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  1. Just used mine yesterday and my skin had a couple spots this morning, which basically never happens to me. Not because I've always had great skin...I had horrible cystic acne in my 20's that literally came out of nowhere and required some hardcore meds and hormonal breakouts into my early 30's before a major surgery eliminated that issue. My point being, the Ettang Modeling Pack doesn't bother me at all. I was super excited there were Value Sets again and a few boxes I was actually interested in....then I saw the shopping cost and decided I really didn't NEED anything. I think back on the money I've spent since early summer, sometimes with 20+ boxes coming per month, and boy things have changed. Pretty sure I haven't purchased anything since the Christmas boxes. It's just not worth it any more if I'm only getting one or two items I'll use and paying a crazy amount of cash per box for that.
  2. Congratulations @@avarier, such an exciting time! I remember it....like it was a GAZILLION years ago. lol But I can honestly tell you it was one of the wonderful moments in my life that I look back and smile upon. Cherish every moment and always remember why you said YES. It's not always easy but with the right person it's always worth all the hard work. Wishing you the best.
  3. So where is everyone hanging out these days? Because this Meme thread is dead!
  4. Definitely excited for Global releases as they've become some of my favorites. Don't get me wrong, a few have totally sucked, but in general I'm always pleased with them. I definitely need to email Meme about the apple scrub. I have two now but I don't want to open them until I absolutely have to because I can't find them anywhere other than a site I am clueless how to order from. You actually made me search for Global #2 and see what it was about. I believe I found a Coffee Break with Dani YouTube video for it (I just love her and she's gorgeous!) as long as it's the one that includes a 3 pack of the Tea Tocs you love? That alone would make me think you would want another. Haha
  5. Woke up at 5am but didn't see anything, other than Soothing Sista, that was on my Meme Wishlist I put together. I suppose that's a good thing. @@biancardi - Finally (really) going through all the boxes I received in December and putting together a care package for you. I'm dying to get the Christmas decorations down and up in the attic but had a dozen pink boxes under the tree. As they came in I just kept throwing them under there as I had no where else to put them. I should have taken a photo, it was kind of cute! ETA: I also think it was you that mentioned the Daltokki Facial Scrub was harsh. My goodness, is it! Decided to try it in the shower this morning, desperately trying to put off opening my 5 Seeds Apple Scrub, making sure not to let and sit and my face is still on fire! This stuff is headed to the bin for sure.
  6. I have been insanely busy but I'm happy the business is growing by leaps and bounds!!! Have you purchased any of the recent boxes from the last week or so? I missed Night Care which was the one I really wanted looking at it now. Oh well, it's not like I don't have enough skincare items for the next year, plus some. I remember thinking how strange it was that someone would give their cat an injection every day that cost a bloody fortune but now that I'm older and have three rescues I can't imagine anything happening to....I get it. These little loves are my kids I couldn't have. Off to catch up on all the happy talk about new boxes. lol
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about this, always so sad, but my Aunt and Uncle where also in the same situation and gave their Cat insulin daily. I remember it was quite pricey though. This wasn't an issue for them but thinking back on it (and inflation) Im leaning towards my husband's uber pricey asthma meds that keep him breathing, even with insurance, are a little higher on my priority list. Call me selfish....but whatever you decide to do I wish you best. Such a hard thing when our pets are like family....ours are (literally) our babies and I can't imagine being without them. On a MemeNote, I haven't purchased any of the new boxes even though I've kind of wanted to. I've picked up a new (old) hobby and have been throwing exorbitant amounts of money into that while being away and trying to pay attention to my husband more. After 10 years I'm thinking he probably deserves it.
  8. Im of the same mindset. Although I find it extremely moisturizing and it absorbs quickly, I cant find anything else remarkable about it and wouldnt buy it again. Even though I'm curious about the Grinif Set I cant justify the price when I'm not thrilled about the eye cream. @@LisaLeah -I do believe it helps a bit with pufffiness but I wouldnt buy it exclusively for this reason. I just dont feel the product is THAT amazing even though I do like it.
  9. @@TheSilverNail - the Grinif Eye Cream, do you feel it's doing anything for you? Ive been using it since it arrived and although i love the scent im just not certain that its doing anything other than moisturizing. Generally im pretty happy with Grinif products but this one im not thrilled with.
  10. Happy New Year, Ladies! It's been a few days and it didn't take me long to catch up at all. I don't like that. Still missing the days of lots of box releases and even more chatting about them. Fun times! I didn't check for the TesterKorea email but did find these in my box upon returning home. I thought it was a bit odd as I placed my first order with them MONTHS ago but free gifts are always nice. There's also a $1 coupon code on the the back.
  11. I'm a little late to the party, a crazy amount of catering orders plus 2 days of family, but stopping by to say Happy Holidays! Hoping you all had a lovely time with friends and family.
  12. I bought the eyeliner set when it was offered for the 12 Days of Christmas and I really like it. It's a bit moist upon application ( I totally know this is not the proper terminology but I'm a total makeup spaz) which I actually like but don't blink or it will be all over your lids. Perhaps this is normal for people that apply eye makeup on a daily basis, I wouldn't know. Once applying shadow (minimal base stuff for me if I'm feeling frisky) it's set and stays put all day. Someone asked when I swatched it initially if it could be removed easily. Last night I was exhausted and only used a cleansing tissue and it was fine. I think it reacts with your natural oils throughout the day and is much different when applied to the wrist. This stuff wouldn't come off for anything, even when scrubbing my skin raw, but that was on my wrist. Bottom line, even though I hate to admit it (again), I like these Meme Liners....even though I didn't want to. ETA: Not wanting to like Meme Cosmetic (ANTHING!) is really just my personal disappointment in not having the option to purchase (MANY) boxes every month. Totally missing that part of Meme(BOX)!!!!!
  13. I will smell it again. I definitely didn't get raisins the first go around but I'm willing to open my mind....
  14. Very happy to hear this! I was so disappointed that the Donkey Oil literally smelled like donkey ass, unless I got a bad batch and everyone else's smelled lovely, because I was super excited about this brand as a hole.
  15. @@MissJexie - You repeatedly make me curse myself for giving that damn Milky Dress Shampoo to my Mother. I'm tempted to go over her house and take the last little bit back. LOL I used it last night with the shampoo from Green Food, it was a little 'herby' which I like being an old hippie but haven't tried the one from Blackout yet, it's next in the rotation.

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