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  1. I'm on a No-Buy for September and October I am doing a Project Pan until the VIB sale at Sephora (why go before without the discount and when I don't truly need anything??) I know I won't finish ll of my products by the sale so I will def be on it until I go.. I am panning a blush (my goodness it takes forever) a concealer (using as an eye base) a Maybelline Color Whisper a Benefit Posiebalm (surprisingly really like this though) a Cargo Swimmables liner and a Tarte BB cream (done though). I am so eyeing the new holiday stuff, and I need a new Beauty Blender soon!! I've been looking into the Urban Decay Electric Palette, KVD Shade and Light contour palette, and other things. I do need to downsize my makeup but I slowly but surely will.
  2. I haven't posted here in forever! Thought I'd revive this thread unless we are all talking on another one. Here's my current PP (I timed it for September to November): - Maybelline color whisper in "Mocha Muse" - Hourglass gloss in "Child" (deluxe sample) - Cargo Swimmables liner in "Pfeiffer Beach" - Hard Candy Lite Brite concealer (use as an eye base I hate how this looks over makeup as a highlighter) - Tarte BB Cream (finished) - Essence Cosmetics powder blush in "Adorable", THE FIRST BLUSH I'VE EVER HIT PAN ON
  3. I'm finishing off primers like it's nobody's business ladies!!!! Yay!!
  4. I've been noticing myself slowly falling in love with some of the foundations I've been using up during my PP. It's kind of funny how if we really try to love a product and make it work we can really do some awesome stuff with it! Here's my update: - Maybelline Baby Skin finished on 8/30 - NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat liquid foundation; I do feel like there still is a lot of product in the tube but I haven't been using it daily like I used to (Seasons change and so does foundation.. will be using this on the weekends when I have more time to work with it in the morning) - CG Clean Whipped Creme foundation - NYX Dark Circle Concealer; I've been using this daily.. the consistency is not very creamy so it is hard to see if I've made a dent - CG+Olay eye corrector; I love this stuff. I layer it with the NYX concealer (^) and on redness as well, it is a real multi-tasker. I can see a good dent I have made. - CG+Olay concealer balm; Haven't been using this often..I only use it on the face and I don't have a lot of blemishes at the moment - Essence Match2Cover!; Haven't been using this very often either same reasons as ^ - Maybelline Mineral Power concealer- I use this to highlight around the face, there is not much left but this is getting very old.. - CG+Olay 2-in-1 serum concealer; I seriously want to throw this out.. can't make this ORANGE thing work. - Benefit Erase Paste - CG Cream Bronzer - NYX Matte Bronzer; still haven't hit pan as I had expected! Been using daily. - WNW Reserve Your Cabana; this shattered but it has been replaced by a sample of Benefit's HighBeam - elf eyelid primer; this was very dry so I called it done. I replaced with the Smashbox lid primer but had the same issue. Now I have moved to Urban Decay's Eden. - NYX Wonder Pencil; I use this daily.. not much progress. - Sephora Nano Eyeliner; I smudge this everyday on my lowerlashline and ugh it is so boring I want to finish this so bad and move onto creamier liners in my collection!!! I still have a lot left though. - TheBalm lipstick; I have been making noticeable progress!! EEP!! I think I now realize how my PP probably won't be done.. I've chosen to do this with waaaaaay too many concealers.. I only use about 2 daily and having so many is making my PP so unattainable, I may have to revise my list.. but for now that is my update.
  5. PIcture this: I'm walking with my makeup bag (stuffed to the brim of course) to my car. and.. a sneaky WetnWild Reserve Your Cabana highlight (in my PP!!) fell tot he pavement; SHATTERED. At least that is one more thing out of my PP but still :/ I had an elf lid primer and it is so dry so I called it quits, also my Smashbox PhotoFinish lid primer (also with the doe foot applicator) seemed so dry too? I think these primers with the wands don't get any product out of the tube? Also, the doe foots themselves are kind of spongey so they soak up some primer! Called those two empty and am currently moving onto UD's Potion in "Eden" (yellow one).. in a squeeze tube *applauds packaging of tube* Confession: I broke down and bought one makeup item :/ it was a deluxe sample of a L'Oreal primer but.. I was at the Dollar Tree so I only broke my no-buy/PP by a dollar.
  6. My WNW Reserve Your Cabana shattered :/ I guess I'll replace it with abother highlighter in my stash.
  7. An update! Maybelline Baby Skin - 25% left maybe less NYX Stay Matte liquid foundation - a little over half is left; I only use this to mix so it will take a while. CG Clean Whipped creme foundation - only 1-2 more uses!! CG+Olay concealer balm - use this as a face concealer; 50% left CG+Olay yellow eye corrector - use this daily and enjoy it. 60% left CG+Olay eye rehab 2in1 thing w the pump - virtually useless for me and might just toss this Benefit Erase Paste - this is never ending :/ I use it when I don't have work/school because I know this will crease. Maybelline Mineral Power concealer (discontinued) - been using this to highlight my face; maybe 20% left. NYX Dark Circle Concealer - 90% left but I do enjoy this so I'm sure i will eventually use it up. Essence Match 2 Cover concealer - haven't been using this.. I am tomorrow for blemishes. 98% left. NYX Matte bronzer - I see the outline of the pan but I haven't hit pan.. I had a dream I hit pan on this (lol I'm a true makeup junkie) so probably about 75% left CG Tru Magic the sunkisser cream bronzer - only 1-2 more uses Wet n wild reserve your cabana highlight - this is a never ending highlight.. UD Primer Potion - finished 8/3 Elf lid primer - drying up should be done by Sept. Bare Minerals mascara - finished today.. this kept flaking during application and was super dry so I called it done. Cargo Texas Lash mascara - I use this with my other open mascara (CG Bombshell Volume) so I use it daily.. 85% left NYX wonder pencil - 70% left Sephora nano eyeliner in plum - 65% left The balm lipstick in mai billsbepaid - slow but steady progress!! 60% left I still haven't broken my no-buy and I am very proud of myself. I actually will be posting makeup empties on my blog soon so I'll keep y'all updated; I figured a Project Pan and an empties post are very related.
  8. Had the urge to buy makeup while at Sephora today.. stayed strong and held my own and only stuck to my intended buys; skincare.

  9. A little update I have been using all of these items except 2 or 3 of the concealers (I like using dif. concealers for dif. purposes but I do not use all 7 at once) daily. I try to use the lipstick often but not daily because lippies is where I should be cutting down, but still not neglecting the rest of my stash I use others too. Maybelline Baby Skin NYX Stay Matte liquid foundation CG Clean Whipped creme foundation.. I've hit pan!! Well, more like glass jar CG+Olay concealer balm CG+Olay yellow eye corrector.. I have noticed a dip in the product. CG+Olay eye rehab 2in1 serum/concealer w/ pump.. haven't used. I honestly despise this product and might just throw it out. Benefit Erase Paste Maybelline Mineral Power concealer (discontinued) NYX Dark Circle Concealer Essence Match 2 Cover concealer NYX Matte bronzer CG Tru Magic the sunkisser cream bronzer mini (came with the CG Bombshell mascara)... hit major pan! Wet n wild reserve your cabana highlight UD Primer Potion finished 8/3/14 Elf lid primer... this seems like it is drying out so will probably finish by the end of the month Bare Minerals mascara.. should be tossing at the end of August; it is starting to a flake during application and seems a lot drier. Cargo Texas Lash mascara NYX wonder pencil Sephora nano eyeliner in plum.. been trying to use this everyday but I'm always into a top-heavy eye look and don't do much on the lower lashline so this can be a chore (I usually only use pencils on the lower lashline as smudgey liner) The balm lipstick in Mai Billsbepaid.. been wearing this but no visual progress
  10. I have my official list.. Maybelline Baby Skin NYX Stay Matte liquid foundation CG Clean Whipped creme foundation CG+Olay concealer balm and yellow eye corrector and the eye rehab 2in1 thing w the pump Benefit Erase Paste Maybelline Mineral Power concealer (discontinued) NYX Dark Circle Concealer Essence Match 2 Cover concealer NYX Matte bronzer CG Tru Magic the sunkisser cream bronzer Wet n wild reserve your cabana highlight UD Primer Potion Elf lid primer Bare Minerals mascara Cargo Texas Lash mascara NYX wonder pencil Sephora nano eyeliner in plum The balm lipstick in mai billsbepaid My rules: Don't buy makeup.skincare and hair care don't count; I've been wanting to switch my skincare routine and will be doing it now during the 3x points for VIB at seohora this weekend. If I run out of an HG which is my NYX Stay Matte powder or elf brow kit I am allowed to repurchase because nothing else works for those and powder and brows are essential. I will end this around the holidays so 4/5 months. I have a total of 20 products. Now let's do this *puts on eye black*
  11. I'm getting ready to cancel soon as well but their awful points system will probably not even give me anything for all the time it took to earn them. Very sad I subbed to Birchbox... very nice brands and they do a lot of promos, recently, offering subscribers to pick a sample to be in their box and the points you earn with BB add up quick and can be redeemedbfor stuff in their shop. Anyways back to Ipsy, it's just not exciting anymore. Yes I do enjoy when they partner with UD but the sizes of the stuff I want are so ittybitty!! I keep seeing the same old brands. Only thing keeping me from unsubbing is the pain I'd go through if it was a good bag right after I cancelled
  12. I've hit pan on.. my NYX Hot SIngles Matte shadow in "Over the Taupe Taupe".. a beautiful crease shade, nose contour shade, and brow shade.. and my Covergirl Tru Magic The Sunkisser which is a cream bronzer.. and I hit the bottom of the jar of the CoverGirl Clean Whipped foundation; wouldn't repurchase because I have to mix it with another foundation because CG foundations are always so pink/orange on me. Slowly working on de-cluttering products in my collection!
  13. I'm going on a low-buy for August, well I've been restraining myself this summer, but I will buckle down this month!! I've really been trying to finish off a lot of my foundations, concealers, powders, bronzers (face products basically), and eye products (mainly mascaras and liners.. shadows take so long to finish off!) this summer. I'm very proud of myself for doing a Project Pan type activity. I've been making good progress and have been saving all of my empties (for a blog post and pride lol ). However, note how I said i'm doing a low buy, not a no buy. Simply because I would like to purchase Estee Lauder Double Wear for school (I am sick of touching up in the bathroom at school because of my oil!!) and a Smashbox primer kit I found on Nordstrom's website because I seriously fell in love with their foundation primer and I only have a teeeeeny tiny sample from their Try It Kit. The hardest thing for me will be not buying lip products. Lip products are my weakness. I am a sucker for a pretty lipstick and especially those Sephora Give Me Some Lip Sets. I heard that Sephora is doing 3x points for VIBs Maybe it was for VIB Rouge members)? Can anyone confirm that? But I am a VIB so I would probably purchase the Double Wear during that time for points.
  14. Product wise.. More: I'd like to see more lippies; they send them out a lot but I'd like to see more... in nice neutral colors so I won't be disappointed. Blushes; powder or cream.. I love them. Less: Between Ipsy and BB I've been getting too many black eyeliner pencils. Shampoo/conditioner.. they're nice for travel but I have long hair and it usually just isn't enough. Nail polish... there's Julep boxes for polish lovers for a reason and I've gotten way too many from sub boxes!! Brand wise.. More: JOUER!! I really want to try some of their stuff.. hopefully they send out more glosses. The Balm.. I like how BB keeps up with their releases but I'd love to see more more more. More niche type brands.. Less: Supergoop..useful, but boring products in my opinion!!
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