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  1. Did anyone ever find anywhere to buy that Derma Lift Intensiderm Aqua Cream?
  2. I'm so sad/annoyed I missed Chocomania...got up super early to check the BOX page, had a quick browse through there and thought 'welp, maybe tomorrow will be more chocolatey' and got on with my day... And then later checked back to find it was hiding out in the VALUE SETS, and of course sold out in zero seconds. If only I'd checked that page too! I would've got it. I didn't knooooooow. Sigh. End whine. Maybe tomorrow will bring a Lucky 5 set? That's the only other I wanted.
  3. That Aloe Vitamin gel is one of my favorite products! I think it was in Superfood? Anyway, I just purchased two off Ebay (I think it's actully discontinued, which is why Memebox gets in for cheap...) But it's a really great moisturiser/brightener! I'm sad I missed out on Eden now.
  4. Yup, Tony Moly USA and I'm Eyeliner Site Wide. That's all folks!
  5. @cmelliot - look under Global Shop > Brands > Ariul - doesn't seem to come up in the search bar, all their masks are in sets of 5 for $4/$5 Edit: Or rather under New Arrivals- they're making them difficult to find!
  6. All the Ariul sheet mask sets on sale currently look really good - I don't remember them being advertised much. I'm tempted to grab one of each, are there any free shipping deals floating around?
  7. There's a new spoiler for Dirty Gal, can't recall it being mentioned already - Spoiler - B&SOAP Mamie Blue Wash Off Mask -retails at $29
  8. Another little box from memebox today, turns out I won the dark knight cleansing oil - super exited about this one. These reviews are really worth doing
  9. This strategy to clear out the old boxes (if that's what it is) has worked amazingly well. Only 6 memebox and 4 superbox left.
  10. Oh interesting, this proves there's more than one winner, cos the spa oil is what I won too!
  11. @@marliepanda Ah, you're right! Just seen that Amazon sells them in sets of nine. GUYS - they probably kept the Black Food one back for Blackout! Edit: which of course marliepanda already mentioned. Doh. Ha, there's a spoiler for those that wanted it
  12. Can't remember if anybody mentioned this, but what's with the Ettang set being 7 instead of 8? There's clearly room for an extra one. Was there something not right with that one specific flavour of modelling pack and they took it out? (It's the black one missing from the pictures I've seen) So two sets of Neogen Gold & Cavier, or one plus a Camel Cream? Is it really worth it or should I hold off?
  13. Does anyone else think Memebox lipgloss was meant to be a play on 'Time of my life' but they messed it up?
  14. Just got my #16 here in the UK, and have to say I'm much more impressed in person that I was when I looked at the unboxing. Everything looks top notch! And all good quality. No dud items for once. The unni mist smells amazing.
  15. Sidenote, any tips on how to use the ettang modelling packs? I've done two masks now, and keep feeling like I'm not doing it quite right. Anyone with more trial and error than me found the best way to use them?

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