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  1. My god, the Etude House order I'd made on November 5th FINALLY SHOWED UP TODAY. I can't believe it. Only 2 months later! Hoping Memebox does another Choco-themed box, those have definitely been my favorites. :3
  2. For anyone who has a missing Etude House order like me from November, there may be hope: "Dear customers, Recently devliveries of lots of orders placed in November have been delayed very long because of seasonabl issue. We had filed claims to Koreapost and USPS accordingly but we have not received final answeres yet. (Koreapost is checking with USPS but for Standard International PAckage it takes quite long time) We try our best to figure this issue out and make them right as soon as possible. Please kindly wait a little bit more, meanwhile we will share with you updates from Koreapost/USPS. Again we are very sorry for the inconvenience that you have experienced with ETUDE and look forward to your kind understanding." I guess enough people finally emailed them like I did, haha.
  3. Did anyone else notice that the donkey oil has a sticker over it that SAYS 'natural donkey oil' or something, and it's covering that it actually says body oil? Super weird.
  4. Still waiting on my order from Etude House that shipped November 15th and has since been lost, I assume. The tracking number is useless and USPS can't find anything in their system. Sigh. I kind of want that mask box, but I think I'll hold off...the previous mask box wasn't too great from what I remember.
  5. Oh, also, do you wash off the Benton Steam Cream after putting it on, or is it just in place of moisturizer or something?
  6. Got my Benton gift set today and my "free gift" was more of the BOCIANS Cycle Repair Whitening Spot I got back in Luckybox #9 (or I guess it was in Fermented #2). Has anyone had any luck with this stuff for anything? I used it for a week or so and nothing happened so I tossed it in a box to maybe use later. And now I have more. Yay.
  7. Yeah I think it shipped around the 15th. I'm just annoyed because I THOUGHT it'd come in yesterday, there was a note left in my mailbox of 'your box got dropped off at the office since it's too big', but now my office doesn't have a package, which is mysterious, and the tracking number doesn't work. So...where is it?!
  8. Random question: Does anyone else's USPS tracking numbers work for the RM numbers? I've got one from an Etude House order from 11/4 that still says "preparing origin shipment" or whatever and gets me nowhere, and I'm worried it's gone forever. Should I just call USPS? Can anyone there even help me if the system doesn't recognize the number?
  9. Could you send me a PM for which one you're talking about? I'm looking at Birchbox's site and there's like, 15 different products... I'm confused! Haha. I've got oily/combination skin and my cheeks are really reddish with acne, been trying to find something to reduce that.
  10. Wow, I'm glad I canceled my order for MCW4. I would have had 3 repeats! But that snail lotion is great, and the rest of the stuff is at least usable.
  11. The Cacao cream is a little heavy for me, but I've been using it at night since it's so dry and cold here in Colorado right now. I do love it though!
  12. I've finally been using my coconut/cacao one from Cacao Box #1 in the shower and love it. It leaves my skin really clean.
  13. Thanks for the heads-up, everyone, I canceled my Oh Sheet Mask before even getting one of the bags. Good lord, I'll just spend my money elsewhere, I don't want Chinese rip-off masks.
  14. @@cfisher I don't even know what to think!! I assume it's just a stock photo, but even if both Memebox AND this hair salon used that photo, what are the odds?! Or maybe someone at the hair salon loves Memebox? Who knows!!! Edit: Just checked and yeah, it's a local salon, not a chain. Seems too crazy NOT to be on purpose somehow. Hahahaha!
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