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  1. Regarding the Tony Moly and Holika Holika boxes: While they were tempting upon first glance, it would be nice to have a coupon code to use and save a bit. I'll be slowing down on the Meme buying anyway. I'll wait for the rest of my boxes to come in (and have to go fetch them from the post office....when?) and we'll see what they come up with around the holidays.
  2. Ugh. the double-edged sword. I think I've received more shipping notices in the past week than I ever have from Memebox...but, now all my orders are being shipped Registered Mail. Ugh. I e-mailed them to ask if this is going to be the case from now on, and this was their reply: Thanks for reaching out to us! Our packages are sent through by various carriers so we can't guarantee which carrier will ship out a specific package. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance Cheers, Memebox Global Team So, they are using a different carrier now that only ships registered mail? That's what I got from this. Edit: I do appreciate that I received a very quick response to my shipping question, so at least now I have an idea of what to expect from now on.
  3. Let me say, however, that I LOVE what came in the No Makeup Makeup Superbox. If you are still waiting on it, I think you will be pleased.
  4. Hmm...for some reason, my latest Memebox has been shipped Registered Mail. :-/ They've never done this before, and that makes it a pain because It's not likely anyone will be home when they deliver. I don't get the deal with their shipping decisions. On another note, upon looking at the pictures of boxes posted at the very beginning of this thread, and the pictures posted now in spoilers and such, what a difference! In general, I still think the boxes are a good value, but Memebox is starting to lose its shine for me. Just a bit.
  5. One of the August 5th boxes moved, and one shows that it's still being "prepared" in Korea. Ok, ok...finally some movement! It seems the boxes were allowed to sit for the full 25 days indicated by Memebox before they were actually processed, at least those coming through NY. Hmm... Well, I'm glad that at least the Cutie Pie box is on its way! Now, just need Waterproof Makeup to make a move.
  6. My Haus of Gloi order has shipped. Yay! I ordered samples of the following: Imp Litchi Milk Tea Elevenses Mango Sticky Rice Satyr Perfume Oil Troika Perfume Oil
  7. I just placed an order with Haus of Gloi. They had free shipping for their perfume samples.
  8. My Memeshop order arrived today! *relief* I hope that Waterproof Makeup and CutiePieMarizia come next.
  9. I will be trying some perfumes from a few Etsy shops. I will update regarding how they are. My experience with Etsy has overall been pretty positive, and there are plenty of shops that sell fragrances.
  10. Glory Be, something moved! My Memeshop order finally made it to New York!
  11. Ok, I went for the Hope Girl box, and I HOPE (see what I did there? ) that it ships out in a timely manner. It'd be funny if it arrives before the other stuff I am waiting on, though the ship date is August 29th. Maybe everything will get a move on then. It looks like a good box for the promo price. Usually, I am not one for animal print anything, but for some reason, I like the Hope Girl packaging. Has anyone tried the CC cream before? I hope it color adjusts well enough for me. Methinks I am too olive for the BB/CC creams and such, as much as I love the formula.
  12. What is the deal with all the leaked/busted items lately? Geez!
  13. It appears that my Waterproof Makeup box is stuck as well. I understand that this happens with mail services at times, but clearly, since it is happening to a number of us (meaning there are probably plenty more going through the same), it's something that could be followed up upon. If I had a company, and had a number of customers saying that they weren't receiving products that they paid for, i'd be checking to see what the heck is going on. Of course, we're talking about Memebox here , so...
  14. I Yes, I think someone mentioned that happened before ( maybe it was you? :-) ), but personally, for now, I just don't feel comfortable spending any more on products until I get some kind of update or the products show up at mah door.
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