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    Modeling, Makeup Artistry, Wardrobe Artistry, Theater, Acting, Preforming....I do lots of various events and enjoy theatrical makeup.


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    <p>I'm chaotic. I freelance model under the name Amber Araneae and am constantly teaching myself new makeup artistry technique and am also a wardrobe designer. I love costumes, and costumed events. I also do adventure races and Aerial gymnastics (silks, rope and trapeze). I am a Hooper and love to go hiking and camping. I attend and staff anime and comic conventions and am going to school for biochemistry. I can be a girly girl, or a total tomboy and that is perfect for me.</p>
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    I do beauty sub un-boxings and Influenster! Please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtlb6YKw0NMEa3xCgKkvIkQ
  1. Ooh I like your idea for setting spray! I would LOVE that! I would also love (although I am sure others might find the repeat boring) more of the makeup remover because I love it and ran out lol. I am always down for lippies, and blushes. maybe an eyelid primer? Oh and ANY Gem liner pencil....(although I say that fully knowing that I have a high chance of dupes haha)
  2. Mine was scanned in on Sat too. Its so weird that I get Aromaleigh orders so fast when other East Coast companies take much longer, but I am certainly not complaining! haha. Today I just HAD to put everything from this sub on my face. I did not put on the extra blush sample but GAH, everything is so pretty!!!
  3. Also the fact that I live in OREGON and got mine today...is phenomenal. The lip paint I put on before dinner and didn't budge while eating chicken Alfredo, salad and bread. Color me impressed as I have never tried DreamWorld Hermatica's lip products before. It feels very similar to NM lipcrafts but it just might have a longer wear.
  4. This sub so far exceeded my expectations that I have been dancing around like a overly caffeinated squirrel...(even if my mail didn't show up till 5pm! *grumble grumble*) Seriously, beautiful colors, beautiful design, excellent value and quality products. Thank you "first day of winter classes" present in the mail! I can't wait for next month!!!
  5. I LOVE Notoriously Morbid. 4-5 eyeshadows and the occasional lip product with great horror themes? YES. Serious favorite (tied with GDE) I+TA I like overall but I have a serious dislike for clamshell samples (but she really DOES pack them full!) Its fully a personal issue as her eyeshadows are lovely and she normally gives a lot of samples from other indie companies (Including perfumes sometimes). If you are all about discovering new companies, this sub is GREAT! Also if you like Anime its perfect. Overall, Great sub, but I might be dropping it soon just because I am swimming in makeup lately and Horror subs (like NM will win over Anime for me) GDE OTM, if you can get them, they are awesome! WELL worth the money and super cute. I've been really lucky as I have been getting them consecutively since Sept but it is a serious blood bath on release day and they can go up at random times. I have not tried for the Hello Waffle sub, nothing personal, I am just not a cat person and I would rather the cat people have first dibs for a sub they will enjoy more than I will I am SO excited for Aromaleigh!!!!! Like seriously, I'm freaking out. Its gonna be awesome and I know it. I love their products and cant wait for a sub.
  6. Same...and its driving me insane because my face is in it. That sounds kinda brag-y but I don't mean it to be, I'm just really really excited! haha It will be worth it! I know it will be!
  7. SO PRETTY! Thank you for sharing! I am such a sucker for Green/Purple/Aquas <3
  8. Today I put on "No More a Witch" and /ded I LOVE this duochrome!!! *Permanent collection in case anyone was curious* gorgeous green shift and smokes out black.
  9. I so badly want to see some spoilers for the Murder of Crows set! Mine was projected to process today but via FB this evening they are saying they are about 1-2 days behind on processing so I don't expect it to ship till early next week. Not a big deal to me. I don't mind waiting a bit for items I know I am going to love!
  10. Yup, I got one, It took 36 min of me refreshing to finally get through but I am ecstatic! It makes me really sad to hear that she is having issues on Reddit I vaguely remember there being an issue a while back with Aromaleigh but it didn't stop me from trying the products and falling in absolute love with them and her Customer Service. I'm fully about giving indies a second chance if they work hard and prove themselves. So despite whatever happened in the past, I have never had a bad experience and have only had amazing and great experiences! I will fully support this brand and pass along the recommendation to anyone who is interested! *I am SO excited for this sub!!!*
  11. Same here! And to everyone who noticed I was on the card this month, YAY! Thank You!!! I'm super excited to get mine still! <3 <3 Its so weird and awesome to see yourself in a sub like this!
  12. HOLY MOTHER OF EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER WANTED (but not needed lol) !!!!!!! Looks like I may need to make my first Tilt/Shift purchase SOON! MUST.OWN.ALL. Ok....fangirl moment over.... (I seriously go to comic conventions just for classic X-files comics, I'm THAT nerdy....)
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