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  1. Duuuude I'm jelly. Want that lip lube in purple...may end up just saving points for it at this point.
  2. Hey if anyone is still sitting on the fence about whether or not to try this sub out there is a free box code on their FB page!
  3. Ohhh they are sampling the new ruffian polishes this month. It was veery tempting to do the addon for it...luckily I haven't caved.
  4. Nope...third box is way too expensive...pass for me too.
  5. Yay!! Thanks for heads up on using the last months link!! Now I can stop hawking my emails and get back to work. I went for the fashionista box. I wanted that damn eyeliner for months now in silver. Hoping the conditioner is in a pump bottle and not a foil packet otherwise I will be disappointed. Everything else looks awesome in it too so looking forward to it.
  6. Honestly, I think a lot of the tactics was when you could gift yourself giftcards with points. They've kinda put the ban hammer down on that and the points cannot be used for giftcards. There's been a lot of upset MUTers over the change as that was a good way to rack up major points on one account. The other tactic is unsubbing, applying one of their promotional 'get 100 points for signing up' and resubbing, which for now seems to be working still? The only thing is I think PYS is probably one of the solutions they're trying to persuade people to stay subbed? *shrugs* Not sure if it's helping with that. It sure keeps things interesting...
  7. Hey I tried to jump the bandwagon and call this morning to see if they could reserve. They said they couldn't, sent me follow up email and said just reply if any issues once they open it up and they'll try to reserve me. She also did state that the email was looking to open up later on in the day...maybe early afternoon? Just so you guys don't sit on pins and needles, frantically pacing this morning. Go get yourself a cup of coffee and relax. She sounded like she had more info, but was reluctant to say anything. Stinks as I love a little bit of gossip. Also hoping to catch PinchMe as it sounds to be fantastic. I've had horrible luck with that so far...But hopefully they won't be at the same time so I can grab both in between working a hectic day at work...Fingers crossed!
  8. Oh goodness.... I'd probably pick the fashionista box. Even if I have 3 of the black eyeliners by Cynthia Rowely the everygirl box was so awesome Id be willing to chance it again.
  9. Lovepink - that's what I love about cs for Birchbox as they do a phenomenal job of fixing the issue. I'm probably a lifelong customer now...as long as they keep the points system/monthly box sub up.
  10. Oh my word... I'm so torn. The Liz Earle is tempting even though I have the sample, and the full size (because another cleansing cloth is a good thing) or that hair oil. I have a TON of hair oil, and the Liz Earle....ahhh I want to pick them both!!!
  11. Whomp, Whomp. Got a half up in brown and ANOTHER black Cynthia Rowely eyeliner. I have super short hair and I already had two of these same minis. Would of been thrilled with a silver one... Ah well...good thing it is a freebie...
  12. I really like color club and beauty protector, so please send all the unwanted stuff my way, bb. The only stuff I would never want to see in bb is pop beauty (I sent an email complaining when I got the lip gloss, letting them know that one of their other lip glosses from ipsy I had gotten had quality issues), and BaB anything (for same reason). Also I'm not really own over by pixie products...they're ok, but the only good thing was the tinted lip balm. I agree they should add an option to opt out of nail polish, as well as bath products. I take only showers as I've had issues taking baths with getting utis/ear infections the last few times I've tried. Not fun. Id love to see more benefit, tarte, it cosmetics, high end makeup brands like that. Modelco looks pretty nice too from the sample or two I've gotten. Cynthia Rowely. All this talk makes me think I need to update my profile with bb!!
  13. I want to say I feel the same about cs. Even if there have been numerous issues they have been excellent at fixing them and then some. I keep on telling myself I need to cancel to save money but I feel like they've bought my loyalty... Anyways I have a pick 2 coming Friday. Fingers crossed for a laqa in purple!!!
  14. Here's hoping for a 4 item pick 2!! Unfortunately I didn't add enough to get pick 2 for the first box...that's ok. Fingers crossed for a purple laqa.
  15. I went ahead and picked up a second set of the cew boxes. I had 200 points burning a hole in my pocket and couldn't pass up the offer. I wish they were doing the burts bees in assorted colors... I'm in the same boat and it will take awhile for me to work through my stash, but I keep on telling myself that it is economically a good buy. I now have more hair oils than I know what to do with though...lol
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