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  1. The Innisfree site/store currently has a bunch of events going on right now too. Buy 10 Skin Solution Masks, get 10 free (makes them $0.75 each). Buy 2 hand creams, get 2 free (comes out to $2.25 each). They have their Ampoule intense cushion with 2 refills on sale also for $34.00 which is comparable to even TK's 30% discount prices. Lots of sets/15th anniversary stuff with extras thrown in as well. They still have the shipping is reduced at $50 and free at $100 going on too.
  2. They said this in the email: "We regret to inform you that your Box #1 ship date had been postponed to December 12th due to box printing delay that is completely out of our control. We will ship your box out as soon as possible, and will inform you if the box can ship out before December 12th."
  3. Rereading this,and if I understand, it sounds like maybe she meant that the responses she got from her survery were limited, because it sounds like the other ladies who did the survey got to put in their own responses not something from a drop down...but I could be wrong?
  4. *high fives* Hope you got a bunch of really cool and wildly random stuff to try out!
  5. @@flushblush Well, I'm not sure what is meant by melting in other products, but from the description on the page on RRS, the melting comes from products in/on the mask melting from the temperature of your face so it can absorb into your skin. In comparison, I got the Oseque Melting Cleanser from Memebox and it's more of the melt gunk off your face thing (I guess). So I guess it just depends on the product.
  6. Well if that article that Leja linked holds true for the Elizavecca product, the spider part is actually just man-made silk proteins, if that makes you feel slightly better about it.
  7. New boxes: http://us.memebox.com/vip-exclusive/vip-promo
  8. @@CuriouslyAmanda Well, some boxes that are currently sold out (usually ones that have yet to ship) may come back in stock with super limited quantities, so check back on your wishlist or the page for the box, frequently. Also, sometimes the lovely ladies here will give notice in the "Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service" thread if they catch restocks. It's really on just how quick you can catch a restock, so good luck on getting something that you may have your eye on!
  9. My best guess is that this means it has at least left Korea, if wording is anything to go by (departure/dispatch #). Hopefully, it'll only take a few more days before someone scans and updates the tracking to where ever the next stop is at for the pink box trek (USPS is a hit or miss for me on consistent updates ). It seems to take 5 or so days for my slower orders from Korea and Japan to drift their way across the Pacific to Cali (according to the Departure/Arrival dates), so have some hope that your Memebox(es) are on their way to you and not just chilling in Incheon.
  10. Since someone mentioned DHL delivering on Monday and now I'm curious, are they gonna deliver on Labor Day? Cuz, it would be nice to get them a day sooner, but I'd feel bad for the poor delivery guy...
  11. http://us.memebox.com/vip-exclusive/only-vips has two boxes up right now. The berry one sounds like it could be good...
  12. aralosin

    Memebox Issues

    Every order I've had that goes through USPS has never needed a signature, whether they put it in the box or hand deliver it to me. It's been this way for maybe 5 or so boxes/packages in the last 2 months that I've recieved.
  13. This is a huge off-shoot in the current topics, but, just out of curiosity, have any of you read Memebox's Terms of Use page? It's kind of an eye opener in that all the stuff that we collectively dislike, such as misleading descriptions/labels, canceling orders, or not including products from spoilers/descriptions is talked about in it. Essentially, they can do all those things at their discretion, because they've stated them in the Terms and you agreed to them just by looking at the site. Though I wouldn't know how well this would hold up in a court and I am not a lawyer by any means, so I don't know the validity of the Terms/claims. This is not to say that I agree with their practices at all, very far from it. Actually, I'm just starting to understand the frustration of their crappy customer service with the sluggish compensation for a broken lotion from the Milk box. I get the feeling, like so many of you have stated, that they feel they can do whatever they want, damn the consequences, because they're quickly gaining popularity, and there will always be another person to shop through them and give them money. Very bad business practices for sure. Oh, also, if anyone wants to file this tidbit away for later, though I sincerely hope it never comes to that for any of us, Memebox is governed by California laws as far as any of these Terms go (and the site). So if you have trouble and need to go the legal route, you can look up what laws they have to follow or what action you might be able to take.
  14. aralosin

    Memebox Issues

    Well, I don't wanna be the bearer of bad news, but in all likelyhood, probably not. If the USPS system shows that the package was delivered, then they will go off of that information. Maybe the delivery person could remember if/where it got dropped off (if it was one box, a pink bubblewrapped package with Memebox should be hard to forget I would think) and that might shed some light on if it was misdelivered or stolen. If they can't remember, chances are, they'll just go off of what is in their system which will leave you right where you started. Is it possible for you to go into the local post office to talk to workers/delivery people directly? As for Memebox, their site specifically says under the Terms of Use, "We do not hold responsible for the delivery of merchandise once it has been delegated to a third party provider." which is their way of saying they wash their hands of stuff once it gets picked up by mail service. If you contact them they might give you points, but seeing as how many people on this part of MuT are having a problem with Memebox's CS and getting their points for missing/damaged stuff, it might be a long process. I'm sorry that you're having to deal with this problem and hopefully I'm utterly wrong and you get a replacement box or some good form of compensation for the trouble, or at the very least you find out what happened to the missing box.
  15. I just got my Hair & Body 3/Brightening Skin Care bundle delivered with no email notice and no update through the Memebox site. They really weren't kidding when they said the holiday might cause problems but having to rush to throw on more clothes because I wasn't expecting anything suuucks. I just hope my Superfood and K-beauty bundle will come on Monday and they don't have a system glitch like with fan-b's one box and I get stuck with regular mail, I'll be so pissed.

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