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  1. So I just got an email to take the survey for the nail study . . . and I click the link and it's full. Why send a link to a survey that is already full that was meant to be sent couple weeks ago? kind of makes me mad a little.
  2. I had that problem with the foundation study. I didnt get the samples on time and i tried emailing them but they never responded. But wheb i emailed them the status of the study said no samples, but i got them in the mail they day after the study. I was hoping this testing panel was better than others where you do everything youre supposed to do and still never makethe cut . . Like loreal.
  3. Did you get an invite to anything yet? I've updated all my stuff and never got an email yet, but when I log in it says I have new emails but when I go to look there's nothing new there. I was really hoping to test more stuff from here
  4. Thank you! Would you happen to know any good drugstore priced moisturizers? Should it be like a thick creamy consiyency instead of like runny lotion or doesn't matter?
  5. I'm not sure if im posting this in the right place, if not please redirect me. I have dry skin on my face and sometimes I will get patches. I wash my face every night with cerave in the green bottle and use a beauty round from target, I forget what their called but their kind of rough. I use those thinking they'll I guess smooth out any dryness. I then use Vaseline calming lotion, which I know isn't for the face but it's the ony thing I have. My problem is when I do apply makeup I make sure to wash my face right before. But when I put on foundation (Revlon colorstay for dry skin) you can seriously tell I'm wearing foundation. Even if I put just the littlest bit and buff it out with a brush you can see that it has sunk into my skin. I've tried using Dr brandt pores no more, monistat chafing powder gel as primer abd you can still see the foundation settled. Will any powder or setting spray help this problem or is it my face washing routine? The tools I'm using? The brush I use I bought off Amazon so I'm not exactly how great of quality it is. Should I try using a blender sponge, my hands? Help. I'll show a picture lol try not to laugh at how disgusting it looks.
  6. I think the problem might be that they sent them out from UK on the second and with the holiday and everything postal services are backed up.
  7. I can honestly say I have maybe gotten 1 email from clicks, but no I didn't get anything like that.
  8. Maybe you'll get it tomorrow I was for sure trying not to get my hopes up and tell myself watch it not show up until Monday. . . I wonder if people in the UK have the same problems with clicks like we do.
  9. I'm in light oily but mine says the same thing, it's July 11th through August 10. Have you gotten your samples yet?
  10. I've read on their website for completing a study and the surveys you get points you can later redeem for money but you have to have 2500 worth of points to redeem and that counts has 25 dollars I'm guessing, it's explained in European money. http://www.clicksresearch.com/FAQs.aspx What I read is in this article click "how do I earn money"
  11. Hopefully it comes tomorrow I'm kind of upset lol but I guess I can't complai n
  12. is there anyone on the east coast that's in any study that is supposed to start tomorrow? mine is supposed to start tomorrow and i havent gotten ANYTHING in the mail. WTF?!
  13. Yeah mine starts Friday too and I tried messaging them about it but accidentally submitted a prerecorded message and they sent me one back saying they disabled all notifications and in my status for the study it says no sample so hopefully they sent it out before I sent the m that message. Well see.

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