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    <p>I'm a Mummy of 2 little boys and currently on Mat Leave, considering making it an endless Mat Leave.</p>
    <p>After a really rough day I love getting online and looking at all the awesome blogs and then shopping.</p>
    <p>I have also noticed that the emails from Memebox about their new arrivals always seem to come out when I'm up during the night with one of the kids........... suspicious!</p>
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    Mummy of 2
    Return to HR/Payroll job pending (the will to return is non-existent)
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    Tony Moly Face Mists
    Eyeliner that auto applies itself perfectly
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    VW Golf
    BMW X3
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    How to Train your Dragon 1 & 2 (my eldest son's fault)
    Prince of Persia
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    Bloodlines Series
    Wicked Lovely Series
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    Tony Moly
    Haus of Gloi
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    In my profile picture I'm having a Fish Spa for the very first time. There was LOTS of squealing. Also My husband is in real estate so I'm pretty much a single Mum
  1. I have an off this topic question for you Ladies. Do you bother writing and posting your reviews if you received the boxes quite awhile ago? I've been rather ill and have a number of them written but haven't posted anything for a few weeks as I spent most of that time in the bathroom (having a 3rd baby because apparently I'm nuts!) And I just wanted some advice on whether I should scrap them and only post the recent stuff or pretty much spam them out until I'm up to date? Also @@biancardi your ingredients lists are amazing and I have no idea how you manage to get that info! Edited for terrible spelling!
  2. @@Zaralis that's funny because I'm in Australia as well but most of my views are international. Funny how people find you... I'm not a part of the programs but I also enjoy getting review points when I submit posts (atm well delayed) and oddly enough I actually get a kick out of hearing when you guys get free boxes or products. Perhaps subconsciously I already know I have too many Meme products
  3. I didn't see it in there so I posted anyway. Thanks for posting that picture from IG though. It's a bit nicer than mine!
  4. Luckybox #10 arrived at my place today. Sorry if this has already been done but I couldn't see them.
  5. Has anyone posted pictures of Lucky box 10 yet? I can post them in spoilers but don't want to if everyone has already seen them :-)
  6. I'm never a no-buy more like a just hold out until the new codes kick in lol Anything to justify it right
  7. Thank you! It was the only thing in there like it. Most of the others were 2016 expiry. I'm fairly happy with how today has gone lol 4 boxes in one day is pretty good. Plus the 3 regular boxes had all full size items in them anyway! Now to hide them all....
  8. Also the I'm actually getting a chance to look at them now!
  9. Perhaps someone can answer this for me. I remember reading about expiry dates on Korean cosmetics and I'm not so sure that the little eyeliner I just got is still in date. I opened it and it was cracked. I've taken a picture of the date on it but I'm guessing that's a manufacture date? But it's also got the little 6M symbol on it which is making me think I shouldn't be putting it around my eyes... Should I be emailing Memebox? I haven't had any problems previously with any products so maybe mine was special and everyone else's will be fine?
  10. The Wakeup makeup box is mini. I had no idea what it was initially. I'd say it was safer to tetris them all into a mini box than it would be to tissue paper them into a bigger size.
  11. I was wrong. It was Honey 2 and Wakeup Makeup. Will have to check when my mask box is coming now... I was so sure I bought them together. Quick photos. Will come back soon for discussion lol First picture didn't attach :-)
  12. Glad to see I wasn't the only one expecting it then!
  13. Heads up 2 more boxes just arrived. I'll post pictures of those after I convince my 3 year old to eat his lunch and go for a sleep! Think they might be honey 2 and mask 5?

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