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  1. It says something like "congrats" and about a "free gift" or whatever? I think I had that last month, but I can't figure out why I wouldn't get it for using Jules because I still paid/acquired those Jules through paying money. So... it's weird. I'll e-mail and see what they say. I'll let everyone know when they reply!
  2. Or maybe I don't get the free gift because I used Jules for one of the polishes? I just thought of that too.
  3. This might be a silly question and maybe someone already answered it, but was there a free gift for doing 3 add-ons this month? I feel like I remember there would be which is why I added on 3 polishes, but I didn't come in my box. Can anyone help me out before I start on an e-mail to Julep CS?
  4. I kind of wish I had the ability to skip. While I love the colors, I'm just on a bit of a polish overload at the moment. I got a lot of the sales in June/early July and I feel like I just have SO much I haven't even gotten to play with that I don't need/want anything new. I was excited to see the Plie wand as an add-on this month since I signed up too late in May to get the June box (which I think is when it debuted? Or was it in May?) Either way, I don't have the Plie. What do you guys think of it?
  5. I like Katie and Avni. Tammi also looks interested. I am not super excited about the box this month, especially not about the eye gliders. Maybe I'll take 3 polishes. Also, Queen Anne is very pretty and would make a really appropriate b-day gift for my sister-in-law, Anne.
  6. I have the first Revealed palette. I couldn't justify spending the money on a Naked palette, even if I did love it. I've been really pleased with the palette. This new one looks like it has gorgeous colors, but I don't think it's really for me as I prefer neutrals and like to pick up any color in the eye liner. But it looks really dramatic for some of the ladies who love that kind of sexy look!
  7. This sounds like an awesome business! I hope you're very successful and continue to enjoy your job. I think make-up artistry courses sound like fun and would definitely help give your brides and clients that extra oomph for the shoot. Seriously, good luck! This sounds like an awesome idea!
  8. Hello everyone! I'm new here on Makeup Talk, but am not new to checking out reviews/writing reviews of beauty products. I don't blog or anything but I do post reviews of my favorite products (or least favorites) on the places where I purchase products or the sites of the manufacturers. I also read those reviews to help me choose what to purchase. My current obsessions are Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners, Julep nail colors Lissa and Paris, Bath & Body Works Morroco Orchid & Pink Amber, BB cream, NYX radiant finishing powder, NYX butter gloss in Eclair, inverted bob hair cuts, the Mowgli's (recognize the lyrics from the topic title?) and Bleachers (music), Modcloth (basically every thing on their site, but especially dresses with sleeves), and the Veronica Mars new mystery series (and movie, of course). I am a high school teacher and competitive speech/forensics coach who lives in small town Iowa. I enjoy reading, writing, and trolling the web for the next big beauty trend and perusing various women's/feminist websites. I'm also trying to start working out a bit to get more and shape (and hopefully tone down, but I'd settle for just being more healthy). I have a dog named Waffles and a cat named Artie. Also, an awesome husband. I'm glad to be here and can't to get to know to the site and hopefully some of you more!
  9. I'm a new Maven and have gotten pretty addicted to the polishes (but I love cremes because they give me the flexibility to add a glitter top coat). I have loved painting my nails for years and Julep gives me the chance to purchase colors that feel fairly unique to me (but I'm just starting to grow my polish collection). I used to have just pretty standard colors, but now I have two sides of the coin: my bright side and my neutral side. And Julep has some pretty great twists on neutrals. That said, as much as I have enjoyed Julep so far, I am not excited about eye gliders. I picked up the Urban Decay Ocho2 set of 8 eyeliners this spring and I really don't need any more eye liner. I have tons of it - cheap stuff and expensive stuff and nothing tops Urban Decay. The ones that I have are gel liners and I already have 4 that are really close to these colors, if not pretty much the exact same thing. So I'll either be taking the box with three polishes or hoping I can swap out the eye liner for something else. (I haven't been a member long enough to skip I don't think...) Here's to hoping that there is something else awesome lurking around in there!

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