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  1. I didn't realize this until just a bit ago, but Memebox is part of Skimlinks. As in, I joined Skimlinks (it's like Rakuten but it catches links you've forgotten to make affiliate links and gives you commissions for those sales), put some widget or code on my blog (on self-hosted Wordpress it's a widget), and now when people click on links that I didn't bother to turn into Rakuten links and buy something, the blog gets a commission. I put a general affiliate link disclaimer on all of my blog's pages since even I don't know what's earning the blog a commission, but that was an easy fix. The commission rate seems to be something like 6.7%, so it's not bad at all and it saves me from feeling bad about being lazy. ahaha They have a low payment threshold and I usually just forget that it's there. I'm a fan.
  2. YAAAAAS! Seriously, that app is such a game-changer. And I really dig that blog that did the tutorial. huh I just visited the Memebox site and there's a new Botanic Farm Memebox. This is the first Memebox in some time that's called out to me...although I need another cleansing sherbet like a need a snail lodged in my head.
  3. Urgh--I soooo hear you--I had to do a lot of hunched-over typing with my iPad propped up so I could get ingredients out of that thing for a review. But as far as a reference while shopping or just glancing at things it's fab.
  4. @@Saffyra I'd contact Banila Co in English and ask about it. I did this with Blithe and they got right back to me on a weekend (!!!). OHHH WAITTT OMG get the Hwahae (화해) app! http://birdview.kr/ is the landing page and you can follow that to the app for your device. Once you have the app search for banilaco to find the brand (one word in this case). Then use the Korean keyboard (enable it in settings) and type 스틱 followed by enter. Scroll through and you'll see the photo of the stick after a bit--click that to see the full info page for it. If you click on the ingredients section (성분) you'll see the massive list of ingredients in both Korean AND in English. This app is a miracle. It has almost everything. I used it for ingredient lists when I received samples of things with no packaging. I think it's supported by the brands themselves? Or something. Here's a whole tutorial someone (not me) posted: http://lostinpretty.com/2015/04/how-to-check-korean-beauty-product-ingredients-on-hwahae/ I made an account and now I have folders with collections of products--I have a whole oil cleanser folder!
  5. Ha! I totally can't justify those prices. There are some gems in the shop, but 80% of the stuff...no. I was interested in the acne box, but it turned out to be $45. I was just like...NO. The problem is that one good acne product could be worth $45, but the Memebox of today isn't sourcing products like that anymore. Memebox does seem to slowly be getting its act together, but I think that they're going to be appealing to different consumers entirely--I saw a college student I follow on tumblr who knows nothing about kbeauty get a Memebox and thought "oh, this company isn't meant for us anymore--it's meant more for people who are getting started." And by getting started I mean, in some cases, getting started in makeup and skincare.
  6. I've been clicking over to the original posts when Memebox does an IG repost of gorgeous makeup using that palette and inevitably the look is created with 20 different high-end eye products and probably one swipe of the Nylon palette.
  7. It's so nice to see you!!! I'm so happy to be back. I mean, Memebox isn't exactly thrilling me these days, but I've always liked y'all. I'm still obsessed with the Memebrushes. I have multiples. I use them more than all of my other brushes combined. And my IOPE cushion is arriving at any minute--the 15% off code made the price insanely competitive. But the boxes? ... I'm just not feeling it, you know? It seems like a lot of the new Mememakeup prices hit levels verging on premium in the last few months. $29 for the Nylon palette...really? Like, I grabbed the UD Ammo palette for $16 and the bigger Smashbox holiday palette for $21 at the same time that the Nylon palette has been on offer for $29 (of course with discounts the price is lower, but still).
  8. Ohh I'm glad you mentioned that--I've been tempted by the concealer + brush set, but now I can feel good about letting it go.
  9. TesterKorea has been a nightmare recently. Someone on a facebook group I'm in had someone else's order sent to her and another person received half of their order. Another person on Reddit has been waiting a whole month for an order to ship. It's a good shop overall and the deals are great, but their infrastructure isn't made to deal with the volume of orders they're receiving.
  10. This is the most Canadian thing I've ever read in my life. ahahahhaha
  11. Here's what I received from Lauren about the procedure: 1. Withdraw all your commission by Feb. 19. You can do so by logging into your Memebox affiliate account and clicking "Withdrawals". 2. The commission will go to your account as meme points. If you don't want to spend them, no problem! Just leave them in there. 3. Fill out the form at https://docs.google.com/a/memebox.com/forms/d/1wplDDJAPoTzcfCuPHTZm4pvVgDqKGITqdw8Mib98vS4/viewform?c=0&w=1 ONCE if you still have unused points by Feb. 19. Form closes on Feb. 20 at midnight. 4. Your unused points will go to your PayPal as cash by the end of the month. I asked if people who have asked for a PayPal conversion will receive confirmations that their requests have been successfully recorded before the deadline and she said that, yeah, there would be a bunch of emails for stuff related to this that we will receive.
  12. What US-based kbeauty business people don't realize is how passionate and crazed fans are--have you ever heard of beauty bloggers and fans outside of kbeauty learning how to translate a completely new language just so they can understand ingredient lists that aren't provided to them? Or people turning a small online shop that happens to do proxy shopping into an overnight powerhouse because they want the best, latest stuff? And a dozen other powerful examples of the passion that means that without value or deadly perfect curation kbeauty fans can do better on their own, without Memebox USA. The best scenario for Memebox would be to be bought by a more competent company. The more likely scenario is that they are just the opening act for something lasting and well organized. The Myspace to Facebook. The loss of buzz and energy lately is astounding and nothing that I see coming out of California is as impressive as, say, Tester Korea's 30% off move (much as their handling time sucks these days). I want Memebox to succeed in the long run, but they seem to have little grasp of the mentality of their own consumers.
  13. OHHH! I hope you love it!!! It's seriously the best of the best for my skin (and I'm kind of a cream junkie).
  14. I have N15 skin. That stuff was so annoying to wear imo because it never really dries or sets on one's face--I felt like I had petroleum jelly all over my face. I actually just shuddered thinking about it. Shara Shara Aurora Highlighter is actually really beautiful and it actually dries, so it's not irritating to wear. The glow is really pretty and buildable--there's a pink color, too. It's $5.07 on KoreaDepart and I see it on a lot of swap boards.

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