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  1. I did too!! I had a USPS notice last night, but had no idea what it was. I rec'd my shipping email today. Same stats, new subscriber, didn't bother to msg them to find out what was going on -- just kept my fingers crossed! Hmmmmm....
  2. NO BROWNIES -- mine was nasty. I noticed they are best consumed within a week, umm. how long have those things been sitting there?
  3. I just picked up the It brush (mini stippling, $12) and it was GREAT for putting on foundation (Tarte Rainforest of the Sea) -- by far the best foundation brush I've had so far. When I hit 44 my skin changed dramatically. I used to exfoliate for fun, but now it's a must. I've upped my moisturizer game quite a bit, too. I really like the Dream Matte Velvets that Reija mentioned. I started with the nude shade, but realized I needed to go a little lighter, so I picked up #20 tonight. I'll try it later this week. The texture reminds me a bit of the Porefessional. It's easy coverage, but it will sit on top of every dry patch within a mile. I've only used fingers to apply it so far.
  4. Yup, I missed samples 3x and ended up w/ gcs and apologies, oh, and promises to send them. I received two sad foils and I'm not even sure where they are. They were that boring.
  5. ooh, now I'm really curious to see how the Lotus lasts on me. I asked for a sample (was prepared to buy a roller ball in it, but it wasn't sold as one), b/c I refuse to drop $98 on a new fragrance until it has proven itself to me. (I HATE returning things b/c of personal preference -- especially when there is a way to avoid this by getting a sample.) I'm going to go spray myself with it.. lol, see if it lasts! OH OH OH --- the MJ lippie. Um, not really 10 hours, but I'd give it a solid 6 or so. It was patchy this morning when I got up. But..... my lips were CRAZY dry all day long. I hope it wasn't the formula of the lippie. I felt the need to just suck on chapstick today.
  6. It wasn't highlighted in the store at ALL. Imagine walking into a store and seeing 98% hair/salon stuff and then finding a display with makeup and such. It wasn't a hot mess at all, nor was it a ghost town -- just a different concept from the Ulta/Sephora style that I'm used to. I remember when I started getting physical mailers from them my first thought was, "hmm, Ulta'ish."
  7. I'm getting ready to try it overnight. It transferred on my glass quite a bit, but eh, I might have been a little heavy handed with the application(s), lol. Great timing tho -- I had stopped in Lush earlier and the guy made me exfoliate my lips with the Kiss product. I was a bit grossed out about it b/c it was a tester, but he had it behind the counter and was scooping it with a stick. I did NOT like the fact that he wanted me to lick off the excess. (I definitely made a face like a baby who is refusing food on a spoon.) I wiped most of it on my fingers and then on his towel. I wasn't a fan of the salt taste, but eh, at least my lips were fresh for the new lippie! PS -- Guy in Lush was AWESOME. I got two hand massages and scrub down on my arms w/ Buffy (the Butt Slayer, lol, my name for it). That stuff was DUH-mazing. I never buy the big size and tonight I did. I also snagged two samples (Rub rub rub and the seaweed face product). Sweet Jesus I'm pretty sure I would have taken that boy home with me if he was for sale.
  8. @@wadedl -- So sorry about your dad! Eeek! Yes, go get this lippie! There are three reviews on Sephora's website (all for colors other than the one I sampled). It looks like we've all been enabled, lol. http://www.sephora.com/le-marc-lip-creme-P392352?skuId=1651496&icid2=marcjacobsbeauty_lp_whatsnew_carousel_P392352_link#pdp-reviews
  9. I've never ordered from them, but I've been in two different stores during their liter sales. It was an odd experience b/c there were so many salon chairs, but all were empty. Their makeup sections felt more like afterthoughts. Odd experience and I haven't felt the need to go back. ETA: Whoops, I didn't quote. I was talking about Beauty Brands.
  10. I've been ranting about not receiving the skin samplers. I've received egift cards b/c of it and promises to send more samples. Yesterday I got two absolutely ghastly sample foils. This squeaky wheel is tired.
  11. Mmmmm salmon. lol It is supposed to be a 10 hour lippie. If it is, all other lippies are dead to me. I'll let you know if it survives brushing my teeth (twice), sleep and coffee. LOL. Tall order for a lip product! (I kind of love how it feels, tho.)
  12. Hopped in to Sephora (free standing) tonight. I found the Issey Miyake Lotus and OMG> It was Spring in a bottle. I have the orig IM in a vial and I like it, but this Lotus blew me out of the water. Must. Buy. This. I also snagged the Marc Jacobs mini lippie in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for 100 points. I went in looking at primers. My current HG primer (Porefessional) isn't playing nice with my pore serum (No 7). So I picked up the Hourglass travel sized Mineral Veil to try. In and out of Sephora in under $20. I like that!

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