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  1. Awesome color palettes! Those look perfect. I think there's a common misconception that capsule wardrobes have to be neutral and basic, which is unfortunate. Usually a good base has neutral colors of both tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched, but that's only to make it easier to make outfits. Capsules can be amazing and interesting if you play with color but even better if you add patterns and texture and accessories. For example, a pattern like a floral skirt with two main colors in it could be paired with tops of either color, or neutral tops, or a contrasting color. If you add in texture to the top like silk or lace or ruffles or a chunky knit.. Plus jewelry, shoes, outerwear.. the possibilities are endless! And being able to pair most tops with most bottoms means never putting on clothing that doesn't look good together. I love it. Make sure you let us know how putting together your outfits goes!
  2. I hope you feel better about it soon! Chalk it up to a learning experience and forgive yourself. I think a lot of us have that mindset that we can return things if we need to. Especially with something that is limited edition or new and hyped. But I just wanted to highlight the drawbacks to that approach so we can all make better choices in the future.
  3. Just wanted to mention a couple of things about returns. I'm not saying this to make anyone feel bad, it's just something I think we should all keep in mind (myself included - I'm guilty of the buy/return cycle as well). When we return beauty products, even unused ones, the stores cannot sell them to someone else because there's no way of knowing with certainty if the product has been tampered with. Those products are now a loss for the company and to offset that, prices go up. Not to mention the environmental costs of throwing out huge volumes of unused or lightly used beauty products. Some stores are also tracking returns so eventually certain customers might be prevented from returning any more, or policies might change to prevent returns on beauty products altogether. This has already happened at one of the drugstores here in the past few years. Personally I think it's great to be able to return items that you turn out to be allergic to, or that really don't work for you, and it would be a shame if that was no longer an option due to us taking advantage of the policies. Anyway.. return it if you've got it and you know it was a mistake, but something to think about for future purchases. If we don't rely on being able to return it, we'll probably all make better choices anyways!
  4. You DO NOT need another palette. It's new and shiny now but you'll use it a few times and then add it to the pile of abandoned and forgotten palettes to obsess over the next new and shiny palette. End the cycle here and try to dupe it with shades you already own! If there's anything you can't dupe, it's probably because you were never attracted to that shade in the first place. .. hope that helped.
  5. Woo! The last cycle was my first full cycle without a purchase. Even though the last one was planned, it feels good to say that I haven't purchased any cosmetics whatsoever in almost 3 weeks. Still continuing my goal of getting into the habit of wearing eyeshadow. Last cycle was about 4/10 days I think. Still aiming for 5+. Maybe this will be the one! I also want to do my nails at least once. For purchases, no cosmetics (obviously). But I'm adding on no clothing (last purchase was January 2) and no fragrances (last purchase was January 28). No accessories or shoes either, but I should be okay with that since I haven't purchased any this year. Basically I'm allowed food/entertainment like dinner out with friends. I'm going to work on that category next time though.. that's kind of my one residual area of overspending. Go team! Let's do ourselves proud this cycle!
  6. Just went through my bathroom, hall closet, and living room. Set aside 17 more items to be donated or recycled. - 16 books (textbooks, novels I've read but don't anticipate reading again) - 1 empty container of liquid soap that for some reason was under the bathroom counter I just have to do the office, bedroom closet, and kitchen. I live in a bachelor so when I say office, I really mean the desk in the corner. The upside of having two of us living in such a small space is that it's a lot more difficult to hoard things.
  7. Wow another 10 days!! With my allowed birthday gift out of the way (my birthday is in February but the item I wanted came out on the 11th) and no other makeup items tempting me, I finally made it through 21-30 without any cosmetic spending!! I'm not on a no buy for anything else so I did purchase some yarn (for projects, which I completed the day I purchased it), indie perfume oils (I always plan ahead for their seasonal collections), and food-related items. No clothing since January 2, no shoes since July, and no handbags since the one I got for Christmas. Oh and I purchased some cotton pads but I don't include things like that either, although I am trying to change my habits to using washable cotton fabric rounds. I also spent some money on a swap, but it's my first one and I don't anticipate doing that often - plus it wasn't cosmetics so I didn't have to shop for that and I won't be getting any in return. It's always interesting looking back over everything you've purchased for a month! Seems like a lot more when it's all in one place! I've really noticed a decrease in the amount of time I spend looking in stores on the way home. Plus with all my decluttering it's been a lot easier to keep things clean and organized. January seemed to be a big month for spending, just with school expenses, collections coming out, and other random things. I'm thinking February/March will be pretty easy. April might be tough for me with exam stress.. but I'm determined to do the 100 days with no cosmetic purchases. Just gotta stay on top of it!
  8. Awesome idea, I'm so in! I just arranged for a pickup of my donations for next Wednesday, so I'd like to have the bulk of things ready to go by then. I already have 3 bags from my last declutter that I can add on. I'm moving across the country in June so I have 4 months to downsize to what can fit in two suitcases and then the rest will have to be shipped out. I'd like to take as little as possible to make things easier though! I'll probably wait to do my winter clothes again, I have some sweaters that I'm ready to pass on but I want to finish out the season with them. I'm also in between sizes right now so I need to wait and see if I can fit into some things. If they don't fit by the time we leave they're going too. But I'm sure I still have some random things lying around that I can let go of!
  9. Thanks! That's sweet of you. <3 It's basically all of my core pieces for everyday, which is a casual/business casual style for work and classes. If you're interested in the numbers, I include 3 pairs of pants, 6 shirts, 6 tanks, and 6 dresses - enough outfits for 12 days. I also have 3 pairs of boots, 3 scarves, and 3 sweaters. I don't count jewelry because I only have a few really special pieces that were gifts and I don't want to limit wearing everything. I also have 1 belt that I wear with a certain dress that I don't count as a separate item. I have 3 bins of clothing items I don't include: underwear/bras and tights/socks (I didn't count but I tend to keep these limited too); workout gear (2 sets of hot yoga clothes, 3 sets of outfits for acro, and one for running), and PJs/lounge wear (3 matching PJ sets, 1 pair of sweatpants, and a few t-shirts). That's it! I have one small clear bin of summer stuff put away right now, and 3 suits and 2 formal dresses in the hall closet for interviews and special events. Plus a few other pieces of outerwear. Almost everything can be paired with everything else. Lots of neutrals as a base. I really like gray and black, and I throw in accent colors I like on myself, usually navy and dusty purple/wine shades. I also try to add in interest with patterns, textures, and accessories. When I go shopping, I try to fill gaps in my wardrobe. If I find a piece I really like, I try to make sure I can wear it at least 3 different ways with things I already have. Anyway.. long winded but I hope that helps!!
  10. Love capsule wardrobes! I never have more than 30 items in my closet at one time anymore, I've just got so used to that size from being on Project 333 all the time. When I shop, I have specific items in mind and almost everything can be paired with everything else. Makes getting ready a breeze, and laundry is easier too. Plus, you really do end up looking more put together! So many benefits, iincluding more space to breathe.
  11. Usually I pick one to focus on and carry it around everywhere. I wipe it off and reapply after drinking or eating and I wear it when I'm by myself at home too. If I apply several times a day it takes me 2-3 months to use up a lipstick or gloss. Sometimes I wear one during the day and then rotate my others in the evening to prevent boredom. I also try lipstick and gloss combos to keep it interesting. If you apply once a day it could take 6-12 months each.. multiply that by how many lipsticks you have and you can see how long it would take you to use up what you have. It all kind of depends on how you feel about it. For me personally I can't see the point of using up something you don't like while your favorite products are sitting in a drawer getting older and potentially expiring, so I regularly get rid of ones I don't enjoy using. I also really cut down on how many I purchase so I don't have more coming in than are getting used up. Now that my stash is smaller (I think I still have about 16), it's more managable.. but I'd still like to cut that in about half so I can regularly use up and replace them all within 2 years so my stash always stays fresh.
  12. 3. Josie Maran Argan Oil Light 15mL deluxe sample 4. Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara sample
  13. I saw an estimate that said there were about 75 applications in a single eyeshadow. If you have a light hand I imagine it would be much more than that. Enjoy your stash! While you're using up something you're not absolutely crazy about, your other products will be getting older and potentially expiring.
  14. I came to the same realization a couple years ago and gradually downsized to just my favorites. I don't regret a thing! When I bring new things in, I let go of what I'm not using as much anymore. If my stash gets too big, I do a major declutter. I'm way more satisfied with what I have now, even though it's much less. Everything is something I love to use often. It's amazing what a difference it makes.

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