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  1. Thank moringa toner is epic! it smells so good and feels like heaven on your skin
  2. Merry Christmas everyone! and for those already on the 26th.. happy Second Christmas day!! We don't have boxing day here.. keeping the decor until the first of Jan! Also the dutch have a secret third Christmas day, we call it a relax day or we use that day to visit family who we couldn't visit etc on the first or second day. Sounds great ey feel free to celebrate the Second day of Christmas and the Third day of Christmas too:D
  3. Lol I love the pumpkin box but that's not a surprise at all for me.. because pumpkins are amazing and just amazing! So a box of pumpkin cosmetics is just epic The other box is a sad way showing thier anniversary with the previous product. But memebox keeps dissapointing us so also not a big surprise haha
  4. hahha yeah I was already worried I might not be addicted anymore! Genie advised me to buy those boxes so I did
  5. I'VE BOUGHT 2 MEMEBOXES AAAAAAAAAAH! It's been sooooo long ago since I've done that! I've got the Cleanse & Tone and Oh! My Lips for only $4.98
  6. I didn't got any of these set, wanted the secret key but then I thought same as last time they said free shipping on a special shop set and then I got a $29 customs bill
  7. @eugiegenie Maybe it was a mistake, maybe it was a gift or maybe it was a review gift and they hope you review it so they can sell hope girl better? just a thought not sure if it's the right one. Edit* I quite love their products so enjoy!!
  8. When will we get new boxes or will we have to buy the cutiepie box forever?
  9. omg that candle looks so cute!! Wanna make some candles too now totally inspired at 1 am xD
  10. Girls a question.. 100% = true love for memebox 0% = no love for memebox On how much % are you? Because I'm loosing the love quite much these days
  11. Girls remember if you have a high balance to request a withdrawal because tomorrow is December 1st!
  12. Lol I'll never spend 57 memepoints on a box that costs $29,99 (ship incl) haha
  13. The only box I would Like double is the foot therapy, because I love foot peel masks, I love foot scrubs, I love that oil (not only for foot or cource) The foot spray, have you ever smelt my feet in winter xD lol and the rest is exytra bonus and just great products... so thinking of getting that box for free if I got nothing better to do with my 57 memepoints growing weeds.

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