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  1. Does anybody have any whitening/brightening recommendations (any type of item) that I can buy from rrs? I'm about to buy a haul and when I was reviewing what I have.. I don't really have any products for brightening my skin! Also, are there any good spot treatments available from rrs? I've got ciracle red spot (which doesn't really help an actual blemish, just redness), one from mizon that is meh, and a shara shara one that never made a difference. I've seen the pink powders and such, but I don't have any experience to know if they're very good. I keep looking at my bottle of seabreeze because I miss having an actual astringent for problem acne.. but I want to be good and stick to korean items.
  2. That's how I was hoping I could use it! thanks! added it to my shopping cart
  3. @@biancardi do you spray the toner on your face or spray it on a cotton pad first? I'm not fond of things I have to spray on, but I really want to try this!
  4. http://www.unique4u.net/index.html They have some realy good deals if you buy a set, free shipping, and 10% off code.
  5. I saw face masks (individual) for sale at sephora today... they were actually sephora brand items and were $8 EACH! Wow. Tempted to leave a post it directing people to buy MBD diary masks across the street, where they come to just about $1 each and are GOOD!
  6. Ooh, okay! Thanks! That's helpful information to know!
  7. Regarding face oils (argan oil and such), how do you incorporate them into your routine? I found an affordable argan oil at the store today and I bought it on a whim. I've been really wanting to try an oil for a while now. Is it something that goes better at the beginning or end of routine? I was assuming beginning, but thought I'd consult the experts first Also, does anybody mix an oil with another product? I don't need a ton of moisture. My skin does NOT absorb quickly at all. I felt the need to put one and try it in my routine after reading the skin and tonic article repairing the moisture barrier. I was thinking I'd experiment and try it alone and then maybe mix it with an essence.
  8. ugh. I always read about these magical TJMAXX locations on beauty blogs that make claims of awesome makeup finds and such for cheap... but I swear my local one has nothing except for opened and swatched makeup I've been debating ordering that. Just doesn't really appeal to me.. the word lotion sounds uncomfortable on my face. Are the steam cream and lotion meant to be used one after the other? I really love the steam cream, even though I also find it strangely thick and I don't really care for using much after it. I hate going to bed feeling like I'm sticky.
  9. which scent did you get? I've been looking at those
  10. It does! Takes about 2 days for me. They ship from right across the border. Not bad at all since it has to pass through customs!
  11. My favorite products are the colourpop lippies! Just gorgeous and last all day..
  12. Making less means selling out quicker.. which created the mentality everybody here experienced: I MUST buy it NOW before it sells out! .. they could very well be using this psychology to start catching customers.
  13. You should explore korean BB creams. They tend to be on the fair spectrum. They don't get much darker than medium colors.
  14. I wouldn't feel bad at all about returning the makeup. It doesn't work for you, so don't keep it. I felt really bad the first time I returned a foundation (unused, I found something else I'd been looking for later the same day). The people at the register won't even care, I'm sure lots of people do it anyway. Do you have a good skincare routine? You definitely want to make sure your face is free of whatever irritated it and thoroughly clean.
  15. my skin is normally really sensitive to exfoliating too. I do use an exfoliating cotton pad when I use my toner now and it doesn't bother me much.

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