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  1. Mine came today too. I had the same thought about the embossed logo and even looked over the bag looking for it! Like if you're not going to include it then don't add a tag telling me that it was included. I do have the logo on the interior. But the bag is a nice length and it's a nice size for me since I mostly have giant mom sized bags. LOL
  2. Mine arrived today. My bracelet is the same as MallyB's. Everything is nicer in person, also I really like the cost brakedown: There are a few items I would have paid less for but there are a few items I would have paid more for. The hat isn't a winner for me, it's too snug and something about the style feels off to me. I have a better fitting, similar style hat from Target that has also traveled pretty well although not technically packable. The frame is very pretty and really does evoke a kind of summery water vibe but I could easily find a dup for this at Home Goods or TJ Maxx for five to ten bucks. It's already set up and waiting for a Santa Cruz picture. Love the scrub, it smells great and I like the brand a lot! The bracelet is meh. I have a similar style bracelet as this one but from J.Crew a few years ago. I think I paid about $30 it at full cost but it's hot pink and has a little bling...the poms and charms on this one are a little funky. It feels juvenile to me. I LOVE the Make dew kit. It feels very resort to me and I cannot wait to start using it. I'm always super shinny in summer but hate using blotting papers. This is kind of a like a primer that is intended to be a top coat. I need no help with "dew" lol. I would have paid more for this item. Marshmallows...this is a winter snack but they were absolutely delicious, but come on this is a winter snack in a resort box. The notebooks are super cute. Great size for being thrown into a bag and I love that they are unlined too. Looking forward to using them! Du Jour magazine sub, cool but I wish an issue would have been included in the box! Not my favorite box but I'm not mad about it. I feel like the value is there, but the curation is underwhelming. I feel like a better snack (it tasted great) or a sarong in lieu of a hat would have made this box a winner.
  3. Gah! I was hoping there would be full spoilers by now. Mine was picked up today and it usually takes 2 - 3 days for it to arrive.
  4. Just received a tracking notice from FedEx. Kind of bummed that there is nothing to make up for the delayed shipping (2 weeks delayed) especially considering that they previously sent out a bonus for the exact same issue.
  5. Should I be worried that I still haven't received a gift card or any shipping info for my box? I'm in the Bay Area...I would have figured that something would be here by now. :/
  6. I'm really excited for this box, and I decided to sub after watching her video featuring the shoes that will be included. I currently run in Nike Free Flyknit running shoes and they have a very similar fit to the shoes that are going to be included in this box. I also love everything that Stella McCartney makes, I'm super excited at the prospect of receiving something from her line. March is going to be sub box heaven with Adidas, Rachel Zoe & PSMH Resort LE. YAY!!! Fitness, fashion and fun.
  7. I was in Paris earlier this month and wanted a little polaroid camera for journaling purposes, it would have been a great vacation addition. But we're only about 30 minutes from Santa Cruz and spend a lot of time there during the summer, I would still get a lot of use out of a polaroid camera (not to mention that both of my daughters would absolutely love to play with one) and love any lush sunshine goodies.
  8. I FINALLY received one of my January boxes today and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! My only gripe is that I wish the planner would have come in December. Otherwise I love everything. I've been buying Project 7 gum lately because it's yummy, the storage bin is so cute and a great size, love the little mini soaps/bubble baths, I'm obsessed with sheet masks and I have been slowly using the KonMari method on my whole home. I would have loved the chapstick but it has soy and unfortunately my 2 year old is severely allergic to soy - so that was tossed and fast. Awesome box, great curation. I can't wait for my Target box to get here next!!
  9. So sad I missed these. Target boxes are my favorite after PSMH boxes.
  10. I bought one, I was refreshing the PSMH site on my phone for about 10 minutes before it launched since I knew it was going to be on sale today. I'm glad that there is a fitness tracker in the box, my FitBit died a few days ago and since it's literally days after their warranty period (I had it for 15 months, warranty is 180 days) FitBit won't do anything for me.
  11. Mine is here. Candles - they're actually much more substantial that I thought they would be. But the polka dots make them feel juvenile, not in a fun Kate Spade way but like a little girl's birthday party kind of way. Bracelet - way better in person but it also fits my tiny wrists near perfectly. This is not going to fit very many people. Lip Gloss - It's a nice stocking stuffer gift. Considering gifting, might keep it. To be determined. Headband - Incredibly soft and oh so flattering. I actually love this and would have loved it as a flat out gift from anyone. Lotion - The packaging is terrible. The lotion itself is nice, a little oilier than I prefer and has a nice citrus scent. Perfume sample - why is there a perfume sample in my $100 limited edition box? How does that even make sense. ETA: Forgot the candle holders: they are a nice size and pretty. These will make a nice gift for the right person, but they're out of place in my home with small children. Regarding feeling bad for the curators...no way. They had enough items to make either 1 awesome LE box and 1 awesome December box this month and instead they split the contents into 3 boxes and I think the result is that this LE box is mediocre. I think the men's box was nicely curated and the December box was fine but this feels lacking for $100. At least I love the head wrap and I like the bracelet. If either were gifted to me though I'd guess that each had a $50 price tag at Nordstrom and I would guess that the lotion was a clearance item from Sally's. The label isn't even straight on the lotion.
  12. Someone pointed out that each item works out to be $15 ($108 divided by 7 items), but I don't think I would have paid $15 for the candles, lotion, perfume or lip crayons. This box is just lame. The values for the bracelet and the head wrap seem inflated and everything else has a very low value.
  13. I received tracking for my Her box today and I'll have tomorrow too. I want to see spoilers for the Today box, I'm still on the fence for the Him box. I think the box would actually make for good stocking stuffers for my hubby minus the throw and the briefcase...but then I wonder if $100+tax is worth it for just the other items. On a side note, I'm pretty disappointed at the contents of the December Must Have box. The bracelet is fug.
  14. I am so excited for this sub! I loved every single thing in the last box. I wear the watch and earrings ALL the time! What I would like to see in this box is: a fun umbrella - because el nino a planner or some kind of goal/task organizer for the new year a luxe facial mask a pretty clutch
  15. I'm thinking about getting the His box for my husband as a Christmas present this year. Are they any good or are they typically duds?

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