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  1. Yeah, I bought the 911 box thinking it could go either way and it's kind of disappointing. However, I'm excited about the toner and the eye roller, so at least the whole box isn't completely useless to me unlike MCWL 3
  2. Hi there, Does anyone have a $5 off 4 digit code that they can message me? I can't seem to find one...and I've already used a 6 digit one this month. I tried using other 6 digit ones but they don't work
  3. Checked the Korean memebox site and there haven't been new releases on that one for more than a week either...with the exception of the monthly men's one. No idea what's happening but they should put out a statement or a post or something... we are customers that need to be kept in the loop! Or I'd gladly spend my monthly Memebox $ elsewhere
  4. Uh...they haven't released boxes in so long and they come up with ONE box for men???! I don't understand this Memelogic. This $10 off code is burning a hole in my pocket but I'm not using it if they don't put up new boxes
  5. My Memebox list used to be much crazier but has since dwindled with all the changes... November: -Step by Step (shipped) -911 Beauty -F/W Natural Makeup December: -Apple Mojito -Colour Box Bundle -Global #18
  6. I suggested the jelly box so I'm really hoping it meets my expectations
  7. Unhappy about my cute wish list 3! I don't even like cute things that much but the first box was pretty great...I'm tired of getting tinted lip balms, lip scrubs and cleansers from Memebox! Where is the variety?
  8. Tempted by the brightening box as I loved the last one but the description makes it seem like a lot of spot correctors which I don't really need or want. Hopefully I don't get box envy!
  9. I'm horrible at swatches and don't know how to upload photos on the forum, but I find the "sand beige" to be a very peachy nude that doesn't look all that great on me (about NC25 with yellow undertones) and the pink brown looks like a pink toned nude but not in a way that warms up the face, it definitely mutes my natural lip colour quite a bit. If I can figure out how to swatch them nicely, I'll try and post a picture for you later!
  10. I am confused by the dirty girl box- I must have missed Jane George's post! Can someone explain it to me? I am intrigued
  11. Just bought the apple mojito box. I used the points and a code, so why not. I'm kind of iffy on the cafe box- I am sick of getting Pure Smile products in my boxes and they could definitely have incorporated some more interesting products like a caffeine infused eye cream/face cream. I'm okay with the lipsticks in the lipstick box but they should have included more than 6, because they initially had 10 in the description. My love for Memebox is definitely waning...
  12. I'm confused by the new boxes...especially the apple mojito one. The description makes no sense to me yet I want it because I like apples.
  13. So, anyone notice how the e-mail still stated we get VIP points monthly but we got precisely 0 last month? I'm really annoyed about that. On the upside, I hope to get an influx of points this month to make up for it.
  14. I think it is ridiculous how they are disrespecting ViP by going back on their promises to give exclusive discounts and points. After all, we are clearly the ones who spend the most...
  15. Damn it, I want three of the new boxes that came out, but there are no VIP points ( that were promised monthly!), VIP early sales or any other incentive for me to buy them. Sorry, Memebox. Next move is on you.
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