'm not a big fan of memebox after all they've done to their customers; however, there wasn't a time in which I've checked the actual price for memebox was there a difference. of course, I don't check that often but when I do, I do see the same price. I don't buy from beauteque and I'm not stating it to be true for every item they list, but a quick search in comparing memebox and beauteque prices for holika holika items, beauteque inflated their value slightly: http://www.beauteque.com/look-back-head-to-toe-usa/ (beauteque price for the shower gel) http://www.holikaholika.ca/products/body-care/aloe-92-shower-gel/ (actual holika pricing for same item) http://us.memebox.com/usa-shop/aqua-max-ultra-moisture-cream (memebox pricing for cream) http://www.holikaholika.ca/products/cream/aqua-max-moisture-cream/ (holika pricing)
  7. No, I use it as my day cream and it certainly helps with redness. I love this because it brightens my complexion and it not too oily for my t-zone. I don't use it right now, since it's not hydrating enough for the cold weather right now. But it's perfect for summer!
  8. Question, can someone tell me the expiration date for the memebox eye liners? Thanks!
  9. wow, thanks @@MissJexie, Now I'm concerned about receiving things from RRS... I really hope those are just isolated incidents and not much more!
  10. Secret Key Snow White cream Dear by Enparni Cheese Cream Dr.G gel cream for Oily Skin Benton Snail Bee Essence (same as @biancardi) Innerface Shy Blossom Soothing Serum Secret Nature from Jeju Serum Secret Key Racoon Eye & Spot Treatment Masks Pure Smile Milk Essence Sheet Masks Recipe by Nature Green Tea Oil Cleanser Recipe by Nature Lemon Slowganic Cleanser Recipe by Nature Trouble Down Clay Down Mask Secret Key Lemon Peeling Gel Mustaev eye shadows Banila Co black gel eye liner (pot) Dr. G Young Bling Bling BB cream DD'ell Strawberry Sweet Obsession Lip Balm Edit: I have sensitive dry cheeks and oily t-zone
  11. @@avarier, if you do end up making a trip to richmond, don't forget to go to Osaka supermarket, it's owned by T& T market and it's right beside Aberdeen center too. They have similar stuff and H mart is on the opposite side of Dasio, which has lots of k-beauty things too.
  12. @@sam356, the no frills I saw was at centre point, beside the target. Actually, if you want MBD masks, they are pretty much in every super market that others and I have mentioned. The no frills ones wasn't cheap. I think the cheapest ones I've seen is either from Foody mart or T&T market.
  13. @@biancardi, I agree that the US shop currently is horrid; however, given that memebox is removing global and making a US only site, I really don't see them re-merging with global again, if they ever do decide to move back that way. i understand shipping is easy to the US, like what @@Alidolly, indicated and I think that is why they don't want to continue with int'l because cost is too high with the current model.
  14. I presume right now they want to focus on US only and then if sales are not good enough, I think they might just start a new memebox global, whereby US, China and Korea will still have their own sites.
  15. @@sam356, along side the stores that others have already mentioned, various h marts have Korean beauty items, foody mart has both Japanese & Korean items. Pacific mall might be far but they have the most: missha, tonymoly, face shop, it's skin, holika holika a general k beauty store that has skin food, banila co, and another has some etude house. There's also this independent supermarket called seasons that has purederm ampoule mask packs. Oh and interesting enough, I saw mbd masks at no frills in the pharmacy section!!! So, there are lots to pick from. The faceshop is pretty much everywhere in TO.
  16. Wow, I'm just in shock that they decided and let customers know in such a short notice? And I never received such an email, only US emails...except I'm in Canada. They could have at least have the decency to let their international customers know one month in advance. This way, payout could have been completed and used up if wanted to. I'm just curious how they will actually do after removing all the other countries?
  17. I second that! I didn't buy the milk bag, but I bought the milk toner & lip balm from roserose since lots of you seem to love them! Can't wait to receive them.
  18. Um, I'm thinking maybe @@cfisher, is in the process of moving? I recall her saying she plan to move soon to ny. Let’s hope she'll pop by here sometime soon to give us an update. I just caved and bought both new sets, tea & glowing skin. I missed the first tea so was very happy to see the 2nd version. Glowing isnt terrific but I love the secret nature serum. The rest of the box is just bonus.
  19. You might also want to try using Aloe soothing gel and nothing else. It has great healing properties.
  20. Thanks everyone!!! That's good to know about the dates. As much as I like mil products, I think I'm going off on it, as the only thing that I really want to try is the toner. But I certainly agree that this is a really well curated bag!
  21. I hope for their sake that they won't increase the prices for the old boxes because that will just be the final straw for a lot more people. I actually found that email funny after all we've talked about lately. I'm curious to see how well the 'event' will actually out.
  22. Hi! It seems like we've all moved here now! I need help! I've been eyeing the milk bag for so long now but I'm not sure if I should get it, especially since I bought the skinfood steam milk series from roserose shop recently. Do you guys think its worth it to pay $40 cdn for it? How are the expiration dates for those products? THanks!!
  23. finally got my missing eye shadow and winter mask box, but like most people, patting water leaked. My interest and faith in memebox has decreased so much that I don't even want to send in an email about the leak to get some points back. finally used my 12 pts on the fun ingredient box and now I feel like I can move on. Been buying more from roserose and looking at beauteque and 3b. I'm actually quite excited to move away from memebox and discover what other sites have to offer!
  24. Question, did any Australia ladies here buy the winter box when it first came out? And if so, did it arrive yet? I bought one for my aunt and I can't track it anywhere, the last known was left korea on Dec 26th...? THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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