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  1. I'm slowly coming back, I'll be fully back soon, I hope. But I'm worried that there will be nothing to come back to at this rate. I've missed my fellow Kbeauty (and Memehatin') ladies.
  2. @@GirlyGirlie @Blinded I understand what you mean. I have no interest in the Thanksgiving/Christmas/Boxing Day/Who Knows What Else boxes. I don't want boxes that are most likely just going to be warehouse clearouts. But of course boxes with an actual holiday theme will be more appealing, like a Christmas or Thanksgiving box. I'm tempted because of the holiday theme. Boxing Day isn't a holiday theme. It's just an eerily accurate description of what the boxes are. Clearout items.
  3. I seriously can not stop laughing at this. At least they're finally being honest about some things. But favorite repeat products?
  4. I had no interest in warehouse clearout boxes. But I didn't even see that. It actually listed the brands it would contain?! Oh, wow. I'd still do better on HonestSkin though with $30. Similar customer service.
  5. In all fairness, branded items like that don't sell ANYWHERE near their retail/suggested price. It's why branded boxes aren't great deals like general Memeboxes. So you could recreate that box for that amount, so it's really not a good value. And I think most of us just don't want a bunch of repeats. Especially one with crappy/meh/not quality/not well received products.
  6. WHAT?!?! How much did you pay for it?! You should be getting a full refund. It's not your fault that they don't want to pay shipping costs for you to return it (probably costs them less to buy a new one, anyways).
  7. I will admit. In regards to the makeup...The quality is there. Decent color options (no orange lippies!) Good price point. The "I'm" thing is silly, but as people have mentioned....Dorky, at worst. Decent packaging, and impressive packaging for the lip products I received. It's the skincare I struggle to take seriously. On every level.
  8. Gwen has responded to me SIX times today over an assortment of old issues. All of which were resolved today. Some of which are of course over a month old. Customer service is ALIVE. Good luck, Ladies! (And if your emails are REALLY old, resend one...Like, now!)
  9. I wasn't on here much for about a week, and it took me little to no effort to catch up. I miss the Memechaos on here. Even more than I miss themed boxes.
  10. Customer service has come back to life?!?! Time to start weeding through my emails! @ I've actually never heard of people getting things from the US Shop, so I have no idea how it works. But I'm hoping you still get to keep the items!
  11. I'm actually surprised, they never asked me for photos, which tends to be their standard email response. I just hope they actually read your email. Ohhhh. I just realized, I've never accidentally received things from the US. Are you in the US? I hope they don't make you send it back.
  12. I'm feeling overwhelmed by the skincare line, and it hasn't even been released on the global site yet. Ack.
  13. @ I read this and my stomach started to churn. I, just like you, immediately worry about the other person involved in the mixup, which is why I continued to email Memebox when I was bombarded with things I did not order. But the best advice I can give you, is write out a full email explaining the situation, then don't even try to keep explaining yourself. I was passed through multiple people, most of my responses consisted of them telling me if I was that bothered by it I could pay to return the item, comments about how if I won free items I could not return them for a refund or points (what?!) and stuff about how I should just appreciate the stuff I received. Customer service is clueless to the shipping issues. I doubt anyone looked into it on the shipping end of things. They'll DEFINITELY have you keep the items (and of course you should not pay to return them) so I would just try to provide them all the information you can. I always included the tracking number and the items included. On the rare chance they forward your email to the shipping department, you did the most you could. But whatever you do, when customer service responds and makes it clear they didn't read your email or understand it, do NOT respond. It just gets worse at that point.
  14. I don't think any of us want boxes being shipped from the US. The quality (and value) is going to drop drastically if they do that. And the "brand" focus worries me as well. I think most of us are just crossing our fingers that all of this behind the scenes stuff is just because of the Memeshop and USA Exclusives shops going through changes. However, doing brand type boxes ( similar to their current "value sets") that just ship within the US would make sense. Since those bring in an entirely different type of customer, and also bring in some major profits.
  15. I'm glad everyone wants the coolling mint. It's reassuring to know it should be easy to trade if I get the mint instead of the milk. Sort of sad, but I think that cheap (as in low value) Purederm product is the thing I'm most excited about. Is that a new Dr. MJ Bee Tox Cream, or is that a repeat (don't we have a couple of those already, or am I confusing it with something else?)

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