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  1. They added tampons. That's too funny. I actually get Bonjour Jolie, so I have no use for other boxes that add them, but I guess it's good they're trying new things?
  2. For sure. I love me some hair products, since I have a pixie cut it's hard to really style it, so I rely a lot on my hair just looking naturally great. I really hope they kick out a really great box geared towards amazing looking hair. Not just normal products like shampoo and conditioner, I want to see crazy stuff in there, something I can't get from cvs.
  3. I'd love this. Something with serums, essence, maybe some hair oils, etc. I always feel I never get those.
  4. I really wish I had gotten Cacao but it was sold out when I got to it! I really hope they restock.
  5. I got my tracking, too! For my Anti-Aging/Mask 4 bundle, and also Lucky Box 3. I'm so excited. 4 Boxes on the way, and Pore Care 3/Fermented 2 next week. My boxes are only 6 hours away, too, so I guess I'll get them tomorrow or Tuesday. I can't wait! To tide me over for everything else, I think I'm going to take a trip to NYC and visit some Asian beauty stores to see if I can find anything good. I still need some things but I'm afriad to buy anything just in case I get a similar item in my mmb. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know! That is exciting! Please post some reviews when you've sampled them!
  6. No idea if there will be more good boxes or not, but I'm holding out, hoping there will be. I know I'll regret it if I bought something I only kinda want if something I REALLY want comes out.
  7. Nope. I didn't get an email or text when my milk box shipped either, though, and it did ship about a week ago. (Though it's still in Korea)
  8. Thanks so much! I'm just really afraid they're going to come and I won't be at home to sign, then I have to wait even longer. I think I'll just put up the "no sign" form dhl has and hope for the best.
  9. This is my first post, but I've been lurking around for awhile. Just a question, though. I got the Mask 4 and Anti-Aging bundle with the expedited shipping, which supposedly shipped out Friday. I didn't recieve a notification or a tracking number, though, so I'm not sure if it did or not. My question is, if it did ship out, does anyone know when I might recieve it? I'm about 40 minutes from NYC and I hear everyone saying they'll get theirs on Monday.

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