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  1. I know I ended up putting a completely fake number or expiry date (don't remember which) for a certain sub box because they have no way to delete cc info. After reading stories about people being charged months after cancelling, I felt a little uncomfortable with them having my cc number still. And this is a very well known sub that's been around awhile.
  2. The expiration date probably wouldn't bother me, but I wouldn't want to get a product that I could not rebuy if I love it.
  3. Jolse also has some products they sell for wholesale.
  4. In Canada we get a processing fee if duties need to be collected which can be higher than the amount of duties and taxes. Canada Post's fee is $10, UPS and Fedex is higher than that. Canada Post tends to not collect duties very strictly, but other couriers always collect. The good news is, Canada has a free trade agreement with South Korea, so as long as the product is made there, no more fear of duty charges!
  5. Just ordered it from ebay, thanks for the suggestion. I read a couple of reviews and it seems more suited for dry skin which is great. I noticed today that the missha perfect cover definitely clung to some of my dry spots.
  6. Thanks! I wish that one came in samples. I think I'm somewhere between the Missha 13 and 21, but I'm terrible at telling undertones etc. Missha is definitely the closest, everything else I've tried ends up looking way too yellow or gray. That one looks like it might be close, but not close enough to buy full sized just to test it.
  7. I keep reading about cushions and I want one, but for now I'm going to resist. I find testing BB creams annoying enough and I don't want to spend money buying full sized products just to find out the colour won't work for me. To try to avoid jumping on the cushion bandwagon I bought one of the applicator puffs and use that (similar to how you would use a beauty blender or sponge). I might buy an empty cushion to add my own BB cream to, but not until I'm sure I like the BB cream I'm using.
  8. I'd love to see the Snail BB and how it compares to the Missha #13.
  9. I feel the need to express my love for the Tosowoong sheet masks. I have the Deep Sea and Aloe masks. My face was a bit red after using AHA for the first time in weeks, so I tried out the aloe mask for the first time. The redness disappeared, my face feels lovely and moisturized and just overall looks better. The masks are a pretty good price is you buy them from the Tosowoong's ebay store. Just stay away from the Green Tea, I have a bid on those...Seriously, I've been slowly selling off masks that I don't love and spending that money on this ones. I'm obsessed I think.
  10. @@ChullBird I think I might look into non-foaming cleanser options. My skin definitely feels better with the Hado Labo cleanser then it used to, but I find right after I wash it feels so dry. I especially notice it during the wait time after I apply BHA because I only use BHA on certain parts of my face.
  11. So what foam cleansers is everyone using? Even with the proper ph, I'm pretty sure the Hado Labo cleanser is too drying for me. I wish skincare wasn't so YMMV and more one size fits all.
  12. I think I miss the chatting on this board more than I miss the actual boxes. I still casually see what Memebox is offering, but nothing has really made me wish I could still order from them. Actually thinking about what I need or want to buy is making me a bit less adventurous and I'm always reading reviews. More practical, but way less exciting.
  13. For spot treatments I like using these little stickers from A'Pieu. http://www.roseroseshop.com/en/sale-20/680812--a-pieu-nonco-tea-tree-spot-patch-3pcs.html I stick them on overnight (and have been known to wear them during the day at home) and it takes away the redness and inflamation of a pimple. It has to have come to head though, doesn't work on under the skin bumps. I've also heard hydrocolloid bandages are amazing, but haven't tried them myself.
  14. Even though I've been trying to avoid it, I seem to slowly be turning my routine into a Reddit HG routine. Guess there's a reason so many people love these products. ETA: I don't love the Habo Lado foaming cleanser though. I'll keep using it until it's gone, but then I want to find a different cleanser with the right ph.
  15. I hope they expand the brands they carry. Right now there isn't enough to make me choose this shop over others because of the shipping costs. *shakes fist at Canada Post* If there was a large selection of items it might be worth it to pay for shipping but avoiding the exchange rate.

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