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  1. So I forgot to cancel my third sub from last month, so I'm getting 3 boxes this month. My first box is awesome! Embryolisse Lait Concentrate crème Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes Oribe Brilliance & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner Fekkai Prx Reparatives Intensive Fortifying Masque Etat Libre d'Orange Like This perfume Jelly Pong Pong Highlighter For my second box, I chose the curated box For my third (newest account): Embryolisse Lait Concentrate Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle Mirenesse Glossy Kiss HP Sincerely perfume Jelly Pong Pong Highlighter So my third isn't terrible, but I definitely can't wait for my first two boxes!
  2. h I don't know if it's the same one, but I called Birchbox on both Friday and the Monday after to sort out a problem with an order I placed, and I got a Gina both times. Maybe she's the same one and she's a Discovery Specialist now? The gal I had talked to was awesome!
  3. Hey guys, random question. Has anyone ever placed an order and forgotten to add their points on? I placed an order on the app and I thought my points were added in, but they weren't. Has CS ever added in points after the order was placed for anyone?
  4. Has anyone noticed that their shop seems to be lacking in product quantity? I have 6 items in my cart and 4 or 5 are out of stock!!! And I've noticed it on several other items I've been eyeing
  5. aghhh, I'm dying! I just tried the cheat. On my first box, I'm getting: Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing sorbet Clean Skin Eau de Parfum (I don't mind perfume, but most "clean" scents don't mix well with my chemistry) Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray (my PYS) Jules and Esther cucumber eye gel Benefit Roller lash!!! I'm so intrigued by this product. I hope the sample for this is better than the sample for the eyeliner For my second box, I chose the curated box For my third (A nice treat to myself ) Not the best box, but oh well. Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner (at the rate BB is sending my eyeliners, I'll never have to buy one ever again ) Supergoop Daily correct CC Cream- have received this before, will use it Nelson J Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7 Moisture Healing Mask Clean Skin Perfume (Only dupe) Juice Beauty Green Apple cleansing gel All in all, I'd say not a bad month!
  6. Is anyone else having trouble with their box pages still not loading? Mine aren't loading on either of my accounts :-/
  7. So the box on my second account is loaded on the App. It's such a lackluster box! LA Fresh nail polish remover wipes 100% Pure fruit pigmented mascara Camille Beckman Glycerine hand therapy Ahmad Tea Serge Normant Meta Revive dry shampoo I've received all but the hand therapy on my other account, and don't love any of them. Bah. Hopefully my first account box is good. It's still not loading for me
  8. I kind of forgot about this place until now! I took the leap of faith and didn't choose a PYS on either account. Also not showing my boxes on either account. I've already received a lot of the items posted here so far, so I can only imagine what I could be getting! Also, I'm trying to work on being more present and in the moment in life and Birchbox makes it so difficult!!!
  9. Whoa, a lot of good stuff happened on here since I last checked!! I used the cheat and this is what I'm showing: Box 1: Ruffian Nail Lacquer Vasanti Eye Pencil (My PYS) Sea Rx Anti-wrinkle treatment Manna Kadar Lip Locked (would have been my second choice for PYS) Davines Replumping Set (I had a feeling I would get this since it was showing for so many boxes) For my second box I chose the curated Lo Bosworth box. I don't mind dupes of the hair stuff, I just hope the nail polish is a different color than what's in my first box. I'm pretty happy with this month! I just hope that my boxes show up by Saturday when I leave town for 10 days and that my PYS shows up in my box haha I also may re-open my third account when I get paid since this month seems pretty good
  10. I picked the eyeliner. I can get all, but two or three of the combos. They all look decent to me, but I'd love to get one with a lip stain or rouge
  11. I have shipping on my first box! I picked the eyeliner. No tracking on my second account and no clicky truck. I picked the curated box. I'm really considering opening my third account for this month haha Just bummed because I'm leaving for vacay for 10 days on the 13 and was really hoping my boxes would arrive by then, but that was just wishful thinking
  12. Has anyone figured out if there's a way to look at box combo's yet?
  13. Totally agree with you. I just used last month's link to pick the curated box. Hopefully I get the confirmation e-mail! ETA: I received my confirmation e-mail! So hopefully there are no box screw ups this months. Holla for last months link and you detectives who thought to use it!
  14. I picked the eyeliner for my main account. I'm actually really loving the curated box. I will pick that if there are any left tomorrow. Aaand I'm considering re-opening my third account for this month haha
  15. So this is weird.. I came home to two boxes on my door step. Y regular birchbox and a little square box, like the one you get products you've bought in. I figured it would just be my missing cuppa sample, but I opened it to find a two sample pack with a sticker that says "your free gift". It had the purple laqa lube in it and a sample ofthe Harvey prince Ageless perfume. There's nothing that mentions it being for aces status or anything. Just a random two pack sample! Pretty weird, but It made my day!
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