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  1. http://www.modelsquared.com - New kickstarter (crowdfunding) platform for models http://www.models.com - information library for models http://www.modelmayhem - forum for models well known agencies in America http://www.fordmodels.com http://www.elitemodel.com
  2. I started modeling a few months ago. Curious on which sites you guys use to begin. I have gone to a few casting calls which secured a few stints with abercrombie. Are there are any nutrition sites? Bloggers in this forum? Begin
  3. I also think dressing up and being fashionable does open up you to more opportunities for suitors. I think it is a natural instinct for women to love fashion in order to find the most suitable mate to produce offspring, live the lifestyle they want, etc. So let's say you do make it as a model, you pretty much open up every man who is willing to court you with gifts, money, attention, etc. It is very interesting how an impression of beauty determines success for women. Then again, this applies for males too. @ Would you enter the modeling world just for the clothes?
  4. Well I am currently in the industry. It is a tough place of business. The way females get scrutinized and abused by their appearance, it seems like it is never enough because everyone has a different opinion on how beauty should look. I have done a few advertisements for Abercrombie, and I hated it, to be honest. Especially when they spray water in your face.
  5. I have eyes underneath my bags. need a woman's advice on how to get rid of it. I have gotten a lot of wrinkes over the last few years since college.
  6. This site is great for understanding a woman's psyche. How do you girls feel without make up when seen by a random stranger? Does it make you feel vulnerable as if someone can see right through you?
  7. Does your love of clothes make you want to become a model? Some girls who work for agencies get paid very little, and I asked them why they go into modeling...they responded with: " Free accessories and the chance to marry a rich husband". Is that why women enjoy getting dressed up with make up, etc so they can obtain wealth?
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