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  1. I really like sweet smelling products so I like Valentine's Day #2, but I'm on a low-buy and I just bought Detox and Renew. I can only use one affiliate discount code a month even if they're different right?
  2. I missed everything I wanted earlier this week so I got the Detox box instead. Hoping it has a peeling gel and some clay-type masks. The first spoiler sounds interesting.
  3. I'm a couple days late because I've been working but I didn't make any beauty purchases during these 10 days. I was also able to decrease my stash a bit. My empties for days 11-20:
  4. Trying to decide if I should swap out Elise for the highlighter brush. I'm afraid it might be too big and hard to use, but if I don't get it I will have to find a brush somewhere else to use instead.
  5. Here's what I'm getting this month. I skipped December and January so I picked up quite a few things. Still trying to decide on Elise and Ada.
  6. I buy all of my Gorjana pieces from Gilt. They always have good sales on them and the shipping is cheaper.
  7. I did go on a small spending spree today but none of it was beauty-related so I'm still good, right? My sister and I have been talking about getting an actual theme for our blog (not just a basic free one) for awhile. I've been looking at a lot of blogs to see what I like and went through a bunch of themes yesterday. I was able to talk her into the less expensive one because it actually had things we needed (she wanted one that was twice the price because it had a cute picture layout option that we would almost never use). I also picked up some photo props for cheap and bought some really cute baking items (that were all either on sale or I had coupons for them). So while I did spend a little bit, it was stuff that we've been planning and I will actually use all of it.
  8. Wouldn't it be easier for them just to give you Memepoints instead of reimbursing you? Obviously they should just give you a new code but wouldn't that be easier than emailing receipts?
  9. Yeah, I guess the best time to have your credit card number stolen is during a no-buy!
  10. I don't know why they didn't do that for more people, it seemed like they were always out of the birthday ones.
  11. Oops double post! In related news, I tried a new perfume sample today and I'm not sure about it. It's not awful, but it smells a little too perfume-y and not like me. It will end up in the trash. I've been trying to get through my skincare foils but I need to slow down a bit. My skin can be sensitive and it does not like all the new products. I can get away with something new every couple days, but not everyday.
  12. This is OT but I think it's crazy how long most places take to send you a new cc if your number gets stolen. When that happened to me, my bank was going to use 2 day shipping. But then the guy realized it was a holiday weekend so I wouldn't get it until Tuesday. That would have been fine by me but he overnighted it and I got it Saturday instead! Tl,dr- my bank is awesome. And you deserve a latte after that, don't worry about it!
  13. I stopped by my store a couple of times in the same week because they kept telling me they were getting them and never did. They finally just substituted the CK mascaras they had to sell. It worked out well for me- they let me pick what color I wanted so I got purple instead of black!
  14. I'm doing good so far! The new Sephora code had me looking through my wish list to find something to buy. After going through my stash, I just don't want anything and none of the promo samples appealed to me anyway! Easy no-buy! I'm on day 4 of perfume samples and so far I like all of them! I have a feeling there are quite a few I won't like but I'm waiting until my days off to try them. That way I can wash them off if they start to annoy me. I love the idea of using bronzer as eye shadow. I don't really wear bronzer (I'm pretty fair and I think they just make me look dirty) but I have several from sets and promos. I can definitely rock a bronzey eye though! Does anyone have suggestions for black eye shadow? I have a lot of palettes that include black but I don't really wear smokey eyes. I know you can use it as eyeliner but I prefer colored liners and it would take me years to use them up anyway!
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